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Jun 2, 2007
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Marine and Freshwater Biology student, part-time jobs here'n'there, computer servicing.

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    Marine and Freshwater Biology student, part-time jobs here'n'there, computer servicing.
    Building computers
    Weight training
    TV series
    Headphone Inventory:
    Audio Technica ATH-M50 - my fav headphone EVER. I LOVE THESE, after 100+ hrs, these make love to my ears, boomy bass, decent soundstage for closed back headphones, isolate v well, do leak a bit though at higher volumes, beautiful when amped, solid build quality
    JVC HA-S650 - love the memory foam on ear pads, much like the bose OE fit, very clear sound, punchy vibrating bass, isolates well due to padding
    Klipsch Image S3 - comfortable, strong enough cable, quite a clear sound signal, the bass is precise and does pump, but lacks oomph that you get from larger headphones, very good as my ultra-portable or gym set.
    Plantronics Backbeat 903 - bluetooth so good for working out, has open sound, and lets you hear what going on around you, bass boost feat. muffles the sound, can be tricky to put on, generally a clear sound signal.
    Koss Portapro - very light and comfortable, has a nice warm sig, bass is very punchy, can be a little too much at times, with nice clear mid-high range, open sound, everyone around you will hear what you're listening to, VERY clearly, I highly enjoy these and they're so cheap, infact I paid less, as I repaired a broken pair

    Sennheiser HD205 - slightly metallic sound, very strong and uncomfortable clamp fro bigger heads, bass lacking a little, but very clear n the mid-high range, decent for it's pp
    Panasonic RP-HC55 - the anc works well, while the sound sig isn't crystal clear, it' still very clear, and nice warm bass, after about 3 years though the cable wimped out and came loose on me at the powered unit, so impossible to repair
    JVC Marshmallow - very good for their price, modifying is highly recommended to get the most out of these, including changing the tips, as their memory foam isn't soft enough. Clear sound and strong pumping bass.
    Sony MDR-XD200 - 2 modes default and cinema, cinema creates added bass, the sound is a bit hollow rather than open, sound lacks detail and bass is muffled, but as they're very light, they are quite comfortable, but sem-closed, so no isolation and there is significant levels of leakage
    Koss Sparkplug - I like the memory foam tips, once correctly inserted, they are cheap and you get what you pay for, very thin cable (as a result mine snapped after a year maybe), a lot of boomy and false bass, not very clear in the mid-high range

    Listened to:
    Sennheiser HD201 - great as cheap headphones, decent sq for your price, very light and comfortable, ok in the low end, but not crystal clear in the mids and highs, however if you can up your budget I would recommend it highly
    Heartbeats by Lady Gaga - (if it weren't for the emphasized bass, these would be half decent, style has been chosen over comfort, very picky about positioning, very weak plug, due to a stylish low-profile cable and plug, the highs are quite clear, it brings out bass where it isn't supposed to be and creates a horrible rumbling sound)
    Beats by Dre Studio - (if they were 25% of their current price, I wouldn't be so harsh on them... the bass is just overpowering, the anc is useless as a lot of passive units do a better job, they only sound good if you haven't heard better, first reaction is usually; "whoa.. the bass", but that's a bout it, the highs are no where near crisp, they break easily and have a cheap plastic constuction, style is about the only good thing (if you like it) oh and a modular cable and OK comfort, but not for hours of listening, their price tag is just extortionate).
    Beats by Dre Solo HD - (very muffled sound all-around, adding a fiio-e5 improves them literally 5x, but due to their price, despite however cool they might look, they are plastic and break easily, half decent memory foam isolation)
    Beats by Dre Pro - best sound of the lot, not amazing, much more neutral sig, but it's price tag is way off the scale.
    Bowers & Wilkins P5 - (clear in the highs, boomy in the lows and balanced mids, very good build, it's either going to look ugly or v stylish, very comfortable leather padding, still not as good as my ATH-M50, it's hard to justify their price tag, if they were about 20% more expensive than the M50's price point, I would recommend them, due to their portability, comfort and build quality.
    Bose OE/AE - (ok isolation and good comfort, very warm sound, highs are not super crisp though, branding = overpriced)
    Bose QC OE/AE - (excellent anc and comfort, very warm sound, highs are not super crisp though, branding = overpriced)
    AiAiAi TMA-1 Pro DJ - (solid build, but quite ugly and not that comfortable, good sound all around, but not high fidelity)
    Marshall Major - (horrible build and comfort, the sound is hollow and slightly metallic, bass lacks)
    Nokia BH-905 - (for bluetooth anc with media controls and modular cable, these do an excellent job and are very comfortable, a tad overpriced, the sound quality is decent, bass has some oomph to it, but it's nowhere near high fidelity listening)
    JVC HA-M750 - (comfort was decent with mem foam pads, good sound but nothing special, no oomph in bass, however much prefferred the HA-S650 for it's sound and comfort)
    Sony MDR-XB300 - ("bleugh" is lieterally the sound I heard, brings out bloated muffled bass from nowhere)
    SHURE E2C - (very detailed, isolation, excellent build quality, not that comfortable to wear, req. deep canal insertion, bass lacks)
    Bang Olufsen A8 - (open sound, attention to detail in the highs, lacking in bass, overpriced for what it is, styling, not comfortable)
    AKG K 702 - (unfortunately I didn't have my amp with me, powered from my Voodoo'd sgs wasn't enough)
    Skullcandy Crushers - (it was like someone puking in my ears, completely muffled)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E5
    Source Inventory:
    Samsung Galaxy S I9000 8/32gb
    Creative Audigy 4
    ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 32/32gb w/ dock
    Meizu M6 8GB

    iPod Nano 4gb 1st gen
    Cable Inventory:
    Switchcraft 3.5mm IC 90cm screened microphone 2 core shield 6.0 OD nylon shield
    Switchcraft 3.5mm Belkin OFC speaker wire 3 braid to Y Split to Portapros
    Neutrik 3.5mm IC 13cm screened microphone 2 core shield 4.0 OD nylon sleeve

    Fisual Install Series 3.5mm extension 3m
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Slappa Hardbody Case
    Belkin Tunecast Auto (it's actually decent)
    Samsung SBH-650
    Logitech 5.1 X-530
    Go Rock Stereo Portable Speakers
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Audio Technica ATH-M50 - cut purple fluffy sock ear pads, removable 3.5mm cable
    JVC HA-S650 - UV green sleeving on cable for added strength
    Koss Portapro - Re-cabled with Belkin OFC speaker wire, £2 Headband with canvas belt padding and Leatherette Pads
    JVC Marshmallow - silicone tips, removed driver lining, foam ear pads in channel
    Sony MDR-XD200 - closed bluetak mod
    Music Preferences:
    UK Funky-House
    Classic Rock
    Custom built desktop; Core 2 Quad Q9550, 4GB DDR3 OCZ Reaper, GA-P35C-DS3R, 3.5TB total 7,200rpm SATA2 storage, Powercolor HD4890 1GB PCS+, Corsair TX750, Samsung BD/DVDRW, NZXT Tempest, LG 24" W2453TO, Razer Krait, Xbox 360 wireless receiver and controllers, Wiimotes with Dolphin
    Modifying headphones is an addiction


    Phones: ATH-M50 w/Removable Cable & Fuzzy Socks, JVC HA-S650, Koss Portapro Custom Headband & Leatherette Pads, Klipsch Image S3, Plantronics Backbeat 903
    Speakers: Logitech X-530 5.1
    Amps: PA2V2, Fiio E5
    Sources: Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 8/32GB - Voodoo PowerAMP, Creative Audigy 4, ASUS VX6
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