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Aftermarket MMCX Balanced Cable

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by EzequielFriscia, Aug 1, 2018.
  1. EzequielFriscia
    Hello there,

    I got in my hands yesterday a pair of Fiio F9 Pro, totally happy about them.
    Id like to know if you have a suggestion for an aftermarket balanced 2.5mm cable or an extension and possible longer without breaking the bank, between 2 and 3 meters.

    I found these but still are 1.2mt, eitherway I would not know if they are anygood.

    Id totally appreciate the help.
  2. Baten
    I think for MMXC you are best to go Chinese/aliexpress. Just search for MMCX and you find 8-core silver/gold/whatever plated designs, often with eidolic plugs even. Some are $20 some are $80+. Go with one that looks good :)
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  3. EzequielFriscia
  4. Baten
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  5. EzequielFriscia
    They look awesome hahaha, I was doubting about the quality and about the fact they would actually make the headphone drop because of the weight, but guess I can put them around the ear as stock cables?
  6. Baten
    It should be fine, they might look better on picture than in actuality though but for $20 range you can't really go wrong, right!
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  7. EzequielFriscia
    Yep. You are totally right about it. Thanks so much !
  8. Baten
    I didn't do anything :wink:

    I just know the Asian market is crazy about earbuds and iems, if you want a nice mmcx cable that's where you find many options :)
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  9. Amberlamps

    Mmcx / 2 pin 0.78mm balanced and normal. Take yo pick.

    Very nice cables, I have a few and rate them highly.
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  10. EzequielFriscia
    Very appreciate it ! Ill take a look.
  11. halcyon
    This is what I do also. However, all AliExpress cables I've tried (dozen or so, up to 40USD) break down in no less than 6 months of daily use.

    So be prepared to find one that you like and then buy a stock of them.

    Many sellers sell one cable for a while, fold up and try another.

    The best cables I found are nowhere to be found anymore on AliExpress (the ones that lasted the longest).

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