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  1. ooheadsoo

    JL Audio making Home subs

    Quote: Originally Posted by Prozakk If you must have a super small sub, you must not care to reproduce the bottom octave. You might as well do an IB setup. You GET the bottom octave, and it takes up NO space in your room. Not quite, the sunfires use EQ and thousand+ watts to...
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    Pocketknives, any body into Knife-Fi?

    I used to think that my benchmade minigrip was an absolutely horrible knife. It couldn't hold an edge worth beans. However, I recently got a lansky style sharpener and put on a nice big fat obtuse angle on the steel, and now it actually holds up sorta ok. You just can't take a 40 degree included...
  3. ooheadsoo

    Pitbulls invade old woman's home, chew her face off

    Pitbulls are bred to fight other dogs, not humans. Aphex nailed it on the head, afaik. Pitbulls that show inclination to attack humans are put down by serious breeders.
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    Right Turns on Red in California

    No, you can turn right on red - after stopping - in California, unless marked that you can't make a right turn on red.
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    Wood Matters.

    Quote: Originally Posted by kwkarth For guitars, you want wood that resonates, for headphones and speakers, you want wood that is inert. If wood used in headphones or speakers resonates, you get terrible coloration at those resonant frequencies. So the goal for guitars is the...
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    Looks like I am picking up a Harbeth after all

    Advice - use them as surrounds and get the 40s.
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Quote: Originally Posted by eyeresist Currently watching Planetes. I was expecting something glossier, maybe more hard sf, but it's still enjoyable. Interesting characters, some lame humour, plot developing nicely. Gets pretty good at the end.
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    Frogs on Keyboards...

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo Want one for free? (you would pay S&H from Atlanta, Georgia) My brother has a pretty good size turtle which he would like to find a new owner for. Here is a pic (click the thumbnail to view the full size pic). Beautiful tortoise.
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    More exciting than opening an audio-related package...

    I think it's more exciting than audio. Just like buying good music should be more exciting than buying gear.
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    Yamaha goes 11.2 with new receiver.

    If you already understand all about psycho-acoustics and blumlein recording techniques, my hat's off to you. But weren't you the one trying to say to me that EQ can work for a large area? The best it can do is make the best of a bad situation.
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    Steve Hoffman HeadFest DVD Available

    Yes, you're right, the video isn't bad, per se, it's just a conference. Still, that would be GREAT for compression, with 70% of the frame being static, and the remaining 30% still not being all that dynamic. It's a shame about the audio. Anyway, thanks again for the vid. It's great for those of...
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    Steve Hoffman HeadFest DVD Available

    The streaming version is very good for people with just a passing interest, but I still think there is room for an "inbetween" option. There is some room between the streaming quality and the dvd version - but torrenting the dvd is a little ridiculous given the quality of the video/audio...
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    Yamaha goes 11.2 with new receiver.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Prozakk It's designed to do what you say it can't. You can't deny it unless you try it. I haven't heard it, so I can't swear by it. I'm happy to sit in the sweet spot, and care less about the rest of the seating in my HT. Have had no complaints from...
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    Steve Hoffman HeadFest DVD Available

    Someone please compress this video, please, pretty please? It's not "DVD" quality, anyway. We're in it for the content. This thing would be perfectly fine in a 1cd size. Or even less, to tell the truth.
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    did u finish your steak everytime?

    30oz filet, I have to see that one!
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    Yamaha goes 11.2 with new receiver.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Prozakk Wrong. Nope, sorry, still can't do a large seating area, by single seat standards. Sure, better than nothing, but not a magic bullet, either. Actually, seeing that the audyssey messes with the analog signal in...
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    Steve Hoffman HeadFest DVD Available

    Quote: Originally Posted by LFF Could someone be kind enough to burn me a copy and mail it to me? If you don't have a copy already coming to you, i'll be driving from the burbs east of LA to westwood, either tomorrow or the day after, and that should put me pretty close to where...
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    Perpetual motion....

    nice close encounters of the third kind quote.
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    Any fans of Stereograms out there?

    Stop wasting your time, get a life, something like that.
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    My house just got burglarized!

    It's pretty scary what they can do with any window. I read that you just duct tape the window up and it won't be that loud when you break and enter. Good to hear that everyone is safe.
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    Ricochet from a 50 cal sniper rifle...

    Quote: Originally Posted by marvin Don't see why .50 BMG (SLAP versions) can penetrate over 1" of RHA. Since .50 BMG is not designated as a pistol round, AP rounds are perfectly legal. I thought 1" was near the limit of what .50 BMG could do. Any more, and we'd be sniping...
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    Yamaha goes 11.2 with new receiver.

    I doubt the presence channels will be that fancy. That's a heck of a lot of sound engineering just for the home video market.
  23. ooheadsoo

    Ricochet from a 50 cal sniper rifle...

    One of the youtube commentators claims he has AP rounds that punch through 1" of steel easily
  24. ooheadsoo

    Yamaha goes 11.2 with new receiver.

    Quote: Originally Posted by SilverTrumpet999 Nope; that is not what the .1 means. 5.1 implies there are actually 6 channels - 5 are the standard speakers and the one is a LFE or low-frequency effect. The LFE is a separate channel and does not imply that it is intended to reproduce 1/10...