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  1. ricola_pak

    Honest opinion wanted - iPod with ER-4P's

    Although I use the same setup, I think it is overkill unless you use Lossless.
  2. ricola_pak

    Shoot, my house just got broken into

    I find it funny all of you guys started talking about guns and sprays and what not, I didn't get ROBBED, no one was home, what good is a gun? And I have no idea what gun laws are like over here in Canada, anyway.
  3. ricola_pak

    Shoot, my house just got broken into

    Quote: Originally Posted by akwok My (Richmond, BC) house got broken into two months ago. We live in a 'rich neighbourhood', and everybody drives Lexuses and Mercedes -- so I guess the thief expected us to have a lot of goodies in the house. He broke in through the window, crawled...
  4. ricola_pak

    Shoot, my house just got broken into

    Thanks everyone for the advice! I lied, the burglar(s) did steal something, they stole my penny jar Seriously, so far that's the only thing that I find missing, and I probably only had about $10 in that jar. The burglar(s) ripped out 2 of my house alarm's keypads and also ripped out...
  5. ricola_pak

    Shoot, my house just got broken into

    I live in my uncle's house which is relatively big, and we have these wooden doors with lots of small windows on them on our backyard side, well this guy used one of the shovels we left outside our house (sigh) and broke the doors and got inside. Luckily I armed the alarm before I left the...
  6. ricola_pak

    Wedding music

    What I am really asking is - are there any MUST DO's for weddings?
  7. ricola_pak

    Wedding music

    Hi all, my cousin is getting married in Hong Kong this December and she asked me to play piano for her at the dinner banquet! Now I am not familiar with ANY wedding songs at all, so I was hoping some of you music lovers here can give me some suggestions! Here's the background info: 1. I...
  8. ricola_pak

    Elton John Recommendations

    I play piano and have been listening to lots of Ben Folds' music, and although his piano rock is a lot more wild, he does say it was Elton John's music that partly influenced him. Any Elton's fans on here? Any recommendations for which of his album I should start with (he has quite a few)...
  9. ricola_pak

    Fashionable CD holding racks?

    My ever-increasing CD collection is needing a new rack, this will probably be placed in my living room beside the hi-fi. Any suggestions for something that looks a bit more fashionable? I remember earlier one of the sponsors for this forum (it might still be there) made this CD holder with...
  10. ricola_pak

    Under The Iron Sea - Keane

    There's that guitar sound because they put the piano through a guitar effects pedal. Very much like how Edge gets his guitar to sound like keyboards sometimes. I can definitely hear some U2 influences on some of the tracks. I find this album more interesting than their previous one.
  11. ricola_pak

    iPod Play Song problem

    Quote: Originally Posted by fengler has the song it skipped ever played before? Sometimes if the song is corrupted it will still be transferred to the ipod, but the ipod cannot play it and it will be skipped. Nope the song is not corrupted, as I can easily just press previous song...
  12. ricola_pak

    iPod Play Song problem

    I have a 4 month old 30GB video iPod, and 80% of the time when I select a song to play on it, somehow it plays the next song on the list. So let's say I wanted to play a song on my playlist, it would try to play the song (I see the album artwork and stuff come up), but then it fails and...
  13. ricola_pak

    Software with slow motion playing

    Thanks. And nope, I'm not a guitar player. I am more interested in transcribing jazz piano solos
  14. ricola_pak

    Software with slow motion playing

    I am looking for a software with which I can play music with "slow motion" so it is easier for me to transcribe solos. Any suggestions? I am looking for something free. My Creative NJB3 can do this, but I don't have all my music on it anymore since I got the iPod.
  15. ricola_pak

    Death Cab For Cutie fans?

    What Sarah Said has really touched me. I also like Stability from the Stability EP.
  16. ricola_pak

    PLANS - new album from Death Cab For Cutie

    I think you should give Sigur Ros a try. They are a group from Iceland, and although they do sing in Icelandic, they actually don't sing that much , to me they are like DCFC and Coldplay mixed together.
  17. ricola_pak

    How To Watch UK Dvd

    I live in Canada and so my DVD player is one that can only view North American DVDs. I have also set my laptop DVD rom to view the same region DVDs. Since listening to Muse though I really want to get their live DVDs, but they are only available in UK's region code. What are some ways I can...
  18. ricola_pak

    Total newbie here to Piano-help me out?

    I play the piano myself and am into jazz. I recommend you checkout Chick Corea's Expressions and Dave Grusin's Gershwin Connection. Yeah they might not be what you are thinking - pure piano music - but it is a good starter to get you excited about how amazing the piano is.
  19. ricola_pak

    Arctic it too much, too soon?

    I personally think it is a very poor album. Melody lines aren't all that, don't like the lyrics, and the rhythm aren't anything special. Sorry to ruin your party though.
  20. ricola_pak

    Good Christian music?

    If you're entering into the high school ministry, I suggest something that can get the teens' liking. For me personally, and for 99% of the Christian teens in my area: 1) Hillsong United. Their "LOOK TO YOU" album was awesome. They are releasing their newest album sometime in March. 2)...
  21. ricola_pak

    Saw Sigur Ros tonight at MSG...amazing.

    I assume for them, it's more of a case of the whole sound, the whole atmosphere, the overwhelming beauty of the mood, and less of the hot guitar solos and what not?
  22. ricola_pak

    Possible Vancouver BC Meet

    Sounds like tons of fun but unfortunately I won't be able to make it. You guys have fun! As for me, I am waiting to get my Etymotic ER-4P from the used sale forum.
  23. ricola_pak

    Vinyl Decal Stickers

    Quote: Originally Posted by mbriant Take up the guitar and put them on your guitar case. LOL I have always been taught by my piano teacher that keyboard players and guitar players are enemies. We have our huge rig to carry around, but the guitar players have just the little...
  24. ricola_pak


    Thanks a lot for the help guys. I have to say, today it has gotten a lot better since I got out of bed, and the pain is ALMOST gone now. I have actually had this kind of pain a lot when I was growing (during maybe when I was 14, or 15), and I haven't had it since. But this past Christmas...
  25. ricola_pak


    Jahn, you're right. I am ok now. I don't think I need to see the doc. But it wasn't just sore. It was some real pain.