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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Zachik
    For anyone who is on the fence with regards to entering the Verite club... I am looking to sell my LTD Verite Pheasant wood, but fret not - it is to finance buying a Verite LTD with Cocobolo wood.
    So, if you're looking to get a cheaper ticket for entering the Verite club - here is my FS post:
  2. JM1979

    Interestingly enough, I find the Verite sounds best out of my TT2’s warm (3) filter, so I think I know what you’re saying.
  3. TonyNewman
    I liked everything about the TT2 except the treble/tonality. Just a little bit off, but it also could have been the Verite I was using as it was almost pristine. Chord managed to pack a lot of sonic goodness into a small package with the TT2.
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  4. Pharmaboy
    It's a little off-thread, but from my experience, don't be so fast to say, "most of my other cans are low impedance planars" (which wouldn't sound good on an OTL).

    I have a Woo WA3, an affordable OTL that I purchased w/the upgraded driver tubes. Just love the sound of this thing w/any high impedance HPs I've tried it with (ie, Eikon; Aeolus; JAR650/modded HD650).

    But I also got terrific sound out of 3 relatively low-impedance planars: Meze Empyrean; HEX v2l; & a pre-fazor LCD 2.1. There are solid technical reasons why OTLs don't sound like ass on planars, but do on low impedance dynamics.

    Based on my experience, any decent OTL will be just fine w/low impedance planars...
  5. Pharmaboy
    Isn't this a scene from GRAN TORINO?
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  6. Pharmaboy
    Dial 911--Tautology Squad!
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  7. Monsterzero
    Add the GOTL to the list of OTLs that can drive low impedance headphones rather well.
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  8. UntilThen
    Perhaps you should just get a few amps. :)

    LCD-3f sounds good on GOTL but Studio Six is better with it. Verite is good on both GOTL and Studio Six but GOTL has the slight edge.

    Meanwhile the Sansui au alpha 907mr is sulking away because as good the Sansui is, this tube amp fanatic just prefer to play with tube amps more.

  9. Pharmaboy
    That is spectacular cocobolo, really special
  10. nishan99
    Wouldn't damage the amp though?
  11. Pharmaboy
    Not at all. I suppose if the planar was an extreme power hog and I pushed the OTL into extreme clipping, that would cause damage. But w/the 3 planars I tried, I barely got the volume knob to 11:00-11:30. Plenty of power.

    In fact, planars represent a more stable impedance load to the amp than any dynamic headphones would be...
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  12. mixman
    Is it true the WA3 is just a modified Darkvoice? Just worried I will loose a lot of detail and maybe tight bass with the planars and maybe even the Verite too.
  13. ustinj
  14. Monsterzero
  15. UntilThen
    Nope. They are totally different tube amps. I had a Darkvoice 336se once. Had Elise, Euforia, La Figaro 339 but I've never owned a Woo Audio amp. Did have the Woo Audio WA5le for 2 weeks, courtesy of a friend. Had Takatsuki 300b tubes and EML rectifiers. That was nice with Utopia, Abyss 1266 and HD800 that I tried.

    Even had the Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP for 6 months before I sold it. Pretty good with HD800.
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