1. Christo4

    Portable, comfy, on-ear recommendation. Maybe over-ear

    Hello guys. I want to get a pair of headphones, preferably on-ear(i wear glasses, works better with them), but they have to be really comfy. I have tried only 2 pairs of on-ear headphones, but they both hurt after half an hour, the ATH SJ-33 and Sennheiser Momentum. With over-ear headphones...
  2. leoncen

    Best headphone for DJ cueing in club environments and electronic music production

    I currently own a pair of Alessandro MS-1i headphones and I love them dearly but they are not suiting my new needs from a headphone currently. I need closed cans that I can cue with in club environments as well as produce music in with as neutral of a sound as possible, as well as a good...
  3. aexlii

    Help a new guy? :D

    Edit: please close, found the recommendation thread. Sorry for the trouble guys
  4. Trancefreak

    Confused about 2 Bluetooth HP's. Advice / experiences ?

    Hi there!   Another "What am bestest" posts, I'm afraid. Finally got green light from the soon-to-be missus for new headphones. They will be used for easy listening in bed AND at work ( I'm an technician doing a lot of routine jobs, gets boring quickly... need music to stay motivated )...
  5. DocJeff

    Charter Oak SP-1: I'm Impressed!

     Hi Head Fi folks. I'm new to this forum but I've been lurking around here for awhile. I just wanted to share my thoughts on what I think are some very cool headphones, the Charter Oak SP-1. I won't go into details about the company or how the SP-1's are basically rebranded German made...
  6. jellybean1133


    hello everyone, i am new to the forum so please go easy on me.   i need a new pair of over ear, sealed headphones. i currently own a pair of denon ahd-1100s and i love them, i really enjoy the warm EQ they have however they have broken recently and im looking to step up.  MY four choices...
  7. Wholelottalove

    Sennheiser momentum over ear vs on ear

    Hi! I'm having a bit of a problem choosing between these two. I'm planning on using them when I'm outside, but also when I'm watching movies or just when I'm inside. I have never had an over ear type of headphones, but I have tried them. I have found that they sound a bit muffled, so I have...
  8. hsoj

    Headphones with In-Line Mic

    Hello! I searched through the forums but hadn't seen this question asked, and I posted twice in the recommendations thread without a response.   I am looking for a solution primarily to use in my workplace for both listening to music (my listening is primarily rock music and voice podcasts)...
  9. Wasd9595

    Recommend me a set of headphones

    Hi there Im looking for some new on/over-ear headphones. Im looking for those with the best sound quality for the money. I tried Bose QuietComfort 15 which sounds amazing.. But they are also pretty expensive. Therefore I'm looking for something with the sound quality of the Bose without the...
  10. IRL Mila Kunis

    Just bought a set of AIAIAI TMA-1's shipped for 31.50

    Great headphones when you consider that price, I have to say.  They are the "beatport edition" which means nothing about the audio quality, but means that it has a green cable (which I actually think goes nicely with the all black headphones). Here is a link to amazon...
  11. Mach Supremacy

    I want some good looking headphones.

    Alright alright I know "hey c0*k sucker there's a search bar you know!" Yes, yes I know and I looked through about 10 pages for a good thread. I'm also on mobile, I have no access to a computer so this is very hard to type. I'm looking for over or on ear headphones around the ~$100 range...
  12. AjRocha

    Best Headphones For Metal Music

    I owned Beats Pro for a few months and I'm selling those to get money for a new pair of headphones. I also owned a pair of V-Moda LPs. I am looking to only spend 150 on these new pair of headphones. I listen to metal music mainly and sometimes rap. I use my iphone to listen to music. I don't...
  13. PanpandaChan

    Whats with the price of Aiaiai TMA-1? Especially Beatport edition

    So I've been happily using my TMA-1 (original edition) for a few years now, but its starting to look a little beat up so I decided to look at whats available now.   First thing I noticed... was the Beatport editions selling for as low as $50-60 used in good condition. What the heck? Even new...
  14. collider

    To what should I upgrade to from a broken TMA-1?

