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ZMF Vérité and aeolus - GIVEAWAY! & Pre Order starts November 16th

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  1. gibby
    Good luck to me.
  2. Ripper2860
    I told the wife I would win either the lottery or the Vérité headphones. Well, I didn't win the lottery. :D
    gibby likes this.
  3. Zachik
    I like your optimism :wink:
  4. pippen99
    Powerball 620m tonight. Dream on :thumbsup:
  5. avsmusic1
    Pffft I don’t even go in the gas station for less than a billion lmao

    I’m far more excited at the prospect of winning an Aeolus though
    Mshenay and humzebra like this.
  6. wakka992
    Damn! Aren't these sexy?
    Finger crossed for the giveaway!
  7. Poganin
    Aye, fingers crossed. And best of luck to everyone who entered.
  8. VickyLovesHeadphones
    Wow these look amazing! I love the old wood finish :beyersmile: Of course, way over mortal head-fier budget.
    The giveaway idea sounds great... though I never actually won anything in a lottery, so I'm not getting my hopes up.
  9. Svenrolic
    I feel your pain on that one, but we can hope at least.
  10. SoundFuture
    Dang, these look real nice. Good luck to everyone who entered!
    avsmusic1 likes this.
  11. kid vic
    Good luck to everyone, short of a win that is :wink:
  12. Smooth_Trumpeteer
    Man oh man, you make the most beautiful headphones Zach!
    caenlenfromOCN and Ripper2860 like this.
  13. nicdub
    Really looking forward to reading impressions on these. Haven't yet heard a ZMF headphone, but am very tempted by both of these. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
  14. caenlenfromOCN
    I am going to be hearing all of Zach's headphones at the Chicago meet coming December 9th, can't wait. Really hope I can find something that seals well on my head, I have such an oddly shaped head, its a real pain trying to find something that fits right. Even on the shortest headband settings 90% of headphones make the top of my ear curl, and never seals right. I am an odd duck that is for sure, maybe I will try to buy one of Zach's cushioned pads, that will give my head a little extra height, might be just what I need. ^^
  15. Smooth_Trumpeteer
    Best of luck to you! I would imagine that Zach might have heard or encountered similar issues in the past so hopefully he has some good ideas. Anyways I'm jealous that sounds like a fantastic time ahead of you.
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