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  1. LobsterSan

    Grado HF2 Roll Call! (Count as of 12:00AM on 6/14: 215)

    Put me down for one. I've been looking for something to spice things up a bit, and this seems to be just the ticket!
  2. LobsterSan

    Electronic Rock

    Quote: Originally Posted by festivus528 Tortoise - I have TNT, but its not really what I'm looking for. Electric President - Good. Added to my wishlist. The Notwist - Also good. Mum - Also good. Sounds a lot like Sigur Ros. Ratatat - Very good! Air - On the fence. I guess...
  3. LobsterSan

    Electronic Rock

    Bands incorporating the use of electronics into their music is getting more and more prevalent, and it's hard now to classify all the different sub-genres that are spilling out. If you liked Kid A and Mezzanine, I'm thinking you'll also enjoy the following: Check out the Morr Music label. All...
  4. LobsterSan

    I have WOOD!! Review of ESW10JPN vs. AD2000

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rednamalas1 Oh crap. No wonder why lighting conditions were different. My apologies for LobsterSan for stealing his pictures .... I'll take it off if he wants me to take it off (that sounded dirty). Anyways, PM me. No problem, feel free to use the...
  5. LobsterSan

    Fukuoka, Japan Micro-meet: STAX, R10, HD650, ESW10JPN, MD5000, but only two of us!

    Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Looks to be! Searched the "Meets, Get-Togethers, Factory Tours" sub-forum for 'Japan' and got 4 hits. Of which only one (this one) seems to be impressions from a meeting, while the other ones are just talk about possible meeting. Hooray for...
  6. LobsterSan

    Fukuoka, Japan Micro-meet: STAX, R10, HD650, ESW10JPN, MD5000, but only two of us!

    Woosh, finally made it to the thread! A shout out to my man Amos (CurraWong) for contacting me, leading to this Fukuoka micro-meet taking place. All you other Japanese Head-Fiers, don't be shy! Let's gather someday and have a good time trying out gear and have fun talking about life, love and...
  7. LobsterSan

    I might cry. Finding headphones is too hard.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ear Damage Try some Sennheiser HD280Pros The HD280's may be on the similar "analytical" and less bassy side with the RE2. I think the OP may be more interested in something like the Beyerdynamic DT770 or if on a budget the Sony MDR-V6 / 7506. You'll...
  8. LobsterSan

    What to get from Japan?

    The giant Kit-Kat is like the size of a regular Snickers or so, but it's just one big long Kit-Kat. I'm kind of addicted to it. In addition to the giant Kit-Kat there were a multitude of special and seasonal Kit-Kat flavors that were released in Japan over the years... Cherry Blossom...
  9. LobsterSan

    Sigur Ros amazed me but what's next...?

    Also hailing from Iceland, you would most likely be interested in Múm. More on the electronic side of things, and the melodic IDM persuasion at that. Definitely drift off to sleep in a sea of soundscapes music. Excerpt of Múm from the documentary "Screaming Masterpiece"
  10. LobsterSan

    What to get from Japan?

    Snacks? GABA neurotransmitter-laced chocolate balls are tasty and stress-relieving. Wasabi beef potato chips are pretty good too. There's also the giant Kit Kat bar. And don't forget... Gloomy Bear.
  11. LobsterSan

    DENON D7000 revealed, impression and pics here

    Quote: Originally Posted by onocentaur Bugger. What happened? Mass QC fail? Yup. The paint on the magnesium portion was flaking off. Hopefully it was just a minor snafu and won't be indicative of the build quality of the rest of the headphone. My take is though it sucks to have...
  12. LobsterSan

    Stax Transformer and Headphone Jack?? Please Help me!!!!

    Voltage and wattage are different things. The Churi is a 117v to 100v stepdown transformer that can handle a maximum output of 100w. Using a 100w transformer on something that only requires 50w will not hurt your electronics or your person. 100w is more than the amp needs, but if you ever decide...
  13. LobsterSan

    DENON D7000 revealed, impression and pics here

    Some bad news for all anxiously awaiting the D7000... I just got a call from one of our suppliers and it turns out the first batch of D7000's won't make the initial release (it was supposed to come out around September 18th-19th in Japan). It looks like the next batch is due in Japan sometime...
  14. LobsterSan

    Closed can recommendation mainly for monitoring/engineering

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 AKG K 271 MK II Those look pretty awesome. I'd say the old AKG 271 definitely had the most neutral presentation compared to the Sony 7506 and Senn HD280. I can't say for the 271 MKII's, but it could be worth a shot. They don't really...
  15. LobsterSan

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wil Was testing out my Nikon FE and Nikkor 50mm 1.4 on Kodak Gold 200 today. Film is cool. I love the colors.
  16. LobsterSan

    New Ear Wax Information? (Apparently it's good for us)

    Any Asian head-fiers on the boards? Y'all know what I'm talking about when I say I love my ear digger.
  17. LobsterSan

    Electronica junkies, your help please.

    So, what did you end up choosing and what was the result? No need to go too in-depth on a detailed result... unless you have pics to go with it.
  18. LobsterSan

    Anyone here know Japanese?

    You've probably already had your test, but here's what your looking for: Linking -na adjectives Add -de after the adjective. For example: このヘッドフォンは便利で安いです。 kono heddofon wa benride yasui desu. Using -de to link -i adjectives does not happen. Use -kute to link an -i adjective with...
  19. LobsterSan

    Electronica junkies, your help please.

    More conventional, but what about Bjork? "All is Full of Love" has a few different mixes out there that may fit the bill. YouTube - All is full of love Else, possibly Air - Venus? YouTube - Venus
  20. LobsterSan

    Music in different languages (most interested in Japanese)

    My mother-in-law loves enka! One of the big enka names right now is Jero. He's half African-American and half Japanese, and has an amazing knack for singing enka. It's just kind of weird to see this hip-hop fashioned 20 year old guy come out, speak fluent Japanese and belt out tunes that...
  21. LobsterSan

    Ebay Sniping...What do you use?

    Quote: Originally Posted by progo Wow, doesn't Ebay extend the time if a bid is placed near the closing time? Our "national" mini-eBay extends the time to 5 minutes if a bid is placed when the auction has less than 5 minutes left open. This place also has this sniper feature on its own...
  22. LobsterSan

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Quote: Originally Posted by Baines93 I have that problem with my C770. Any tips? I know that to get a wider DOF, you can shoot at a wider angle (less/no zoom) and with smaller aperture (f5+). This requires more light, however, which is often a problem with product shots unless...
  23. LobsterSan

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Yeah, I noticed the DOF on the Tammy is a lot narrower than what I was used to with the P&S FZ30. It's going to take some adjusting for me to focus properly, and I'm probably going to have to invest some time or money into some softer studio lighting solutions. Thank you for the suggestions --...
  24. LobsterSan

    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Has anyone watched the Freedom OVA series by Otomo Katsuhiro (Akira, Steamboy)? I keep passing by it at my local Tsutaya and have been very curious about it since they started airing these Nissin cup-o-noodle TV spots in 2006. I'm just wondering if anyone's seen it and if it's worth a watch? My...
  25. LobsterSan

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    I just traded in my Panasonic DMC-FZ30 for my first DSLR. I picked up a used Canon EOS 20D along with a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8. So far, I've been very pleased with the results! First, a few final shots from my FZ30: And now, the 20D / Tamron 17-50mm shots: