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  1. Fírnen

    Meze Audio 109 Pro

    Lads, Big fan of the Empyreans and I am thinking of buying a more portable pair of headphones to bring into work. I tried the 99 Neo's and they are too small for me. Are the 109 Pro's any bigger than the 99 Neo's? A side-by-side picture of them sitting on a table would be great. Thanks in...
  2. Fírnen

    What book are you reading right now?

    Read through Trudi Canavan's Black Magician trilogy, almost finished with Millenium's Rule; entertaining reads! She's got a lot of imagination, especially in the latter series. A little bit aimless in the storytelling after the first couple books, and she has a habit of over-explaining things...
  3. Fírnen

    A.I. Art Is Here, Post Them

    I would encourage anyone curious to start messing around with AI stuff, after many hours of usage I am convinced, this is the next big leap for the internet. AI is certainly an interesting development, hopefully they don't all get shut down by lawsuits; I'd love to know how much this tech can...
  4. Fírnen

    What is the cheapest config you can live with if you had to sell everything else?

    Ask me this like 3 years ago and I would have said just give me any Bluetooth headset with a mic; how opinions can change, lol. If this was a simple pick one and discard the rest, I'd take my Empyreans and my FiiO M17, but with price in mind... I can't go back to direct audio nor cheap earbuds...
  5. Fírnen

    Are you a console or PC gamer?

    PC only since my Xbox 360 gave up after years of service; as much fun as I had with the Xbox, it's just such a waste of money to buy console these days if you plan on owning a PC. Especially with how far emulation has come, lol. We ran that old 360 sure ran into the dirt though, I tell ya...
  6. Fírnen

    Question about Meze Empyrean (and other) headphone cables

    Not a technical guy by any means, but my original cable failed for my Empyreans; I bought another, but I still have the old. Could cut it open and see if that would help out?
  7. Fírnen

    What book are you reading right now?

    This thread was started when I was 12 years old, Jesus. I didn't really get into reading books until middle school, at 13 years old. Am I too young for this site? Joking, of course. Wonder of OP is still watching the thread. Skimmed the thread, lots of people lamenting the lack of interest...
  8. Fírnen

    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    I've been playing Darktide, latest upcoming title from Fatshark. Nearly have 3,000 combined hours in their last two games, Vermintide 1 and 2. Immensely enjoyed my time with them. Both of those were focused on first person melee combat, something fairly unique and usually added as an...
  9. Fírnen

    Advice/recs on portable DAC/amp

    Hard to go much more compact than the FiiO BTR5 or BTR7; great multi-function DAC/AMP. I have a BTR5, and have found the battery life to be a little lacking; getting a BTR7 in a couple days. It has a bigger battery, has more power output, all the same features the BTR5 had and more. Love the...
  10. Fírnen

    Hardest boss fight ever!

    Funny how just about every post in this forum is about Souls or souls-like bosses, lol. Ima shake it up, I'll contest that Monster Hunter has some of the most difficult boss fights there are (while remaining fair). Alatreon is the main one that comes to mind, from Monster Hunter: World. Lots of...
  11. Fírnen

    Best game soundtrack?

    Same day I posted last time I started listening to the music from Bonelab, there are some ridiculously good tracks in there for (I say this with love, fun game) a clunky VR title. This crap is Electronic music done right. Boneworks also has good tracks, but they're more slow-paced...
  12. Fírnen

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Plini my beloved :)
  13. Fírnen

    Best game soundtrack?

    I almost included some Ori tracks but my post seemed too long :laughing: Bought both full albums last Friday in high-res after listening to ripped youtube audio for so long lmao. Gareth Coker is a great composer, I have yet to dislike any of his work. He did a bunch of the tracks for Halo...
  14. Fírnen

    Best game soundtrack?

    Noita has some really interesting tracks, try some of the outtakes ^ my favorite, very different from what I normally listen to. Also just a really interesting and fun game lol Best track, I am very nostalgic (and therefore biased) towards Halo in general. Halo Infinite in particular has...
  15. Fírnen

    DAP/Portable Headphones/IEM recommendations

    I'd like to mention I also tried the M11 Plus, found that it was still a bit of a brick (and not really different in terms of sound/noise floor to the m17) and returned it same day I opened it; I need something that's like, 2/3 the size of my phone if I end up trying the DAP route again. For now...
  16. Fírnen

    DAP/Portable Headphones/IEM recommendations

    I didn't see anywhere an objection to bluetooth, so I might suggest something like the FiiO BTR7 or BTR5. I have the latter; wish I had waited a little and gotten the former. They are small, can connect via bluetooth or USB, decent battery life, and double as a USB DAC/AMP. Relatively easy UI to...
  17. Fírnen

    IEM Recommendation - Detail mostly, Imaging and Soundstage Second

    I have been curious what sort of performance IEMs can offer as well, be nice to get a good list of the more detailed ones. I don't have anything more expensive than my 7Hz Timeless or Moondrop Kato, but the Moondrop Stellaris (half the price) strikes me as more detailed than the others I have...
  18. Fírnen

    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Feeling the need to write some thoughts about the Stellaris Planar IEMs Had them about a month so far, and they are certainly different in just about every way compared with my other IEMs. TL;DR: the fit is strange, the FR curve is misleading to my ears, and they are very bright & detailed...
  19. Fírnen

    (Resolved) "Need help finding the right DAC/AMP."

    Well, I have had the thing for a little over two weeks. I have tested it with every piece of gear I own. Here is a miniature review of sorts, to close out the thread: Subjectively: This is a "transparent" device, from my listening. All of my gear sounds the same as it did, just better (by a...
  20. Fírnen

    Recommendations for sub $40-60 IEM's?

    KZ ZS10 Pro is about $51 on amazon, I own a pair and really dig the fit and sound. Most secure out of my IEMs, out of the box. Optional microphone cable. It's got that fun V sound for sure, nice boomy bass that (to my ears) is strong without being muddy, and a non-fatiguing trebble. Liked it so...
  21. Fírnen

    7Hz Impressions & Discussion

    I have read a good 100 pages of this thread, first 30 and last 70ish. Have read all about the spike in some bits of the treble. With that in mind, no amount of EQ seems to help with the headache I get without fail listening to these. I upgraded from a pair of Kbear KS2's, much cheaper IEMs...
  22. Fírnen

    (Resolved) "Need help finding the right DAC/AMP."

    Yeah I changed that setting already, one of the first steps I took when troubleshooting. Never did find a fix, only work-around was to just never have silence lol. I believe the BTR5 did indeed have the same issue, but it's been a couple months since I used it that way so don't quote me on that...
  23. Fírnen

    (Resolved) "Need help finding the right DAC/AMP."

    Yeah, I had skimmed their line-up just because I am familiar with them already. Looks quite capable; figure it is good to branch out though, the only hardware I have for driving HPs is from FiiO already.
  24. Fírnen

    Good headphones with ONLY motherboard sound?

    My two cents, for what it's worth: For your budget I'd recommend going from over-ears to IEMs. The dollar-to-performance ratio is insane if you find the right pair. I was (still am) blown away by the Kbear KS2's, and they only cost $25. Get yourself something like a FiiO BTR5 to function as a...
  25. Fírnen

    (Resolved) "Need help finding the right DAC/AMP."

    Ordered! Agreed on the cables. Meze replacement cables are pricey, but I suppose I can look for 3rd party replacements at need. Should be ok though, I have a 3.5mm cable for most everything. Think I should get a 6.3mm for the Empyrean though? It's not a difficult to drive HP; the 3.5mm is...