Perfect iPod to portable amp LOD
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I have been in the market for a nice new setup for a while now and finally decided on a pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD595's) and a portable amp (most likely iBasso D4). However I still need an LOD for my 2nd gen ipod touch, and can't seem to find anything i really like. I see the things on places like head-direct and hate the plugs, I want a nice big metal or shrinkwrap covered headphone plug, with an ipod plug that is as low in profile as possible. Does anyone make something like that? I also like a nice thick cable or thick braided cables like the ALO Cryo ones only about 2" or so long. In the end I guess what i am saying, is that prices are obscene, so I am looking to spend 30 if possible, probably with a limit of $50 on a nice LOD that fits my needs.

Oh and I am also wondering if a cheapo lod would work as a temporary fix, specifically this one. monoprice doesn't call it an LOD, but I don't think any of the pins in ipod carry headphone out audio. I personally don't think the cable has much of an effect if any on quality, so if this would work for a few weeks or so for me to plan things out that'd be great.

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iPod Line out used to be a difficult thing to pull off. There was one or two custom line out builders, and a couple of commercial ones. Both started with a plug into the bottom of the ipod, and had a jack for a mini to mini cable. The Sik product did have a line out cable, and a firewire cable, and folks would cut off the firewire cable to have a LOD as we know it today. There was even discussion to which nail polish was best to "seal" the cut off firewire portion.

Now there are many LOD options to choose from. They all do about the same thing. They of course vary in materials (wire, and connectors) and quality of construction.

There are 3 types though

1) standard iPod LOD - works with iPods
2) iPhone/Touch LOD - works with iPods, and iPhone, and iPod Touches
3) iMod dock - works with a specially modified iPod only

So depending on your source, the Monoprice cheapie should work fine. There are many vendors on this board, as well as DIY folk that sell their wares in our For Sale Section. You can also find many of these products on ebay and similar.

I have used 2 different LOD during my 3 years of HeadFi. The more expensive one did sound better. I have a less expensive one atm which works with my iPod Touch, but will upgrade it someday if I find I am using it a lot.
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I am aware of the differences, and different options for the most part. I know that I need a iPod touch 2/3g compatible cable as I have a 2g touch and some of the pins require resistors or something like that. However I still wonder if it is possible to have a low profile plug with the resistors.

Also would it be better to have a 99.99% pure silver stranded cable, or a 99.999998% pure copper cable? Also how do plugs affect the quality of things? Are there really some really good ones out there? Thanks.
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Originally Posted by Bones13 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
1) standard iPod LOD - works with iPods
2) iPhone/Touch LOD - works with iPods, and iPhone, and iPod Touches
3) iMod dock - works with a specially modified iPod only

Just curious, I contacted a LOD-maker (DIY style), and he told me that LODs for iPhone/iPod Touches are not compatible with those of Nano cos of a different plug. I was under the impression that LODs are compatible with all iPhones/iPods (all types). Can any one comment?
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Uh, I had a new nano up until recently and it worked with LODs.
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Some of the newer iPods will not charge / sync with the older cables, but vice versa they're fine. That's what I can recall from experience. I guess there's a new detector chip in the newer models.

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