MMCX Bluetooth Earbud Recommendations? (Not IEMS)
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Sep 9, 2007
Maybe this is a dumb question, but I've been wanting wireless earbuds for a long time, but every time I look for some they seem to be IEMs only. However recently I found out about bluetooth mmcx connector cables and earbuds that support this option, however I'm seeing some info which says some earbuds with mmcx connectors won't work with the wireless cables, and also am not sure on quality of mmcx earbuds. As such, I'm wondering if anyone has any high quality mmcx earbud recommendations which would work with a bluetooth mmcx cable? Also if you have a cable recommendation, I'm open to ideas as well. For reference I like my earbuds balanced, am not a fan of overly heavy bass in them generally, and DIY mx500's are generally sound good to me.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate any advice anyone can offer.

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