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    High-End Earbuds (VE, Blox, SHOZY etc) and Earbud Gear Discussion & Impressions Thread

    Not sure who is voting the tingo croons tg-38s to the top, but the ones I got sound like garbage, I don't think I've come across many that sounded worse aside from stock earbuds that come with audio devices. Even a $10-$20 pair of brand name buds bought at a retail store at ridiculous markup...
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    Earbuds Round-Up

    So the BE3 should sound a lot like the ES100 since they use the same drivers, just different housings?   I ask because I have a Yuin OK3 and used to have the PK3's before that. I love my OK3's, but want a pair to regularly bring to work and a pair for home, and looking for something as good or...
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    Buying first amp. Noob questions.

    1. A portable amp with no DAC could take in any analog line out signal from any portable or not so portable source that can output a line out signal. 2. With the DAC you can use the amp with your computer and bypass all of the computer's internal audio hardware, bypassing the amp and dac in...
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    Perfect iPod to portable amp LOD

    I am aware of the differences, and different options for the most part. I know that I need a iPod touch 2/3g compatible cable as I have a 2g touch and some of the pins require resistors or something like that. However I still wonder if it is possible to have a low profile plug with the...
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    Any headphone black friday deals?

    I find amazon has good deals on black friday. e.g iirc ipod nanos' normally go for $190-200 on there, for the $200 ones anywa,y, but black friday usually brings them to $180 or less, and last year I recall the ipod touch I was planning on getting being as low as $340, instead of $400, so if...
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    Which Full Sized Open Headphone?

    Alright, thanks, what would be recommended for rock/metal/techno, and common pop music? I am looking for something like a can sized yuin pk or ok series type headphone, and from what i have heard, the grados are probably too high in treble compared to yuins and the sennheisers are too veiled and...
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    Question on iBasso D2+ vs D4

    Quote: Originally Posted by supern0va Thanks for the info. Just curious, has anyone actually TRIED both D2+ (or even D2 for that matter) and D4 before concluding that the latter sounded better? Someone may have, but I have honestly been searching around and haven't found...
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    Review: Portable amp roundup! 56 portable amps reviewed and compared - FINAL update 12-20-10 added RSA SR-71B

    Do you think the D4 review will be out before christmas at least? or will you be getting the D4 in 3 weeks or so and go through a long couple week process of reviewing it before we see your opinion?
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    Which iBasso amp to buy?

    Good point, I can't seem to find out which op amps the D3 and D4 use, but they have the same DAC's, just the D4 comes with double the DAC fun. Though if someone can find the opamps or differences in the circuit that might be good to know. I know the P3 and D3 and D2 are all supposedly fairly...
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    Which iBasso amp to buy?

    What about the D3? it seems to be a step up from the D2 and seems like a pretty good portable amp, and is considerably cheaper than the D4, around $219 I believe. The only downside is that the iBasso website lists it at temporarily out of stock, which is why I think it is removed from their...
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    What should I get?

    Okay, my OK3 earbuds died not too long ago and are finally out of warranty. I am looking at possible replacement options and here are the things I have come up with. 1. buy new pair of ok3's 2. mod my G2A Yuin's to over the head headphones and buy a portable amp and ipod LOD for touch 2nd...
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    Sony Walkman NWZ-X1000 (UK out NOW, US version out mid-June)

    Quote: Originally Posted by walkingman Hopefully 480x272 as that is the same resolution as the PSP. Who knows maybe the PSP-4000 will also have an OLED screen, and this will be an excuse to start mass producing these screen size/resolution. If so, I can't wait. I was thinkin...
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    Is there any point to the ipod touch?

    Two differences for me between the touch and the ipod nano. a) the nano goes to 16 GB capacity, the touch goes to 32 GB b) the iPod touch is jailbreakable, so you can get vlc4iPhone on it and play flac files, the iPod nano can't do this.
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    iTouch 2G vs Cowon D2/S9 vs Trekstor Viebz vs Samsung P2/P3

    Okay. looking at the title you might be a little confused as to what I am trying to do in looking for comparisons on these players, but I really couldn't think of a better title. What I am hoping to do is get some comparisons/speculations on the sound quality of the iTouch 2g, the cowon s9, the...
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    iPod Mini, Line out, portable amp, cf card mod?

    okay, well that jumble of a title basically describes what I am thinking of. Having recently noticed that there are some fairly cheap portable amps out there that people seem to like, and seeing how small they are...I am considering modding an iPod mini once again with a CF card and rockboxing...