1. Rosario


    ZMF Vérité Closed Stabilized Maple Burl LTD (Rosario)
  2. jaboki

    WTB: ZMF Verite Closed

    Looking for a Monkey Pod or Ironwood. Let's make a deal. :)
  3. Richardhoos

    WTB: ZMF Verite Cocobolo

    Looking for a Cocobolo Verite if anyone knows of anyone selling.
  4. zach915m Camphor Burl LTD and Sonnet Morpheus now Available

    Currently we're not hosting our full line-up of LTD editions at ZMF in order to stream-line production to make sure wait-times are low. But, it's never fun to not have something extra special in our line-up, so we're introducing the second LTD Verite of the year. Camphor Burl Verite LTD...
  5. bryceu

    [SOLD]: ZMF Verite Closed MonkeyPod (Mint)

    For Sale: ZMF Vérité Closed in MonkeyPod with black rods and chassis . These amazing headphones are in Mint condition and were purchased directly from ZMF. Includes the Seahorse carry case, Universe lambskin and Auteur lambskin pads, ownership card, and all original documentation. I will include...
  6. nunovpc


    Interested in a Verite closed. Needs to be in mint condition. I live in Portugal and can pay via paypal
  7. nunovpc

    [WTB] ZMF Verite

    Interested in a Verite open or closed is good but maybe a slight preference for closed. Needs to be in mint condition. I live in Portugal and can pay via paypal.
  8. ZMFheadphones Vérité Closed

    ZMFheadphones Vérité Closed

    ZMFheadphones Vérité Closed @Torq's stabilized maple burl Verite Closed LTD Leapordwood (545 - 570g) LTD Desert Ironwood (~620g) Monkeypod Wood (450-475g) Vérité - ˌ/veriˈtā/ Closed Available Now. Current orders ship in 3-5 weeks - (Updated January 2020) Vérité is a term often used in...
  9. SLC1966

    *SOLD* ZMF Verite Closed Ltd Ironwood w/ 3 pads and 2 cables + other items for sale

    ZMF Verite Closed Ltd Ironwood w/ 3 pads and 2 cables + other items for sale. Zach completed these 1/1/20 as per ownership card in the picture below and arrived at my door a few days later. They have about 10 hours on them and are in mint condition. Comes with 3 pads (Universe, Auteur, and...
  10. lemarsghast

    ZMF closed dynamic lineup vs Ether C Flow 1.1

    Hi all! I'm not sure if this is the right area to ask, but I'm interested in hearing a detailed and direct comparison from people who have owned both the Ether C Flow 1.1s and 1 of (or more) the closed ZMF dynamics (Atticus, Eikon, Verite Closed). The reason I ask this is because I am unable...
  11. mightytison

    ZMF Verite Closed One Of A Kind LTD Ash Blue **SOLD**

    For Sale is my special order ZMF Verite Closed. I ordered them in blue and Zach made them out of Ash. They are absolutely beautiful, but I've come to find out I have a problem with closed headphones. I really hate to sell them as they look amazing and sound fantastic, but after a while of using...
  12. Richardhoos

    FS: ZMF Verite Ltd ed. pheasantwood

    Selling my Pheasantwood Verites. I absolutely adore them but for practical reasons (baby boy!) going with the closed Verite. They are in very good condition. I am the second owner, purchased end of October for $2300 from a respected Head Fi member. This package comes with the following: 1. ZMF...
  13. chungjun

    LF/WTBuy:- ZMF Auteur | Cocobolo | Brushed Steel (rods and grille)

    Hi there, Looking for a pair of ZMF Auteur ideally with the following specs:- Wood: Cocobolo Rods: Brushed Steel Grille: Brushed Steel *preferably also with Magnesium Chassis If you have one to let go and okay to arrange to ship to Singapore, please let me know with the following details:-...
  14. Richardhoos

    FS: ZMF Verite, silkwood

    Silkwood Verite. All black grill and rod. Near mint condition. About 100 hours on them. Selling because I have a new baby and closed version would be more practical. Includes original box, 5.5ft stock cable (1/4’’ termination), four sets of various pads.
  15. 2chinzz

    For Sale: ZMF Verite Pheasantwood

    Hi All, Selling my Pheasantwood Verites. They are in good condition. This package comes with the following: 1. ZMF Verite Pheasantwood 2. Stock cables with 1/4 and 4pin xlr termination 3. Suede Perf. Universe Pads (Installed on the verite) 4. Leather Perf. Universe Pads 5. Verite Pads I am...
  16. zach915m

    ZMF Vérité Closed & new LTD woods at ZMF

    Vérité Closed Hey all - we posted it on our site a short while ago and showed our new closed flagship at CanJam London, and finally we have a release date for the ZMF Vérité Closed. Sales start September 20th at 11am EST/8am PST on our website and also through our dealers worldwide. Link to...
  17. Monsterzero

    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    Vérité - ˌ/veriˈtā/ Closed, Available Friday, September 20th at 11am EST (USA) Please keep posts for impressions,photos,questions on the Verite Closed. Open back Verite has its own thread. Pad Options
  18. me2621a


    SOLD Thank you for everyone’s interest
  19. tommytakis

    [SOLD] ZMF Verite

    ZMF Verite Silkwood for sale. I am the original owner and only selling because I have the LTD version coming in soon. Comes with original packaging and accessories. - Mahogany case - 2 sets of pads (Universe and Verite pads) - 2 sets of cables ( 4-pin XLR and 1/4" cables) - Original owner...
  20. cskippy

    SOLD: ZMF Verite Silkwood + Be2 pads and perforated suede universe pads

    This is so incredibly hard to do as all of these pieces of gear have brought me joy time and time again. Unfortunately, recent medical bills necessitate the sale of most of my audio gear. I'll do my best to ship in a timely manner but a broken foot and no car means traveling is difficult...
  21. llamaluv

    [SOLD] ZMF Verite Pheasantwood Limited Edition

    ZMF Verite Pheasantwood Limited Edition Mint condition, one week old, original owner, burned in for 120 hours. Comes with mahogany case, Universe and Verite pads, 6.3mm stock cable, certificate. Selling because in the two months since pre-ordering, my system has gotten dialed-in in such a way...
  22. ZMFheadphones Vérité

    ZMFheadphones Vérité

    Vérité is a term often used in film and television as a style that emphasizes reality, naturalism, and a sense of truth. With the Vérité, ZMF has created a headphone that brings the ultimate truth to audio. With the utmost speed, accuracy, and heightened dynamic range, the Vérité will immerse...
  23. zach915m

    ZMF November: VÉRITÉ and Aeolus pre-order, discounted shipping and more!

    It's ZMF November!!! What does this mean? ZMF Pre-Orders for our new headphones the VÉRITÉ and Aeolus start today, November 16th at 10AM EST and go through December 16th! Check out the order page here. For more info see the Head-Fi threads for the Aeolus and VÉRITÉ. Can’t decide which new...
  24. zach915m

    ZMF Vérité and aeolus - GIVEAWAY! & Pre Order starts November 16th

    I'm excited to officially announce the two new open-backed ZMF's that we demo'd prototypes of at RMAF a couple weeks ago, the Vérité and aeolus. We've been busy making the final tweaks and are about to send a few batches out to reviewers and our international dealer network to get as many...