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  1. s4nder

    Beyerdynamic T1 3rd Gen out now

    Agreed on both counts. The T1.3 relaxes into a very enjoyable presentation despite its obvious darkness and bass bias. While bass impact was a bit too much on some tracks, I generally loved it. I had to sell it due to comfort issues that keep creeping up with all Beyer cans for me, a pity. Same...
  2. s4nder

    Sennheiser HD 660S2 thread

    I ended up returning these and keeping my HD660S. While the extra sub-bass and microdetail were nice, they had a very forward presentation, tiny soundstage and a kind of sharpness to the sound that got irritating fast. I much prefer the more neutral, relaxed and spacious sound of the HD660S. The...
  3. s4nder

    New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

    I suggest you try out the T1.3 instead, it's a step above T1.1 and T1.2 in most aspects. I've had the T1.2 and HD800 and I'd say it's a pleasant mix of the respective strengths of both. The most detailed, natural, immersive sound I've heard for a bargain of a price.
  4. s4nder

    Beyerdynamic T1 3rd Gen out now

    I pulled the trigger on these. First impressions are, they're fantastic. They improve on the 2nd gen in every single way. Clarity, detail and imaging are greatly enhanced while keeping the smooth, deep Beyerdynamic sound. Bass is powerful and punchy without droning or bleeding into mids. Highs...
  5. s4nder

    Beyerdynamic T1 3rd Gen out now

    Jesus Christ. I've owned my T1.2 for nearly two years and still can't wear them for more than an hour or two. If the T1.3 has even more clamping force it's a torture device for people with wider heads.
  6. s4nder

    New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

    A lot. It took me about half a year of regular use. They started out congested and overly bassy but have developed a wonderful sound signature. Smooth and natural with plenty of soundstage. I now like them more than my previous HD800 which were fatiguing and harsh in comparison. Another type of...
  7. s4nder

    Meier Audio Daccord

    The new driver doesn't seem to properly support ASIO. There's no ASIO device in foobar2000 output options. It worked fine with W8 drivers.   Also, the link actually leads to another url containing the older drivers. You have to copy and paste it to the address bar to get the new ones.
  8. s4nder

    Meier Audio Daccord

    Double post.
  9. s4nder

    Meier Audio Daccord

    24/192 works fine for me but I've been getting occasional 1-2 second cutouts with W8 drivers on W10. Any native W10 drivers would be welcome.
  10. s4nder

    Meier Audio Daccord

    I got my Daccord and Classic upgraded and several days later I still can't believe how good it sounds. I really thought I had it pretty good before, I went for the upgrade mostly out of curiosity.   Boy was I surprised. Everything just sounds so much more natural, effortless, detailed and...
  11. s4nder

    Lilith Audio Player

    For ultimate sound quality from the PC, I recommend checking out Jplay. It far, far surpasses anything foobar or uLilith alone can output. In my system it made a bigger difference than the last DAC upgrade I made. Absolutely amazing. I'm not affiliated with them in any way but I did purchase the...
  12. s4nder

    Meier Audio Daccord

    I have a slight problem with my Daccord and am wondering if anyone can relate.   I use the USB input and Windows 8.1. When waking the PC up from sleep the DAC has no input whatsoever. All LEDs apart from the power LED are off and there's no sound. The only way to get sound back is either to...
  13. s4nder

    How many hours straight can you wear a "comfortable" set of headphones?

    I pretty much don't notice HD800 on my head at all. I've probably gone 15 hours straight of wearing them with no problems.
  14. s4nder

    Meier Audio Daccord

    Which filter settings are automatically used? Minimum phase apodizing filter sounds best in my and many others' opinion (top pulse response and bottom oversampling on the StageDAC). It's a major advantage to be able to use this - it's only been used in ultra high end DACs until recently - and it...
  15. s4nder

    Sennheiser HD *** durability deal breaker....

    My HD600 and HD555 cracked and I treated both of them very carefully. No problems with HD800 this far.
  16. s4nder

    Lilith Audio Player

    Unfortunately jplay doesn't get along with my sound card. It doesn't support kernel streaming so jplay only shows wasapi output. However, when I try to play a file jplay gives an error message that it couldn't initialize the device for kernel streaming. Other users have reported the bug on their...
  17. s4nder

    Lilith Audio Player

    First of all, my current setup: Auzentech Prelude SPDIF out -> Meier StageDAC -> Meier Cantate -> 1 m Cardas cable -> Sennheiser HD800. WASAPI is used in both ReClock and uLilith. After several days of comparison, I've noticed these (slight) differences between uLilith and...
  18. s4nder

    Lilith Audio Player

    I don't know the difference but I finally got WASAPI to work with the timer driven mode, it hasn't ever worked for me before. Now I can properly compare uLilith to MPC-HC with Reclock.
  19. s4nder

    REVIEW: Sennheiser HD 800

    In Europe you can get them from Jan Meier for example.
  20. s4nder

    Songs with good bass ? The end makes me nauseous. Edit: just realized it's probably electronic. :(
  21. s4nder

    HD800 and T1 musings...

      Quote: Is there any proof of this? Frequency response graphs of 10000+ HD800-s look identical to my 7000+ version. I do know they increased the bass somewhere in the 2000-3000 range and it's plainly visible on frequency response graphs.    
  22. s4nder

    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    I don't think a properly designed socket would lose its integrity after a single reconnection. My pair is # 7000+ and the connectors of my Cardas cable are slightly loose as well. This seems normal though, the connection is solid but there is a little give sideways. Someone who hasn't removed...
  23. s4nder

    What does everyone want for christmas?

    Meier Corda Classic.
  24. s4nder

    Who is "Your Band"

    I don't have whole bands but rather specific tracks that I can never get tired of. These include work by Saki Kaskas, AlienHand, Asura, Solar Fields, Cell, Chicane, Carbon Based Lifeforms, etc. I've been listening to them every day for years and still can't get enough.
  25. s4nder

    New MEIER AUDIO headphone amp "CORDA CLASSIC"

    Definitely waiting for this one. Any info on price range?