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  1. M

    Wanted: IBasso CB13

    I’m looking for IBasso CB13 in mint condition. Let me know your offer please
  2. leaky74

    SOLD: Astral Acoustics Special Cable (2 pin, 3.5mm)

    Excellent sounding cable with equally as impressive build quailty. Bought for use with InEar Stagediver 5 and PMX - which it matched perfectly. Cable provides a good, clear/neutral sound with solid details and wide staging. Only reason for sale is that I’m preferring a warmer cable with the...
  3. Hakone UP-OCC Cryo Silver/Copper Headphone/IEM Cable

    Hakone UP-OCC Cryo Silver/Copper Headphone/IEM Cable

    I am not associated with this company. I am just a satisfied customer. From their official website:
  4. endless.skai


  5. endless.skai


  6. TooPoorForHiFi

    CLOSED (SOLD) FS: (BRAND NEW) Tripowin C8 Cable - 3.5mm (2-Pin 0.78mm)

    I'm a bit upset, I bought 2.5mm version but ended up receiving 3.5. Waited over 3 weeks. The cable is brand new, never used / install. $20 + Shipping. :rage:
  7. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 IEM Cable (2 pin, 2.5mm balanced TRRS) - Never opened

    Hi I got some a Black Dragon V2 IEM cable that I have as extra since I have received some boutique cables from Null Audio and have no need for the Black Dragon. This is the link to the cable's page: It is 2 pin and 2.5mm...
  8. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] ALO Audio SXC-8 IEM Cable (mmcx - 4.4mm balanced) - NEW! [ORIGINAL PRICE $350+shipping]

    Hi, So, I have this extra cable. Selling it off as I have another one of the same thing. I bought it for $350 without shipping. The receipt is uploaded. It is an amazing IEM cable. Details of the cable can be found here: Will ship to CONUS only. Shipping...
  9. thedanadamsusa

    [SOLD!!] Effect Audio Lionheart Cable, 2 Pin connect & 2.5mm Balanaced

    An Effect Audio Lionheart Cable, with 2 Pin connectors and termination for sale. The cable is in fabulous condition, with no conspicuous signs of wear or tear. It's a lovely cable made to Effect Audios very high standards. Using "EAGold Plated Copper" & "EASilver Plated Copper" to create the...
  10. honeyjjack

    Brise upg001 ref 8 wire (200usd off for black friday)

    For sale are my brise upg001 ref 8 wire(2pin,4.4) which sold for just over 1k new and are now all sold out. Im asking for 600usd, 200 off from my original price till december 1st.(need to buy something on sale for black friday) These cables are the most authoratative and dynamic cables ive...
  11. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] BEYERDYNAMIC XELENTO [Pristine] with ORIVETI Affinity Balanced Cable

    Hi, I am having to part ways with the most amazing IEM I have ever owned till date - reason being I'm 33 and a graduate student who needs to pay rent. - Good as beand new - Bought in June 2019 - I paid 900 bucks for it and it was worth every penny - Comes with EVERYTHING (both Beyerdynamic...
  12. flavainyaear

    *SOLD* FS PRICE DROP: Moon Audio OCC Silver Dragon V1 cable/adapters (2.5mm TRRS Balanced & 3.5mm TRRS Balanced) + InEar StageDiver SD-3 IEM. Used, Superb Condition!

    PRICE DROP from $525 to $387 Hi there! Not much opportunity to enjoy these anymore and better someone else who has the leisure to: - Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 Cable (2 pin IEM connection w/ memory wire terminated with female mini 4 pin XLR, 41 inch length), current retail value new $200. -...
  13. W

    Recommendations for a 2 pin IEM cable?

    Currently looking to replace my cable for my KZ ZS10 Pro since it's pretty worn out by now. I would get a cheap 5 dollar one from aliexpress but I'm not sure of how good their quality is. If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations for a good cable, I'd be glad Edit: Max budget is 45$
  14. silvahr

    Sold: Forza AudioWorks IEM’s hybrid series cable 2 pin - 3.5mm

    Selling Forza AudioWorks IEM’s hybrid series cable 2 pin - 3.5mm. Cable in great condition bought to a fellow member of this community. You can find cable specs here Has 1.25m length and the jack is L-shaped. Great cable that is a clear...
  15. FrequeAudio

    WTB (Wanted) AudioQuest & 2-pin IEM

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing an AudioQuest Carbon or AudioQuest Coffee USB to USB type-b. In addition, I need a 2-pin IEM cable with a 6.35 mm jack. Please let me know if you are selling these items. Thank you
  16. OldDude04

    [SOLD] Linum G2 Bax Balanced IEM Cable

    SOLD Up for sale is a twisted BTG Audio Starlight cable that is 2 pin to 3.5mm Eidolic plug (SOLD) and a Linum G2 BaX cable that is 2 pin to 2.5mm balanced plug. In great condition, looking for $50 for the Bax, including PP fees and shipping to CONUS only. No trades. Thanks for looking. The pics:
  17. DrumSeb

    Dita Fidelity iem

    Dita Twin Fidelity, in perfect condition.. come with the original box, accessories. I got them in a trade, but i have already a LegendX. Ship from Canada. Asking 650$ Thank you
  18. DrumSeb

    Dita Oslo silver 2pin

    I bought this really nice cable from another Head-fi a couple of days ago. Decide to sell and keep my Handsound Audio Aurora cable for my Legend X. Its better then the Ares ii 8 wires Effect audio and very smooth and flexible cable. You can also change with many adapters 4.4mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm...
  19. ShinAyasaki


    Looking for a reasonable priced chi-fi cable. Preferably something costs under 50 bucks, but will pay up to $100 for a better quality cable. Shipping to SC 29072, would prefer to deal with U.S sellers only. Thanks for checking.
  20. hakuzen

    Resistance of cables; pics, comments, and links

    Links to sections: - cables below 400mΩ measurements, comments, and links, part 1, comments, and links, part 2, comments, and links, part 3, comments, and links, part 4, comments, and links, part 5 -...
  21. admaciaszek

    [FT]/ [WTT] Pandora 8 Core Silver Plated Cable for Copper Cable

    This is the original that came with the rhapsodio solar. Specs: Pandora mark 1 , silver plated 5n mono crystal copper ,original Msrp $130 What I'm looking for is copper 2 pin cable not a silver or silver plated cable, something that will help with bass impact. As I would like to make the most...


    Effect Audio "Origin" is the true entry level audiophile cable. Sporting custom EA designed parts and accessories, the "Origin" infused the soul of Effect Audio's craftsmanship into this piece of cable art. Perfect for budding audiophiles and musicians alike, the "Origin" is not only...
  23. Better 8 Core Silver Plated IEM replacement cable

    Better 8 Core Silver Plated IEM replacement cable

  24. yugas

    [SOLD] OC

    SOLD Thanks.


    New Year. New Look. New Sound. We are very excited to introduce two major releases to start off 2019! Redesigned custom cables for 2019: PS connectors and PS terminations on selected cable series will now feature accents, replacing heatshrinks all together, that can not only indicate L/R...