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  1. Katysax

    Yamaha YH-E700A

    I just received a pair of these and they are really good. Lots of detail. Phenomenal bass. The box is huge.
  2. Katysax

    Sony WH-1000XM4 discussion and reviews

    I have the xm4. It’s my favorite ANC headphone. The sound is fine. To me it sounds a lot like the mdr a1 m2 which is my “good enough” headphone. Quite comfortable. Not fatiguing. Full range of sound. Not highly detailed. Highs aren’t harsh. Lows don’t step too hard on the mids. I would not want...
  3. Katysax

    Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

    My username is Katysax.   How about a Massdrop special edition magneplanar speaker?   How about a Massdrop special edition external laptop/tablet speaker?   Also, I would like a small, portable dedicated subwoofer that could provide a modicum of bass to the built-in speakers on an Ipad...
  4. Katysax

    Best sounding DAC/Amp under 600$?

    I have the Element and it is OK but I'm underwhelmed by it.  I'd love to find a really good Amp/DAC in the $600 range.  Currently I'm experimenting with a MusicStreamer III into my Phil Jones Bass Buddy which is actually a portable practice head for bass.  It is a 10 w amp with an Aux/in.  It...
  5. Katysax

    SMS by 50 cent

    I have a pair of these that I was sent to review, and I like them better than the Beats.  The bass extension is really nice, bass is emphasized tight.  Treble is weak and detail is lost.  Some music sounds great with these - I like them with bass baritone male voices.  There is a weird hump in...
  6. Katysax

    Best circumaural headphones for under $50?

    It's pretty hard to find a closed circumnaural headphone under $50 that is anything other than junk.  However, I have seen reviews of the Monoprice 8323 that say it is really not at all bad for $23 and better than a lot of more expensive headphones. I haven't heard them but I've been tempted to...
  7. Katysax

    HIFIMAN HE-400 Planar Headphones Pre-order

    Well mine worked for about 20 minutes then started losing the left channel.  The left channel worked off and on and now it doesn't work at all.  I guess I'm going to have to send them back.
  8. Katysax

    HIFIMAN HE-400 Planar Headphones Pre-order

    I will chime in that I am also having cable problems.  Left side cuts out - if I jiggle the cable sound comes back but it is more than just a matter of tightening - No matter how tight the problem recurs.
  9. Katysax

    New Hifiman Headphone HE-400 is out

    A few more observations.   I am having some trouble with the left channel cutting out.  The problem is definitely related to the cable connection.  If the channel goes out and I jiggle the cable at the connection, the sound comes back.  Unfortunately making sure the connection is as tight as...
  10. Katysax

    New Hifiman Headphone HE-400 is out

    I got my HE 400 yesterday and so far I'm not at all sure what I think of them.  They definitely are bassy, and they have a V sound signature with the mids a bit recessed.  They are not as detailed as the Beyer DT 70s, nor are the highs as fast or crystal clear.  Vocal and instrument separation...
  11. Katysax

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Two words: Studio. Monitors.  For piano practice you need to get an accurate piano sound.  While I don't care for them much for general music listening the Sony MDR V-6 are fantastic for piano practice monitoring.  As a general headphone they can get a bit shrill, but purely for monitoring your...
  12. Katysax

    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    Originally Posted by SpecterJin  Matrix M-Stage Vs. Little dot MK III which would you is better?   Response:   I agree that the M-Stage is unequivocally better.  To some extent it's an issue of tubes vs. SS. The M-Stage simply has more "oomph".  It does not drive my headphones as...
  13. Katysax

    Need headphones from $30 to $65

    I have a pair of Sony MDR V300.  They are pretty bad.  Mid range is OK, missing lows.  A bit harsh.  I have used them for watching TV - can't stand them for music.   My recommendation for $30 - look for a set of refurbished Sennheiser HD 428.  There are plenty of them on Ebay for $30.  Way...
  14. Katysax

    Next Purchase, Headphones or Amp?

    Spend $40 for a pair of refurbished Sony XB 500.  They are highly flawed but terrific for the kind of music you listen to.  You won't like them forever or for everything, but they'll give you all the kick and fun of an upgrade for a fraction of the cost.
  15. Katysax

    How does an amp make a pair of headphones sound better?

    By itself, an amp will make the HD 555 sound better by sending a more powerful signal to the phones.  However, it can also magnify whatever sounds bad in the chain.  So, if your laptop has a poor quality sound card - like most laptops, and if you are listening to poorly recorded or low bit-rate...
  16. Katysax

    Got a little listening time with the Triadaudio L3 w/Pics aka Lisa3 Lite

    I think the sound quality out of the Lisa III is excellent, but it is somewhat underpowered.  Thus, the Matrix M-Stage that I have is generally more enjoyable to listen to because the sound is fuller and sounds more supported.  I have ordered a Firestone Power Supporter and expect it in a couple...
  17. Katysax

    E7 + E9 / Matrix M-Stage

    I use the M-Stage with several different headphones.  At home I use the K701 and D5000 depending on my mood and the music and whether I need open or closed.  At work I use the HD 595, HD 428 and DT 770.  While I find that my three at work headphones all work decently without an amp, when I try...
  18. Katysax

    E7 + E9 / Matrix M-Stage

    I'm wondering if anyone has done a direct comparison.  I have the M-Stage at home and it is excellent.  I'd like to get another amp for my office because the portable amp I was using there doesn't come close.  I don't need or want another DAC, just the amp.  I'd like to keep the expense as low...
  19. Katysax

    Sony MDR-XB300/MDR-XB500?

    the xb500 refurbished is $40 on Amazon.  It is well worth the extra $10.
  20. Katysax

    Sony MDR-XB1000 Impressions and pictures

    Thanks for the impressions.  I'm not surprised.  As others have said the xb500 and xb700 (which are really quite different in sound) are unique.  In some ways they are awful.  In some ways they are fabulous, and in others just competent.  Unfortunately the xb700 seems like something designed by...
  21. Katysax

    So Ive been told Bose and Beats are not too great...(help out an uneducated listener?)

    What you like will change over time.  When you listen for a while with good headphones your hearing will develop.  There is also a huge impact on the quality of sound from headphone amps.  If you don't amp them properly the K701, HD 600 and D2000 will perform worse than cheaper headphones. ...
  22. Katysax

    New headphones around $0-$150 (for Alternative & Classical music)

    Sennheisers pretty much require an amp.  You can get the discontinued 595 in your price range.  If you plan primarily using your player and not using an amp - the ATH M50 is an excellent all around headphone and does fine without an amp.
  23. Katysax

    Sony MDR xb1000? NEw? OMG

    I'm really curious about the xb1000.  I've been comparing the xb500 to the xb700 and it seems like the xb500 has more bass.  The xb700 seems more balanced, and is actually a pretty decent sounding set of phones for the price, but it isn't amazing.  Other headphones I have like the DT 770 pro...
  24. Katysax

    Denon 2000 questions

    The M50 works very well without an amp.  The D2000 does not.  The Denon is somewhat more refined when amped, and a bit smoother.  The M50 is way more portable and much better without an amp than the D2000.  You can hear subtle differences if you A/B them, but once you've been listening a minute...
  25. Katysax

    Please recommend me some closed headphones (details inside)

    The ATH M50 with the coiled cord covers the whole ear.  Has good isolation but no battery active noise cancelling.  Sound quality is excellent and bass is plentiful.  Works well without an amp.  Costs $120.