    This is the 2nd time they brake, and as much as I love them, I feel it's time for me to move on.   To the matter: I actually adore the TMA-1 sound. It is dark, but after proper EQing it still, after 2 years, blow my mind. I'm considering the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 Pro, and the Sennheiser HD...
  15. jsjh

    aiaiai TMA-1 / TMA-1 Studio earpad compatability

    Hi, this is my first post so I'm hoping I have put it in the most relevant forum!   Basically I have had a pair of TMA-1's for the best part of three years as my main portable headphones. However, recently I've been finding that they give me a headache after listening to them for over an hour...
  16. Blungo995

    Best DJ Headphone under 200?

    I am a intermediate DJ and am looking for a new pair of headphones. I have checked DJ Mag but am not sure which to buy! I am in the 200 price range, and am open to suggestions. I need something that sounds and looks good without sacrificing build quality.   1. AIAIAI TMA-1 2. Allen and Heath...
  17. yomomma1

    What to do with your broken cans (I'm using my AiAiAi 's)

    Well the headband went on my AiAiAi's but rather than bin them or sulk, I thought I'd produce an audiophile type helmet for my snowsports.   I started with the obvious measurements and trimming of the band, stripped the foam off the band and drilled some small holes. I then drilled small holes...
  18. philip145123

    Sol Republic Hd Or Sol Republic Ultra?

    I Can't decide which to get and i'd love to be able to try them but i cant so i'm here to ask for your opinion on the headphones I love the bass on the Beats Solos Hd and the sounds it makes. Will The Sol Republic Ultra Tracks offer me the same Sound as the Beats solo Hd's? or even better 
  19. slovetro

    TMA-1s broken headband fix?

    I have had a pair of TMA-1s for about a year and a half now and I am already on my third pair because the first two pairs broke the same way (snapped headband).  I have a nice new pair now with an intact headband and am happy with them (AIAIAI's customer service is great).  The only thing is...
  20. SunJ

    Vinyl or CD ? headache !!!

    Hi I cant stand CD clipping but CD's are easier to maintain, while vinyl sounded great but it does some gating, needs cleaning & are big llike 7 inch, what can I do, I tried Googleing on CD reviews that will tell if an album is cliped how heavily but to no avail, what to do?
  21. MoWe

    Need advice for buying new Tablet

    Hi Guys. I'm relatively new to hi-Fi. I just got a fiio e07k for my birthday to complement my Aiaiai TMA-1 for my Laptop and Nexus 4. Now heres my Problem. I'm in the market for a 10" tablet and narrowed it down to the Nexus 10 vs Xperia Tablet Z. Which would work besteht with my Fiio and how...
  22. dablues

    AIAIAI TMA-1: an audiophile's basshead can, or the other way around?

    So I've written odes to sing the praises of my other headphones, but I just got my AIAIAI's in the mail today, and I think I should probably start composing another one...   First off, I'm a competent musician (not great, but I get paid!) who loves a wide range of music, from old soul and R&B...
  23. snaketooth2007

    Best Buy Headphones On sale!!!!!

    Best buy has a multiple selection of headphones on sale from sennhiesher 380 pro, aiaiaia tma-1 studio, and pioneer hdj2000 all for $99.99.
  24. vavo900

    Hey everyone! Need help deciding between AIAIAI tma-1 and audio technica ATHESW9A

    Hi everyone,   I'm trying to decide between the aiai TMA-1 headphones ($167 on amazon) and the audio technica ATHESW9A right now ($220 on amazon). Anyone know if the ATHESW9A worth the extra ~60 bucks? Also I care about comfort as much as if not more than I do about sound quality. I will...
  25. thePortsman

    AI AI AI TMA-1 vs KRK KNS-8400 (don't tar and feather me for this comparison)

    I'm a proud owner of HD-650, and i'm looking for a set that is:   similar-sounding to HD-650 portable durable able to deliver true response for recording rap vocals (amped E7/E10 <-- M-Audio FastTrack Pro <--i7/8GB Macbook Air) able to deliver excitement in casual listening especially...