1. zach915m Camphor Burl LTD and Sonnet Morpheus now Available

    Currently we're not hosting our full line-up of LTD editions at ZMF in order to stream-line production to make sure wait-times are low. But, it's never fun to not have something extra special in our line-up, so we're introducing the second LTD Verite of the year. Camphor Burl Verite LTD...
  2. zach915m

    ZMF VÉRITÉ CLOSED - Available Now (Sept 20th 11am EST)

    The long awaited Vérité Closed can be ordered today via our website. Starting at 11am EST. After the Vérité open was well received, I felt a lot of pressure to make sure we got the closed version right, and didn't make a redundant version of the Vérité. I employed all new damping and airflow...
  3. zach915m

    ZMF Salire - A Headphone Stand

    Hey all - I'm really excited to announce our new headphone stand! I spent a good deal of time trying to make a simple, durable, and easily desk compact headphone stand that would look great and not take up too much space. Here's a pic with the description below. It's available right now for...
  4. TSAVAlan

    ZMF Headphones Liquidation Sale @ The Source AV! Limited Quantities Available!

    All Gone! Call (800) 700-7029, email me at or shoot me a PM to order while supplies last!
  5. zach915m

    ZMF Headphones - Spring 2019 LTD Edition Releases

    For your consideration - some beautiful new woods for numerous ZMF Models! Check them out on the ZMF website! All these new woods were a pleasure to pick out - and they all are currently in production in our workshop! ZMF Vérité Ziricote A dense rosewood like appearance with ink lines and...
  6. zach915m

    ZMF November: VÉRITÉ and Aeolus pre-order, discounted shipping and more!

    It's ZMF November!!! What does this mean? ZMF Pre-Orders for our new headphones the VÉRITÉ and Aeolus start today, November 16th at 10AM EST and go through December 16th! Check out the order page here. For more info see the Head-Fi threads for the Aeolus and VÉRITÉ. Can’t decide which new...
  7. heliosphann

    ZMF Verite

    Zach has done it again. ZMF has a new Flagship, the Verite. Looks like it has a 300ohm 50mm Beryllium driver and a super light magnesium chassis. More info to come... @zach915m