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    Home prices vs. income

    Quote: Originally Posted by 1911 that is awesome and i am glad for your quality of life there....but for the ny and cali people let me say this before they turn green with envy....if you are able to buy in ny or cali that is a great investment over time that will far eclipse the savings...
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    Home prices vs. income

    I havent posted in a while but i found this thread interesting. I live in houston, tx and got a house around 6 months ago with 3400sqft, 3 car garage, built 1994 with decent everything for $198000 in a nice are, which is like pocket money for you guys with those expensive homes. Houston's one of...
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    Would some kind soul in the US add my Mouser order to theirs?

    Oh, well that sort of changes things then MisterX . Good luck to ya sinbios. -ivan
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    Would some kind soul in the US add my Mouser order to theirs?

    Sinbios, Paypal has a "virtual debit card" or credit card that you can access from your paypal account under "send money" i think, unless they removed it. It pretty much just gives you a card number, exp date, security code, etc incase you dont have a card. Lil_jv...calm down, not everyone...
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    my maxima vanity thread

    Gotta love the way black cars shine after a nice washing/detailing eh? I have a black car too and recently used claybar/rubbing compound/polish/wax and it looks just like a mirror like yours. gj on the work man -ivan
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    Removing components from PCBs that "grab" leads

    To push leads out of a hole its a great idea to use those pointed toothpicks since the solder doesnt stick to them and they can be forced in (not too hard or they'll break) to remove as much as possible. I saw this trick a few months ago here on headfi. -ivan
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    Need help buying car speakers

    I agree with phoenix about ditching the rear speakers (well leave them in there, just dont buy good ones) and using the money to buy an amp for the front speakers. Even a cheap amp with appropriate wrms will make the speakers sound a TON better. Some good speakers or components are infinity...
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    Shellbrook Audio Lab integrity restored, IMO!

    Quote: ...but a thank you to this forum for my decision to contact Drew Dunn at Shellbrook. Someone mentioned, in another thread, that Drew's customers were remiss in giving some positive feedback about his products. Sometimes guilt by association can be a real bummer. Satisfied...
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    How can i cut holes in my enclosure??

    If all you have is a screwdriver, you could go to an extreme and use your soldering iron to make the holes. The excess melted plastic that piles up can easily be removed with a blade and the holes would come out nice and round. It could damage your tip, then again it may not. ivan c.
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    My Cmoy PCB pic

    Ive gotten quite a few requests for the files, so i attached them. The board mounted jacks for these boards are from (can be had in either nickel or gold plated). They are cheap but good jacks, ive actually only had around one or two fail out of hundreds. Ivan C.
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    My Cmoy PCB pic

    I actually fit 8 amp boards (not more b/c of hole amount limitations) on a single board (24 for a single mini board service). Spacing is workable with a dremel and i have enough space for mistakes. The boards are small enough for dual batts as well with board mounted jacks. Im not using these...
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    My Cmoy PCB pic

    Quote: 10 would be $90 plus shipping (most likely $4.00) If anyone is going to be using that many boards, id suggest getting a miniboard service from for $59 shipped 2nd day, you can fit maybe 5-7 per board, and you get 3 boards, so you can get 15-21 boards. I wouldnt...
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    Z-Audio Pimeta vs. Shellbrook Maxi Moy

    At $388 you're getting into PPA range. $160 seems like way too much for a standard pimeta, you can get the same amp for around $120 or so from other builders, maybe even less. -ivan c.
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    is this CMOY any good? worth?

    Many builders here can easily make you a cmoy (although in different casing) for much less than that price shipped (even via global priority). From reading the specs, it seems just like a basic cmoy with extra power caps, and alot of flowered up wording that makes it seem like a nice amp. Unless...
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    Z-Audio Pimeta vs. Shellbrook Maxi Moy

    For a pimeta in its standard configuration, i would not expect to pay more than $110-150, even with upgraded parts and casing. There are many builders here, including misterx, that build pimetas for an extremely affordable price. For upgraded versions (elna caps, vishay resistors, neutrik...