mmcx balanced
  1. JohnPham

    [WTB] Final Audio - 4.4mm Balanced C106 Straight MMCX Silver-Coated Cable

    Looking for a final audio 4.4 mm balanced mmcx cable (C106 model). PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  2. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] ALO Audio SXC-8 IEM Cable (mmcx - 4.4mm balanced) - NEW! [ORIGINAL PRICE $350+shipping]

    Hi, So, I have this extra cable. Selling it off as I have another one of the same thing. I bought it for $350 without shipping. The receipt is uploaded. It is an amazing IEM cable. Details of the cable can be found here: Will ship to CONUS only. Shipping...
  3. pfurey89

    FS - ALO Super Litz 4.4mm to MMCX

    Cable only, no accessories. $70 shipped (+3% pp) conus. See feedback, buy with confidence. Works perfectly and in great lightly used condition.
  4. lithiumnk

    LABKABLE SUPERNOVA MKIII 8 wire mmcx 2.5mm- SOLD

    ###SOLD### Labkable Supernova mkIII pure copper cable 8 wire with 2.5mm Astell & kern plug & MMCX termination. Comes with mmcx female to 2pin male converter.(included in price) Original packing & metal carrying case available. Purchased from AV One, Singapore, 5 months back. Price includes...
  5. TronII

    MMCX Pin Layout

    I'm currently making my own headphones and am thinking of using MMCX connectors for removable cables; however, every MMCX female connector I can find has three or four pins, and the drivers I'm using have two wires. Is there a way to connect the drivers to them, or should I use two pin...
  6. Better 8 Core Silver Plated IEM replacement cable

    Better 8 Core Silver Plated IEM replacement cable

  7. TooPoorForHiFi


    I'm looking to sell these. This Cable came in really late, I got impatience and bought a different cable from Amazon. The Cable is really nice, soft and feels flexible. 16 Core Silver Plated Connector: MMCX 2.5mm Balanced Length: about 1.2m Consider it Faster Shipping. If you have any...
  8. mysticstryk

    WTB: mmcx iem 2.5mm balanced cable

    Looking for a 2.5mm balanced cable for mmcx connections. Thanks!
  9. pihly

    FS CKR 9,CKR9 LTD,CKR 10 mod mmcx

    all in good condition, with a little of sign of use. CKR 9: 125 CKR 10:175 CKR 9 LTD: 425 Buy all will be 600 USD All mod to mmcx, only the CKR 9 LTD still have the original box. No cable included.
  10. EzequielFriscia

    **** 2.5mm MMCX Balanced 8 Core Silver Plated Cable

    Brand new. Excellent sound / build quality according to reviews. Selling because I won a Fiio MMCX Cable the week after I purchased it. Bought it in Amazon USA, paid U$60 between shipping and taxes. This is the link...
  11. EzequielFriscia

    Aftermarket MMCX Balanced Cable

    Hello there, I got in my hands yesterday a pair of Fiio F9 Pro, totally happy about them. Id like to know if you have a suggestion for an aftermarket balanced 2.5mm cable or an extension and possible longer without breaking the bank, between 2 and 3 meters. I found these but still are 1.2mt...