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  1. thegrobe

    The Pono Player Impressions Thread

    Hey stonemanty, you need two, 3 contact 3.5mm jacks (t,r,s). Tip is positive, ring is neg, sleeve contact is not used. Same on left or right. Pretty easy. Left channel plugs into the pono headphone jack, right into the line out jack. When both connected, you can choose "balanced" out from the...
  2. thegrobe

    The Pono Player Impressions Thread

    My pleasure!
  3. thegrobe

    The Pono Player Impressions Thread

    I've had my Neil Young signature series Pono for a few weeks now, time to share some thoughts about it. I have only used it in single end mode, not balanced yet.    First, the sound quality is really very good. The presentation tilts just a bit to the lean side, with a nice air to the treble...
  4. thegrobe

    PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

    I'm wondering....on July 23, an invitation was sent out to kickstarter backers to attend a Pono listening party in San Francisco on Friday August 1st. The invitation was limited to the first 50 backers to RSVP. Were any of our Head Fi brotherhood lucky enough to get in on that? If so, I would...
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    101.6 lbs. 175.6 199.1
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    Brand Spanking New A&K AK120II and AK100II

    Ugh, that case looks awful. At first glance it appears to be scraps of duct tape wrapping the player.
  7. thegrobe

    DX90. 2X Sabre,1st page: Downloads, info&inst. . ! Lurker0 FW Mod link 1st page !!. .NEW FW! 2.3.0 . . . . .

    Most likely powered speakers, driven from the DX90 line out. I doubt you'd get any kind of satisfactory result driving passive speakers from the DX
  8. thegrobe

    The Decware TABOO MK 111 Thread

    Beautiful looking tubes! How does it sound? :)
  9. thegrobe

    The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

    I wish Centrance would share a little more info about the Mini M8. A couple blog updates maybe? Pop in on the thread and fill us in? Pretty please?
  10. thegrobe

    = HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

    New design looks fantastic. I really like it more than the first.
  11. thegrobe

    FiiO X5 preview world tour--tour members, claim your souvenir for the X5 tour! p.123

    I've received the X5 tour unit today, safe and sound! Now to spend some time getting to know it. Thanks again Joe.
  12. thegrobe

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    You shouldn't tell jokes about cows. No one likes a cattle-tale.
  13. thegrobe

    = HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

    I, for one, would greatly appreciate if you were to elaborate... Later. At your convenience of course!
  14. thegrobe

    The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

          Jeff, it might be the cable you are using between CCK and the CLAS-db. The CLAS-db (and Theorem 720) are dual-use on the mini USB input. Computer or i-device. It "auto senses" which device is connected by the way the mini USB cable end is configured. Regular USB, "computer" uses pins...
  15. thegrobe

    The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

    I'm waiting as well since December. I contacted Stacie yesterday about an update. She said the units are arriving next week, then after a thorough QA check they will begin shipping. Shipments will go out in this order, according to output configuration: XL4, CMB, then RSA. I'm at the bottom of...
  16. thegrobe

    The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

    Actually, for #1...if they are powered speakers, they need a line level input. The M8 is perfectly capable of providing that from the 1/8 jack. I believe mid gain, and volume maxed (or near max?) on the M8 gives you that level.
  17. thegrobe

    The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

      Well, *blush* I don't know about TWO "great"s. One singular great is using the term loosely, bordering on exaggeration. LOL.    Anyways, making a custom CCK> B cable should be pretty straightforward. It would involve harvesting the "secret sauce" components from the CCK cable, and then...
  18. thegrobe

    = HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

    Do you happen to know if the cable is 4 conductors, all the way to the plug? So it can be easily reterminated with an XLR?
  19. thegrobe

    New Audeze LCD3

    Wow, these seem to be pretty drastic changes, the impedance, efficiency, and excursion all considered. I'm also curious as to how this affects the sound
  20. thegrobe

    The Apple diyMod: My Take on the Famous iMod [56k killer] Featuring 3G, 4G, 5G and nano 1G!

    The mod should only affect the line out. So if you've got no sound from the line out, something related to the modification is messed up. The sound from the headphone jack is not changed.
  21. thegrobe

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    +1 ^ For the HD800, at least, both amps are great. I personally never cared too much for the LCD's on the CSP3 however. Not with the option of the mk3 sitting there! Running the pair together is very nice as well, for either HD800 or LCD. For HD800, the CSP3 alone, mk3 alone, or both paired...
  22. thegrobe

    The DX90 by iBasso . . . Sound impressions . . . . . . . New Firmware, 2.5.1 . . .

    I couldn't quite make it through all the garbled translation, but I tried. I was most amused by all the photos, showing the headphones plugged into the coax port. ?? :)
  23. thegrobe

    DX90. 2X Sabre,1st page: Downloads, info&inst. . ! Lurker0 FW Mod link 1st page !!. .NEW FW! 2.3.0 . . . . .

      I did something similar, but with an extra protector I had from my cell phone, "Invisible Defender". Didn't bother at all with the iBasso screen covers. I used a rotary strip cutter like you may find in a craft store for cutting photos etc. to get straight edges. It came out really good just...