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  1. Antony6555

    balanced, detailed iem for $30-50

    Quote: yeah i like the sound a lot, but id prefer something a bit cheaper and with a different fit. i dont like the ultra isolating deep fit of the etys, which is a shame because they are great phones. i wish they would offer more options in terms of fit
  2. Antony6555

    balanced, detailed iem for $30-50

    So I've been out of the quality headphone (iem) game for awhile. I've been basically going through a lot of cheap headphones and want something that will last long and sound better. Basically I'm looking for something that will last a little longer and sound better. The most important things to...
  3. Antony6555

    Sennheiser HD 700: Officially Unveiled at CES 2012!

    I buy headphones for two reasons: price and portability (the second thing refers only to iems).   I could never justify $1000 on headphones for one reason: imaging. I really hope the Smyth system becomes more cheaper and more widely available, ideally in a portable format (or, more likely...
  4. Antony6555

    Do 'High-End' Audio cables matter?

    Cables are a matter of faith, or they are treated that way by "believers." If you want to know, just try it for yourself since someone's else personal, subjective experience is just that and won't necessarily determine your experience   This thread has already been discussed a thousand plus...
  5. Antony6555

    Asian music (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

    I think Japan has some interesting and weird pop stuff, for example "Morning Musume."   I'm not so much a fan of like Chinese or Korean stuff though. It seems like there's too much emphasis placed on just the image of the singer, like that they're cute, hot or whatever, and almost none...
  6. Antony6555

    hd600 or hd650?

    I wouldn't recommend either of these phones for electronic or rap really. I would recommend the k701 if you want a detailed sound for electronica, the k701s shines there. If you want a more bassy sound, maybe you could try one of the beyers (though I'm personally not a huge fan.) The k701 is...
  7. Antony6555

    Headphones under 70$ for a "girl" friend

    Go iem, I think iems outperform the low end headphones, plus they require no amplification.   Considering her tastes, I recommend the etymotic mc2
  8. Antony6555

    Some OVERRATED High End Gear.

    I've never been motivated to. So let me rephrase that: most modern sources measure effectively perfect.   Quote:  
  9. Antony6555

    Some OVERRATED High End Gear.

    Expensive sources are really overrated. Most modern digital sources are, for practical purposes, perfect. So expensive sources have to distinguish themselves through coloration
  10. Antony6555

    SR-009 vs Orpheus/SR-Omega/O2s?

    The orpheus is colored, and the omegas are dark. If I payed that much for a phone, I would want it to be be pin point accurate
  11. Antony6555

    Sound distortion, anyone else notice it?

    IE7s and other iems require less power. You should consider a dedicated heaphone amps, since a computer and ipod both have weak outputs and larger headphones often require more power than they can provide.
  12. Antony6555

    Why is the iPod not a good enough mp3 player?

    Decent sources will all sound basically the same. In fact, some "audiophile" players measure worse. One's choice of headphones is what makes the noticeable difference.
  13. Antony6555

    Re create the Vaccum like Feel of Beats/Bose

    Iems with foam give a similar effect, more so than customs even I imagine. Foamy iems have to be pretty much the most isolating stuff out there, and also give a very strong vacuum feeling
  14. Antony6555

    Amp for Etymotic ER4P

    If you want more bass with the er-4p, all you can really do is use foam tips. I have used a dark sounding amp (not a portable amp but a desktop amp) and found no real improvement. Perhaps a small soundstage difference, but that's all.
  15. Antony6555

    recommend a dell for gaming to me (laptop)

    Ok my final question is, is it possible to upgrade your screen with anti-glare after you buy it, or must you buy it with it? Seems to be something missing from the m14x
  16. Antony6555

    recommend a dell for gaming to me (laptop)

    Ok that makes sense. Is it worth upgrading the processor from i7 2.0 to 2.2? Quote:  
  17. Antony6555

    recommend a dell for gaming to me (laptop)

    Yeah I was looking at the m14x, actually seems like the best option now. Whats the advantage of SSD, better battery life? Sounds like a good plan otherwise. Quote:  
  18. Antony6555

    recommend a dell for gaming to me (laptop)

    I'm not a huge fan of dell, but my dad has get a special deal on them through his work, so it's my only option. Any recommendations on good dells for gaming? Should I go with the portable or "desktop" processor? I want it to be light enough, battery life isn't as important. I'm considering the...
  19. Antony6555

    Leaving portable hifi - it's too silly

    Quote: Do you think portable amps are silly?
  20. Antony6555

    DubStep: boring and pointless? *poll and discussion*

    Quote: Ha, I guess I don't really know what techno is. I guess I just group more upbeat sounding electronica as techno (infected mushroom is the only more upbeat sound I listen), but I have heard them referred to as psytrance as well. I mainly like their earlier stuff, the later stuff...
  21. Antony6555

    DubStep: boring and pointless? *poll and discussion*

    Dubstep is liked dumbed down ambient electronic to me. Like they tried to make it more accesible to the mainstream, it's like the "rap" of ambient. I love ambient, dubstep not so much. Some techno is cool too, like old school infected mushroom. I prefer ambient but at least you can dance to...
  22. Antony6555

    Website is EXTREMELY slow?

    Quote: x2    
  23. Antony6555

    DBT: Why the stigma?

  24. Antony6555

    DBT: Why the stigma?

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