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  1. Mr.Radar

    Hi-Fi sound for $5.50 shipped? Monoprice "Ergonomic Comfort In-Ear Earphones" first impressions.

    Nearly every audio or home theater enthusiast knows about MonoPrice.  They're the go-to source on the Internet for A/V cables at rock-bottom prices.  And most people who subscribes to the "cables don't matter" school of thought have probably bought cables from them at one point or another...
  2. Mr.Radar

    Avoid Sony V600?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BodiesOfLight Why do so many people say avoid the v600? How is the V6 or MDR-7506 any better? Do a search for "V600" and you'll get tons of reasons why.
  3. Mr.Radar

    Powmax PS that bad?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ~AZ~ I have read some pretty horrible reviews of Powmax power supplies but are they that bad? The PS I have now is very loud and there is a local computer store that sells a 400w Powmax for $15 on clearance and the guy at the store says they are fine and very...
  4. Mr.Radar

    Recording with Rega Planar 3 into my Computer?

    You're welcome. If you have any more questions to ask about (hi-fi) vinyl listening I'd reccomend Vinyl Asylum at Audio Asylum. There are a lot of very knowledgable people there and an extensive archive of posts which should be able to answer most questions. Anyways, good luck with the archiving.
  5. Mr.Radar

    Just got a vintage turntable

    Congrats on that score! I wish I had one (I have a Technics SL-1600 MKII which is pretty good, but I'd trade it any day for a decent Denon DD). Quote: Originally Posted by NightWoundsTime Yeah i thought so to, but under 2 grams it tracks horribly. Would be nice to find the "official"...
  6. Mr.Radar

    How Old Are You???

    16. It's pretty interesting to see how the demographics here skew younger than they do over at Audio Asylum (see an equivilent of this thread (from a few months ago) over at AA). Here most people are their teens or twenties while at Audio Asylum it seems that most people there are in their...
  7. Mr.Radar

    Have an AudioPCI card, how can I upgrade it?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kippei You are better off buying a new card instead. I agree. The SB-Live! is a total loss (no amount of modding will make it sound good), and the AudioPCI was a budget card in its day so its not really worth saving. Even if you did go through with...
  8. Mr.Radar

    Vinyl how-to basics

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lavalamp You need to keep your stylus dust free. Just gently dunk it in a piece of white magic eraser a couple of times, and this should get the dust off the stylus. Don't forget to dry brush your stylus after using the Magic Eraser! The M.E. can leave...
  9. Mr.Radar

    My first adventure in vinyl

    Be sure to read up on proper turntable setup to ensure that your stylus lasts long and your records don't wear out quickly. I'd reccomend this article for starts. The key items to get right are alignment, azimuth, and VTF (with VTF its better to track too heavy than it is to track too light)...
  10. Mr.Radar

    Phono Preamp RIAA help.

    Quote: Originally Posted by amb Yeah, the 2.21KΩ resistor was actually introducing another pole and causing the response to flatten out at the high end (causing the rise that you observed). Typical RIAA feedback networks don't have that resistor. The reason the original designer put it...
  11. Mr.Radar

    That's a heckuva lotta fried ants.

    Quote: Originally Posted by SptsNaz Didn't they render this false on the myth busters? The whole idea sounds great, but when logic is added into the equation it makes no sense whatsoever Yeah, I saw that episode. They managed to build a giant satelite dish-shaped mirror like...
  12. Mr.Radar

    Help on making 1:1 copy of CD

    Check out EAC and CDex. Those are the two most accurate ripping programs (EAC is usually better than CDex at ripping scratched discs, but for non-scratched discs it doesn't matter which you use). In EAC the best mode to use is Secure mode (this is a lot slower than Burst mode but it enables...
  13. Mr.Radar

    Cheap turntable sugestion?

    I'd reccomend the Technics SL-1200 MKII. You can get them for $400 USD (in the US, I'm not sure how much they cost on Austrailia). They don't come with a cartridge, but you can probably find the Shure M97xE for about $50 USD which should be pretty good with the Technics. The Technics sounds...
  14. Mr.Radar

    Graphical Chaintech AV-710 setup guide

    Quote: Originally Posted by kurt_fire Doesn't the sound card have little pin like things called jumpers that you can move around to adjust stuff? I remember something about that (from an earlier thread on the AV-710, possibly the review in the Full Featured reviews sub-forum) but...
  15. Mr.Radar

    Graphical Chaintech AV-710 setup guide

    Quote: Originally Posted by kurt_fire Thanks for the answers Radar. What are the best drivers currently out for this card? I'm about to install the card and am wondering what drivers to install. I have 1.43, but just found 4.51c available for download at (link -->...
  16. Mr.Radar

    at an empasse: do I NEED speakers?

    Nobody needs speakers in their system (I waited for about a year after getting into "hi-fi" audio to get speakers). They do give you a good alternative to headphone listening (and by some/most people standards one that is "better"). However, they also cost more money and require more setup...
  17. Mr.Radar

    Which Lowes' Cable

    I though they were talking about lamp cord (such as is used to wire table lamps)?
  18. Mr.Radar

    Graphical Chaintech AV-710 setup guide

    It's for a 2(.1) speaker setup. You plug the speakers into the jack next to the square black connector (the optical digital output). If you want to run 5.1 then you can't use the "high sample rate mode," just select 5.1 as the speaker type and ignore the rest of the guide (making sure to plug...
  19. Mr.Radar

    Grado HF-1 owners: long term impressions?

    The HF-1 has been out for about a month now but I haven't seen any long-term listening reviews/impressions of them yet. Does this mean that the HF-1's don't really burn-in, or has everyone just been too busy enjoying them to do reviews/comparisons?
  20. Mr.Radar

    Recording with Rega Planar 3 into my Computer?

    Yes, you will need a phono preamp (also known as a phonostage). There are some cheap ones out there (RadioShack has one for $30), but to start getting quality ones (without major distortions or hum) you need to get to the $100+ range. The Hagerman Bugle for $150 ($100 if you build it yourself)...
  21. Mr.Radar

    Why my L317T is so hot

    Quote: Originally Posted by chris719 Again I would make sure there is no short because arctic silver 2 MAY conduct depending on the voltages present, it is made of silver particles suspended in a grease. Arctic Silver (at least versions 3 and 5) is specifically formulated to NOT...
  22. Mr.Radar

    HELP with my a/v reciever

    Oh, I mis-understood you. I though you wanted to go from your TV to your receiver, not the other way around. In that case you need a digital to analog converter (a DAC). The cheapest (decent) ones will cost you about $75 (I'd reccomend the Art DI/O for $100). A seperate DVD player would probably...
  23. Mr.Radar

    HELP with my a/v reciever

    Optical audio connections are digital and the left/right RCA connections on your TV are analog, so you need a full-blown ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). If possible I'd reccomend just using the analog RCA inputs on your receiver instead.
  24. Mr.Radar

    I've never even held vinyl.

    Quote: Originally Posted by lini Seems like your understanding of the word "compression" is pretty limited, then (maybe on compression as used in compressor devices for musicians?) - unless you want to nitpick that it should rather be decompression regarding bass on vinyl playback, but I...
  25. Mr.Radar

    I need some help from the computer experts!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oink1 Just burn the files needed to a CD, change boot device to your CD ROM and run the .exe file off the CD You need to have a bootable floppy disk that the CD burning software can use to make the boot image for the CD (and the boot floppy also needs...