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  1. C

    Custom cable for a QDC Anole VX ( Moon Audio Edition)?

    I'm ordering a very expensive 2 pin cable and I need to make sure all my points are covered for compatibility. 1. This IEM has 0.75 mm pins? The cable maker has informed me they have 0.75 mm pins. 2. Anole VX has reverse polarity: If I simply reverse the pins, is this issue solved, or are...


    Our annual Holiday sale is almost here and we're ready to present the remaining new products for 2022. Last month, we unveiled our high-end tri-hybrid ALLEGRO earphones and leather earphone stand. Today, we are excited to announce the following: New custom bluetooth cables...
  3. ChrisOc

    Modular Cables Impressions

    There are numerous modular cables on the market now, what are the differences and which best suits your needs and in time reports on durability. Let us have your impressions.
  4. Dsnuts

    The PENON official thread

    Penon Orb HiFi Audiophile IEM Balanced Armature+ Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm Detachable Audiophile IEMS 10mm dynamic driver Graphite fiber wire paper dome soft grainless vibrating membrane Exclusive customization, brass is processed by...
  5. Dsnuts

    ISN Earphones impression thread. New ISN H30!

    Model: H40 Shell material: resin Configuration: Balanced Armature & Dynamic Hybrid Ergonomic wearing design Dynamic driver : 9.2mm 3 Balanced Armature: Custom 1 BA for middle Frequency + composite 2BA for high frequency Impedance : 22 Ω @1khz Sensitivity : 105 ± 3dB @1khz Frequency response ...
  6. alavenue

    Empire Ears Phantom equipment recommendations

    I am fairly new to IEM's and after doing a lot of research I decided to upgrade my Sennheiser ie800s and purchased Empire Ears Phantom. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these or similar iem and could recommend a cable and dac that pairs well with them. My goal is to find something...
  7. bakabakachino

    How to Choose Cheap IEM Cables for my VE6

    There are extremely cheap cables on Amazon with free shipping, wondering which fits better with my VE6&SP1000 Player. Amazon Also, I've seen these 2DUAL Cables Which should I choose, thanks.
  8. hakuzen

    Resistance of cables; pics, comments, and links

    Links to sections: - cables below 400mΩ measurements, comments, and links, part 1, comments, and links, part 2, comments, and links, part 3, comments, and links, part 4, comments, and links, part 5...
  9. Better 8 Core Silver Plated IEM replacement cable

    Better 8 Core Silver Plated IEM replacement cable

  10. Satin Audio Monster Series (Griffin / Chimera / Kraken / Medusa)

    Satin Audio Monster Series (Griffin / Chimera / Kraken / Medusa)

    From Satin Audio: "Satin Audio is a IEM/ Headphone Cable manufacturer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our cables feature highest purity materials at reasonable prices. Our cables are produced in one of a very few factories which can provide certified OCC wires. All the wires and Satin parts are...


    Happy to announce our last sale in 2018! Save 20% off on all products, including custom cables, amplifiers, earphones, DIY, and accessories. No code is necessary and discount will be applied automatically at checkout. Holiday sale starts on December 24th at 12AM PST and ends on the 31st at...
  12. sheridant

    Please recommend where i can get my iem / headphone cable reterminated

    I had a bad experience when i tried to get my cable terminations changed to 4.4mm balanced - fine to start with but not very robust and failed after a few weeks I'm looking for services in the UK Many thanks for your recommendations
  13. MoonAudio

    NEW Bronze Dragon IEM headphone cable

    New Bronze Dragon After great reviews and acceptance of our Silver Dragon V2 and the Black Dragon V2 IEM headphone cables, we’ve added a new Dragon - the Bronze Dragon. The Bronze Dragon helps create a warmer presentation with bigger and fuller body adding bottom end strength and muscle. Our...