Best Headphones For Metal Music
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Dec 18, 2012
I owned Beats Pro for a few months and I'm selling those to get money for a new pair of headphones. I also owned a pair of V-Moda LPs. I am looking to only spend 150 on these new pair of headphones. I listen to metal music mainly and sometimes rap. I use my iphone to listen to music. I don't want open headphones I perfected closed but if there are an excellent pair of open eared then I would be interested. Has to be over the ear headphones. Comfort is also a factor and I would like a headphone that isn't bulky. Thank you very much.
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So, you want your V-Moda size and build wise but don't like the sound?
I've the V-Moda M100 and head the Aiaiai TMA-1 and Beats Solo HD before them and the V-Moda are the best of the three for Disturbed, Metallica and Soil. The TMA-1 were on par with Eminem, Snoop Dog and Run DMC though.
Every time someone asks about Metal Earphones on the forums, somebody mentions Grado! I've not heard any of these but they seem to be something of a golden standard for everything rock.
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Yeah I've been trying to just find a new pair of headphones. My old V-Modas were great but didn't get loud enough for me, and then te Beats Pro were just too loud for my taste and I'm just looking for a headphone that will get loud but won't sacrifice sound quality. I was wonder if the Audio Texhnica m50s would be a good choice but I am not sure. I have 150 limit.
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I tried the M50 before getting the M100 and their highs were much to sharp for my taste, especially with things likes guns'n'roses.

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I mean I would consider the M-100s if I had the money but there aren't many options for te price rang I'm going for. I've just heard the M50s are generally really good but I am not sure since I've never had a pair myself. I just only have 150 to work with and over the ear is pretty much a must. Are the AIAIAIs good for metal as well? Do they go over the ear and are they better than the M50s in your opinion?
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The TMA-1 were a little slow and dark for metal.
I tried the M50 in a local store. Don't you have the chance to do so?
I've read about the Sony MDR-10 in another thread here and they seem to be a very nice headphone for under 100$.
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While not over ear, the HD25-1 II are great headphones for Metal.  They can be had for $150-200 and are built like a tank.  Extremely portable and can easily be run off of a portable device.
Again, these are on ear, but for closed, portable headphones for Metal, you likely won't do better than these.
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I just recently moved and have not had a chance to try out new headphones that is why I have been posting on here. And when you say slow, what do you mean by that? And also over the ear is a must. Idk why but I just hate the on ear feeling.

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