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    Is there a coupon code for the free ADV with purchase of the W40?  I am not sure where to look....   Appreciate your help!
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    Returning my Grado PS500...Not sure what to get now

    Thank you for all of your input.  I returned the PS500's and went for the HD650's.  I know, I know a complete 180 change from the PS500's but: they felt extremely comfortable, my ears were not fatigued listening to them at all, and now I have a good excuse to buy myself a nice amp.  I am...
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    Apogee Duet

    Quote: Originally Posted by raelamb Just got the Duet and hooked it up to my MacBook. Plugged in the RS-1's and I am in Heaven. I strongly recommend this product to all Mac users. How do you find it works with Itunes? Is it buggy at all? I am finding the Apogee may be a much...
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    Apogee Duet

    This may sound stupid but is there a chance Apple abandons Firewire? I know a lot of people Apple users got pissed when the next generation of Ipods came out and could only be used with USB. In that case it made sense due to the PC users.
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    Apogee Duet

    Anyone here about USB compatabu=ility in the future. I use Mac but I kind of would like to know that it could handel USB too.
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    SOLD: 701s

    are the balanced 701's for sale
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    Headroom--New Amps

    This may be stupid question discussed before, however I am looking to find out when Headroom will release their new set of amps. I remember reading something about a "non-portable" version of the micro-stack. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Congrats Ray!

    Congrats Ray, I know I love mine
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    Custom re-fits; how does it work?

    That was my experience with UE. I just wrote them a very detailed account of what I felt was wrong and after two refits they felt about right. I think it is especially hard if these are your first custom IEM's because you don't neccesarily have a frame of reference as to what is a good fit and...
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    Hornet Volume Knob Gold or Silver?

    M Hornet just came in today with a silver knob. It looks great and more importantly sounds great too. I don't think I can wait to burn it in for to long though since I have been ampless for over a month. I need to do some serious listening...
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    Hornet Volume Knob Gold or Silver?

    Thanks for all the replies. I too will find out soon enough. My Hornet is sitting at the post office. I would be happy to have either color knob after looking at pics of the gold versus silver colors. And hey lets face it as long as everything sounds right and works well I will be happy...I think
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    Is the Micro Dac better then my source...

    I was wondering whether the Microdac would sound better (and how much better) then my 10+ year old Rotel cd player (model RCD 970 BX) I think it is really the bottle neck in my system(please tell me if you think otherwise). I was thinking of replacing the Rotel but if I could get away with the...
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    Roll Call for Team AKG

    K701 you dig
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    Amplification for Shure E500

    For portable Use I would look into the RSA Hornet, although I personally like my HR Desktop module for all my cans including IEMs. That being said I don't use it portably.
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    Am I crazy

    NOT CRAZY. I often fall a sleep with UE5c's in my ear while listening to anything from Breabeat to deep house music. I guess the cool thing is u can dance to it and relax I find relax to the point of falling a sleep to it too.