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  1. dayamax

    WHOHOO! Just ordered my Valhalla

    I didn't notice any change in the sound even after several hundred hours.   My Valhalla sounded awesome tight from the start :)
  2. dayamax

    Headphones and Amps (how I understand it)

    However, any signal, no matter how complex it is, can always be broken down into a sum of sinusoidal functions. I agree that there are some oversimplifications in OP's arguments:   1. Impedance of a headphone does not vary as jwL. Impedance vs. w plots of different headphones are different...
  3. dayamax

    $400 for a Tube Amp & need help

    Schiit Valhalla + Musiland Monitor 02 US
  4. dayamax

    WooSennMStageMamboMan.Fi701 or my wallet hates you all

    I don't have much idea about DACs, but this is the greatest "What amp/dac/hp I should buy ?" post I've read on these forums.   Good luck with the job situation man. 
  5. dayamax

    I am completely lost...

    Your phone/computer already has a DAC and amp inside (onboard sound). However, these are not that great (varies with what computer or phone or DAP you are using).   An external DAC connects to a computer via something like USB (or to a CD player). This will bypass the inbuilt DAC in your...
  6. dayamax

    Review by 'dayamax' on item 'Schiit Valhalla'

    This is a great desktop headphone amp with an incredibly natural sound.  Comes with 5 year warranty and Schiit has very good customer service.   The only disadvantage is that you cannot tube roll in this amp (it only works with the stock tubes), which is actually not such a bad thing for a...
  7. dayamax

    How to insert tubes in amps..

    Quote: Probably because the HD 800's impedance peak is at a higher frequency.  
  8. dayamax

    How to insert tubes in amps..

    Quote:   Yes that is almost exactly how I would describe it.. Thanks for pointing it out so well.  
  9. dayamax

    First timer, need advice and guidance!

    Quote: I agree.. they would be a BAD choice on a plane, because of zero isolation. Plus they are pretty big and not the easiest to carry around. 
  10. dayamax

    First timer, need advice and guidance!

    Quote: ???   I think the onboard sound on the HP dv6 is pretty good (though it can definitely be improved upon with an external dac and amp). The Sennheiser HD 555/595 should fit your requirements, though they are open headphones and leak quite a bit of sound. I haven't heard and...
  11. dayamax

    Oh. My. God. (Got my HD 650s)

    I bought my HD 650s about 20 days ago and was running them straight from my laptop headphone out, and they still sounded better than my HD555s.  Today I got the Schiit Valhalla, and it was a huge step up in SQ. I can now better understand just how much better the 650 is than the 555. I'm all...
  12. dayamax

    How to insert tubes in amps..

    Quote: Well all I can say is that I was a skeptic, but now I'm a believer. Amps do make a very pronounced difference in SQ (atleast on the HD650s). I was running them straight from my laptop headphone out earlier. I don't know how to describe sound, but one major difference is that the...
  13. dayamax

    DV 337 and the Schiit Valhalla

    I am using the Valhalla with the 650, and it sounds fantastic.. Go for it.
  14. dayamax

    How to insert tubes in amps..

    thanks kboe.. I did just that, and its working now :)
  15. dayamax

    How to insert tubes in amps..

    Hey guys,   I just got my new Schiit Valhalla. I have never used a tube amp before (this is the first time I've seen a vacuum tube). I'm not sure about how I should insert them in the amp. Am I supposed to hear a clicking sound or something when the tube is properly inserted in the holder ...
  16. dayamax

    Schiit Asgard: Unboxing and First Impressions

    I think the next product is also an amp.. Its probably going to be called Lyr, priced at $449.
  17. dayamax

    which tube amp for 600 ohm...

    Schiit Valhalla
  18. dayamax

    What is the rational behind FLAC rips from vinyl ?

    I believe better mastering (more dynamic range etc) is not the only reason folks listen to vinyl. I've never heard vinyl.. though I've read that vinyl sounds better compared to CDs because its analog, it eliminates the intermediate sampling, quantization, encoding, decoding, DAC etc. e.g...
  19. dayamax

    Which plays the greatest roll in sound quality, you rank

    Vibration isolation is the most important factor. I use one of these:*&x2=sku&q2=M-RS4000-510-12 and everything sounds amazing..    On a more serious note though, I think the recording and headphones/speakers matter most. I can't tell the difference between 320...
  20. dayamax

    iTunes V.S. Foobar2000: Smackdown.

    can you guys post some of the skins you like on foobar2k ? screenshots would be nice too.
  21. dayamax

    iTunes V.S. Foobar2000: Smackdown.

    Agreed. I'm yet to find a better player than foobar.
  22. dayamax

    Monster Tron T1

    I think this also applies to a lot of other stuff we see on head fi.