1. zach915m

    ZMF Headphones - Summer LTD Editions Now Released

    Our summer LTD editions are all (mostly) released! Starting today we are offering two beautiful new LTD editions for the auteur and Aeolus - both in Bocote. Bocote is a stunningly beautiful wood with dark Ink-line grain and a smooth luxurious feel. We are using a conversion varnish that is...
  2. Thenewbie76

    Tube amp for ZMF Aelous?

    Hello everyone, as the title says I am looking for a tube amp to be paired with the ZMF aeolus. I was thinking between the Little dot mk3 or the bottlehead crack. Which would be a better pair for it and make it sound more tubey,warm,open ?
  3. ZMFheadphones Aeolus

    ZMFheadphones Aeolus

    Aeolus, known as the “divine keeper of the winds” in Greek mythology, is our answer to those wanting an “open version of the Atticus.” The Atticus, since its release, has gained a cult following for it’s detailed yet warm powerful sound. The Aeolus, keeps with this tradition with a more deft...
  4. zach915m

    ZMF November: VÉRITÉ and Aeolus pre-order, discounted shipping and more!

    It's ZMF November!!! What does this mean? ZMF Pre-Orders for our new headphones the VÉRITÉ and Aeolus start today, November 16th at 10AM EST and go through December 16th! Check out the order page here. For more info see the Head-Fi threads for the Aeolus and VÉRITÉ. Can’t decide which new...
  5. zach915m

    ZMF Vérité and aeolus - GIVEAWAY! & Pre Order starts November 16th

    I'm excited to officially announce the two new open-backed ZMF's that we demo'd prototypes of at RMAF a couple weeks ago, the Vérité and aeolus. We've been busy making the final tweaks and are about to send a few batches out to reviewers and our international dealer network to get as many...