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Better 8 Core Silver Plated IEM replacement cable


Recent Reviews

  1. Takeanidea
    Better 8 Core Replacement IEM Cable v stock cable
    Written by Takeanidea
    Published Feb 26, 2019
    Pros - Cheap. Comfortable. Good looks. Good build quality. Sound quality upgrade from stock cable
    Cons - No neck cinch.
    I must first explain that one of the two cables was sent to me free of charge in return for my comments and feedback and was sent to me by Sunny and Better Audio US of Amazon.com. The product is not currently available on the UK site. It took 6 days to arrive from the States and customs fees were prepaid. Each cable cost £34 including expedited shipping. You can have a look at te official information here
    I have produced 2 YouTube videos which give a detailed insight into the unbalanced 2 pin and the unbalanced MMCX cables. I thought both were worth the money and were an obvious upgrade from the stock cables supplied. Build quality and finish were excellent. I would have liked a chin cinch, as I don't think this would have added an exceptional cost to the overall production costs and would have made the cables even more comfortable.
    Microphonics were all but non existent on the 8 cores. There was a marked improvement on replacing the CCA C10 cables; the sound became softer without there being a noticeable loss in dynamics. The Senfer EN900 stocks weren't as markedly different as the 8 core upgrade. There was a lesser smoothing of the harshness and ringing effect in the upper mids and highs. But there was definitely some improvement here


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