1. alexjholland

    Best setup for Fiio A3 with iPhone 6 and iPod Classic 6G?

    Hey, I picked up a Fiio A3 headphone amp and wonder how best to connect it to my music devices? My music devices iPhone 6 iPod Classic 7G (with Tarkan's 4 x Micro SD conversion, although needs fixing) MacBook Pro 2011 My headphones are AiAiAi TMA-2 Young Guru. Running the iPhone 6 straight...
  2. aexlii

    Help a new guy? :D

    Edit: please close, found the recommendation thread. Sorry for the trouble guys
  3. postrock

    Compact Portable Headphone Roundup (16 Phones including PortaPro, PX-100 II, V-Jays, Tracks, K430, and more)

    Introduction We seem to be in a “golden age” in terms of the number of good sounding, lightweight, portable headphones that are available on the market. Portable music players and digital music files have become the norm. And for many, such as me, IEM headphones are just not an option. In this...
  4. meizumintyboi

    ATH-M50 Removable Cable Mod

    Hi guys!   I just got my M50's (coil cable) yesterday, and I'm slowly loving them more and more.   This coil cable is a little too long, a bit heavy and annoying, esp. for portability. So I will be using the last 10cm off the original cable towards the 3.5mm jack just before the coil...
  5. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] AiAiAi TMA-1 – Dark Side of the Moon

    First, I’ll like to thank AiAiAi for the sample and the local AiAiAi dealer David @ Event One for the arrangement. Back before the release of TMA-1 just over a year ago, the Danish based AiAiAi was generally recognized as yet-another-life-style-headphone-brand.  We have seen companies that offer...
  6. Earl34

    Upgrading from my Sennheiser 202's

    Alright so I recently got a little bit of money to spend($100) and I want to upgrade my Sennheiser 202's. Mainly it's because I find them quite uncomfortable after an hour or so and it seems like the pads don't even help at all. So I guess what I'm wondering is what should I get? Sound quality...
  7. diodiel

    review wanted for aiaiai pipe!

    i hope someone has it here and are willing to give a review thanks!
  8. viraj108

    Best headphones on a $100 budget

    Hey, I'm looking into nice headphones that I can get for 100 dollars. I'm aware that I won't be able to get my hands on a really nice pair because i only have 100 bucks but I'll settle for the best that I can get. As of right now, I am looking into the Sony MDR XB500 headphones and the...
  9. guitargeek

    Cheap headphones help

    Hi head-fiers. I'm recently looking into getting a pair of headphones for casual use at my workplace. Been looking at Sennheiser HD201 and HD202. I like HD201's sound but HD202's look. Both are within my price range. Would've settled for the HD201 if it looked more appealing for street use as I...
  10. obutto

    Best Portable Headphones for Me? (Sub $150USD)

    I've been doing some researching and I really can't find any hard reviews/information on portable headphones (not IEM's, which is what this sub-forum is filled with).   My criteria? Closed (Don't want my sound leaking) Comfortable (Going to be using while studying) Durable (I don't...
  11. BangOn

    AIAIAI Tracks vs. JAYS v-JAYS - which one?

    This comparison hasn't been made before so make your argument here!
  12. laughingsin

    Need help with headphone purchase

    Okay, so my budget is $500 or 40,000 yen since I live here in Japan I can stretch my budget but please keep it to minimum.   I will be using it for portable music player and a great bass will be appreciable.  I listen mostly to rock, alternative rock and some hip-hop few on slow musics...
  13. The Larch

    AIAIAI Tracks Review

    Tracks Review at ABI forums
  14. dozens

    AiAiAi Swirl Earphones

    Has anyone seen or heard these AiAiAi Swirl Earphones yet? They look incredibly cool, and more importantly - tough. I can't really find any reviews online from anyone that's actually HEARD them.
  15. ethanlives

    AIAIAI Tracks?!

    I walked in Audio Gears yesterday in NYC and tried the AIAIAI Tracks and wow!  These things have surprisingly enourmous sound--HUGE BASS and soundstage.  They were listed at 69.99 and I would have purchased a pair if they hadn't sold out of them.  Has anyone else checked these out?  I wasn't...
  16. awesomedeluxe

    Best "cute" cans...

    Well, I'm not even sure where to start with this.   My girlfriend asked me to pick her up a "nice" pair of headphones for her for xmas.  Problem is, they have to be look good on an asian girl who likes to be all cutesy and whatever (pink is a safe bet).  I'm sure comfort > sq here, as...
  17. iLovPieNCake

    Christmas Present For An Old School Guy

    I am wondering if you guys know of any old school cans under 100$. I'm looking for some old school stuff for my father and wouldn't mind trying them myself  He is a fan of reel to reel tape players and loves ACDC. Any suggestions ?
  18. brianlg

    AIAIAI TMA-1 or Beats Pro?

    Ok fellas.. I know monster, and beats get hate on here (and everywhere) but I've had the Pro'd preordered since May, and still havent got them. I need headphones. Should I get my money back and order the TMA-1s? How do you think they'd compare? I listen to mainly hip hop, electronic, and...
  19. pinoyman


    people, i would like to share to you my impressions and experience with this new headphone - the AIAIAI (eye-eye-eye) TRACKS. i purchased them at DIGITALHUB store in greenhills. there are two headphones in the AIAIAI line, the TMA-1 and the TRACKS. the tracks have 3 colors to choose from...
  20. weym0


    AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones...       Tech Specs: Transducer Principle: Dynamic, closed  Driver Unit Size: 40 mm  Impedance: 32±15% Ohm  Load Rating: 0.1W  Frequency Response: 20 to 20.000 Hz  Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.3%  Sensitivity: 110±3dB  Weight w/o Cable: 190 Gram  ...