NEW Bronze Dragon IEM headphone cable
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Feb 1, 2011

New Bronze Dragon

After great reviews and acceptance of our Silver Dragon V2 and the Black Dragon V2 IEM headphone cables, we’ve added a new Dragon - the Bronze Dragon. The Bronze Dragon helps create a warmer presentation with bigger and fuller body adding bottom end strength and muscle. Our new Dragon cable is musical without becoming lush or bloated.

In cases where you own a bright or thin sounding IEM, the Bronze Dragon will add body to the sound. It will provide a fuller, bigger presentation to the music. The bass will have more weight to it without being bloated and lush sounding. The Bronze Dragon is a warm and musical sound signature.

The new Bronze Dragon IEM headphones cables have 8 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Copper conductors per cable, so more copper than our Black Dragon IEM headphone cable V1. Copper, used in just the right ways and proportions, help warm, expand, and strengthen sound from bass guitars, cellos, and Barry White.

Designed for 2 pin male IEMs such as JH Audio, Noble, and Westone, our new Dragon’s leads angle 45 degrees effectively wrapping the cable up and around your ear for more comfort and better sound.

Each Dragon headphones cable has a personality. Our cables are designed to improve headphones or IEMs sound to your liking. Since we know, study, and research headphones and IEMs sound signatures, we often make recommendations for matching a cable’s “personality” to help improve your music’s sound.

Please see our “In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) Headphones Cable Personality Chart” to help you find the right Dragon.

Amplifier Connections:

3 standard pre-molded cable options are available. These are the 3 most common options.

1. a 2.5mm balanced 4 pole gold straight mini plug for use with the balanced output of the Astell and Kern players, RAL players & ALO amps. The entire body is molded to prevent the face of the connector to short to chassis ground. This will eliminate issues of ground shorts.

2. a 3.5mm straight 3 pole stereo single ended connection for use with most common portable devices.

3. a 4.4mm straight 5 pole stereo single ended connection for use with the new Sony devised connection becoming very popular with other brands.

The 3.5mm connectors have extended necks to vanquish most portable phone or tablet cases that have a deep connector socket hole.

The 4th option below is a picture of the Oyaide 3.5mm Gold TRS, which is an upgrade or custom option. We show this just for visual comparison purposes.


Besides the above options, we also offer a whole host of custom termination options. The pre-molded connections are available for immediate shipment, while custom terminations will be available in a few days.

Available Amplifier Connections


While the above image was taken with the Silver Dragon IEM Headphone Cable V2 wire. Thus you will notice that some of the connectors are Rhodium plated. We find that on silver conductor based cables that Rhodium provides the closest synergy. Where as with copper conductor based cables match better with gold plating. Thus why you will notice Rhodium upgrade connectors on the Silver Dragon IEM Headphone Cable V2 page and Gold plated connectors on the Bronze Dragon and Black Dragon IEM Headphone Cable V2 pages.

We can do either by special request. Thank you.
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