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  1. PhaedrusX

    2013 SF Bay Area (Changfest?) Meet Impressions Thread

    Quote:   is there any information out there about this?
  2. PhaedrusX

    Audio Note HE-6 Amp

    i've long been curious about Audio Note gear, especially the kits. while perusing their site in search of a DIY project, i came upon a headphone amp kit for the HE-6.   $2450 for the 'extreme configuration.' they also list a...
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    New Audeze LCD3

      Quote: this is so true.   honestly, the self-importance that some attach to themselves and their opinions borders on the absurd.   talk about noise and distortion.  
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    Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

    Quote: i love the pure sensibleness of this gear, just a great blend of DIY and vintage.    
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    Audeze LCD3 Initial Impression

    ain't consumerism grand.
  6. PhaedrusX

    New Audeze LCD3

    so... $1000 to replace the drivers.   does that just about cover it?
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    Leben CS300XS not working - Help please

    using Occam's razor:   my guess is that the last tubes you inserted had an internal short. the smell could have been a screen grid resistor that got burned out when the tube shorted. the current surge that ensued may have been responsible for taking out the power lamp.   this is just...
  8. PhaedrusX

    Meitner MA-1

    Quote: he actually states that 88.2 khz is the ideal sampling rate; 96/24 is a compromise, albeit a small one necessitated by industry standards; and that anything above is a marketing gimmick, and does more harm to the signal than it does good.  
  9. PhaedrusX

    Audeze LCD-2 Orthos

    Quote: hearing something is one thing. remembering exactly what you heard a couple days, weeks or months ago is a completely different matter.   simply convincing yourself that something is true doesn't necessarily make it so. that's just pride, effing with you.  
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    Audeze LCD-2 Orthos

    Quote: because to err is human.   at least for most of us, that is.  
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    Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire is finally here

    can somebody post pics of the internals?
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    At what point are headphones no longer worth their price tag?

    Quote: i remember when the prevailing wisdom on Head-Fi postulated that one needed to spend $10 on speakers for every $1 on headphones to get equivalent sound quality. that ratio has shrunk considerably.   when the HD800 came out, most scoffed at the price tag. but they sold, due in...
  13. PhaedrusX

    REVIEW: Lars Audio DAC1 MKII

    Quote: to the best of my knowledge, the past connection between Gigawork and Decware is not so much speculation as it is fact.   the link you provided was Decware's rebuttal to the criticism it was receiving because of their initial less-than-upfront disclosure about using a board...
  14. PhaedrusX

    Audiophilleo 1 and 2 USB to S/PDIF transport

    Quote:   i must still be in the dark regarding all of this.   so what does jitter sound like?     Quote: and therein lies the rub.       also: collective wisdom is highly overrated. one hard fact, and it all comes tumbling down. just ask Copernicus.  
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    HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

    solid state amps do not use output transformers.
  16. PhaedrusX

    HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

    Quote: nah, you only need ask George Ohm, or failing that, Mr. Google.   these two links should answer most of the questions concerning impedance load mismatching with tube amps:
  17. PhaedrusX

    I have a PPA - what's the next step?

     fQuote: i wouldn't put the M^3 ahead of the PPAv2, at least from a technological point of view. in terms of design, they share more similarities than differences.   considering the bang for buck nature of DIY builds, i doubt you would find a significant upgrade in that price bracket...
  18. PhaedrusX

    Audiophilleo 1 and 2 USB to S/PDIF transport

    Quote: and only one of these statements would offer anything remotely insightful. guess which one?   on topic: from the product page, i see that this comes with a "JitterSimulator." could you run this and report what differences you hear, preferably as a "regular person"? I've...
  19. PhaedrusX

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable for IEMs

    Quote: i wasn't referring to test tones. i was referring to normal listening situations.   if you can ABX a 0.2dB difference while listening to music, hats off to you.
  20. PhaedrusX

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable for IEMs

    +3dB represents the smallest difference in sound which is perceivable, and even then it is barely noticeable.   even if the cable can do what it claims it can do, what can it do that a teensy-weensy, minuscule turn of the volume knob can't?
  21. PhaedrusX

    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    Quote: i wouldn't recommend this thread as a source for any useful technical knowledge. if you're lucky, you might get a prickly attitude. most likely though, it'll be accompanied with some manner of pretentious misinformation.   welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your rude welcome.  
  22. PhaedrusX

    Powering down the Amp, dangerous for headphone ? (Bravo Audio V2 Tube Amp)

    excessive DC Offset is the main danger. this is what causes the 'thump' when an amp is turned on or off.   if a circuit is prone to wide swings, it will be recommended to keep headphones unplugged when powering the amp on and off.   protection circuits, or relays, are often used in such...
  23. PhaedrusX

    opamp for mini3~~~!

    have you even tried the AD8397? it really is a very good little amp with the recommended opamp.   i remember reading a post by amb stating that the Mini3 is no longer really a Mini3 once other opamps are substituted.
  24. PhaedrusX

    "CanJoin #1" The first Headphones Meeting & Exhibition in Thailand (17-20 March 2011)

    what an amazing collection of gear.   for those of us outside the US, it's really nice to see another country host an event of this magnitude.
  25. PhaedrusX

    NYC Spring 2011 Meet March 19th Impressions and Pictures

    Quote: gear-related question:   is there any technical information available regarding the epc DAC?     semi-non-gear-related question:   can anyone tell me what kind of case that is housing the Behrenger and Denon equipment?