Old Record Players Technics SL-1300 and SL-5200
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Sep 9, 2007
I have these 2 old record players from some older friends. They were stored in a garage and weren't selling at garage sales. I cleaned them off, and though the dust covers have some scratches and there's some minor rust on the medal outside the dust cover, aside from the bodies. On the SL-5200 there's some spots on the switches, and the power switch on the SL-1300 doesn't look pristine. However I plugged them in and they both turn on. Neither one seems to put the arm on the record area automatically, and the SL-1300 doesn't have a needle so I coudn't test its playback. The SL-5200 made some weird noise with the needle on the record and a similar sound came out when I plugged the rca stereo cables into my surround sound receiver. I really know nothing about record players or how they work, what the right amount of weight to counterbalance things is, and what not. However I would like to know what these two systems are worth especially since I can't really test them, though they seem to turn on and spin and what not. If anyone can help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it. The SL-1300 is the only one I can find info on for pricing and it looks like $100 is a good going rate. However i'm not sure if mine is in that level of condition or not and I do know the feet on the bottom of it are missing.
EDIT: I took the needle off of the SL-5200 and put it on the SL-1300 and was able to hear sound from the old radio record my dad had, Sound quality was terrible, but the record was of old radio, and I'm not sure i had optimal settings or anything. Either way it at least seems functional. However there is a switch for stop/start that moves up or down and it doesn't seem to do anything on the player. I thought the arm is supposed to move itself on and off of the record to begin and end, so maybe that motor died and that's why the stop/start switch does nothing? That's my assumption at this point unless someone else can explain it.


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