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    DAP with the best SQ?

    I couldn't find a lot of reviews for the DX 90.  I'm leaning heavily towards the X5. 
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    DAP with the best SQ?

    Great!  I'll do that!   Thank-you~
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    upgrade from ER-4P ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tnmike1 Triple Fi 10 Klipsch Image Sleek SA6 IN that order. Tested them all,kept Triples, Image not rounded or deep or "full" enough, and thinking about reordering Sleeks now that I know I can use Comply tips with them (didn't like the Sleek tips) Any...
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    Extreme Noise Cancleing Earphones

    I recommend the Shure line of IEM's whatever fits your budget. I recommend Shure, not because of the SQ, but because of the superior cable management. Use the triple flange. If the insert fits your ear properly, you can almost completely drown out the sounds of the mower. This means you can have...
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    Replacement for Shure E3c

    I'm on my third pair. I started with E1s, when they got discontinued and mine wore out, I got a free upgrade to E3s, and I'm now on my 2nd pair of E3s. I bet if you send those babies in, Shure will replace them free. I don't think it matters how many times you've done it. Then, when you get the...
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    Need in-ear headphones...

    The E3s might be worth a look. Most folks say they are bassier than average, but many don't like the SQ. The cable management is excellent.
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    Creative - Never again!

    I guess I'm lucky. Bought a Nomad Jukebox in early 2002. Still runs perfectly. Bought a Nomad Jukebox 3 in mid 2002. Still has the original Li-Ion batteries. I still use this player nearly every day. The only issue is the earphone jack which I have fixed myself. The batteries still hold...
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    DAP vs. Turntable?

    Quote: Originally Posted by johnbon Play them both and listen as you hear how the sounds from the digital copy seem to deteriorate and roll off whereas they seem just extend further and deeper than you can even hear with the vinyl. Repeat please, you are garbled.
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    DAP vs. Turntable?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lord Chaos If you have a well-recorded vinyl record, and if it's well pressed, with the hole in the middle, and if it's clean, that analog groove produces magical sound... if you have a good turntable and a good cartridge and a good pre-amp. If you have a...
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    DAP vs. Turntable?

    Sorry, I can't let this go. You take a DDD CD, convert it to .wav, transfer it to a good DAP (I still use my JB3) that has a dedicated line out, and you run that into a nice amp. You take a 70s turntable and nice pick up with a vinyl record, and run that into a nice amp. You compare the...
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    Headphone recommendation on a budget?

    My headphone recommendation is to throw away your budget
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    How to identify the ER4

    I believe the physical difference is in the cable, isn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the earphone itself is exactly the same between the P and the S -- the difference is the cable. The P has a twisted cable, and the S has a straight cable.
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    Doctor told me not to use headphones anymore - Safe listening levels

    Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab Yes. You need to couple the SPL meter to the earcup using cardboard, like this: This is right on actually, and since I often listen at lower levels, this is one reason I really like Beyer DT990 and 770 - the rising bass response makes...
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    IEM cable shirt clip?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BushGuy or Ety will sell them separately for $3...... Plus shipping...
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    my poor e2

    Otherwise, you can send them in for repair which will cost you no more than fifty bucks. My experience is they will just send you a new pair in a retail package.