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ZMF Ori (Omni) - Upcoming Semi Open Flagship

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levaix, May 28, 2015.
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  1. whirlwind
    Zach sent a new one free of charge ?
  2. mwhals
    Yes, but it was two to three months after receiving my Eikon. It was the stock ZMF cable that went bad on the left channel.
  3. whirlwind
    Same here, stock cable, left channel.
  4. whirlwind
    Thanks for everything Zach :)

    Zach sent a pm and is going to send me another cable, all I have to do is send my cable back to him.

    What a great guy with fantastic support....thanks again, Zach.

    My pennies are still being saved for the Atticus.
  5. Nick-s-f
    They're gorgeous, thanks Zach!

    ZMF Ori Bocote, they arrived yesterday.


    Last edited: May 13, 2017
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  6. LoryWiv
    Your new Ori's are truly beautiful, congrats and enjoy. I am listening to my Burma Paduak Ori's as I write this, and they are a special HP!
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  7. Pharmaboy
    Those are beautiful! I have the ormosia henryi Ori...love it!
  8. Nick-s-f
    After staring at them in awe for quite a while and taking pictures, I finally sat down for a good listen yesterday.

    Got 8 hours with them so far..barely into the tip of the ice-berg that is my usual playlist.

    Even early on, they appear to have the overall best bass quality I've heard in a headphone, up there with the TH900 and Alpha Prime, imo. They have this natural quality that reminds me of how the HD600 and Valhalla 2 sounded.
  9. Pharmaboy
    "They have this natural quality..." (well said).

    They get even better after burn-in, in my experience. The differences post-burnin are more subtle than what I've heard w/some other headphones, but still worthwhile. Treble becomes smoother (it starts out smooth) & midrange/soundstaging become more 3D & "present."

    The bass can be rather astounding w/the Ori. I guess this is what people mean by "planar bass"--I hear it as strong/impactful, but with a rounded quality & soft finish to notes that's very pleasing to my ears. I listen to mine primarily on the Liquid Carbon and/or Violectric V281, both of which have very good bass. The V281 have the strongest, yet most refined bass I've ever heard through headphones and my desktop audio system (speakers + sub).

    The Ori gives me a very transparent rendition of the bass from each amp. On the V281, the Ori's bass gets even stronger & impact, but always has that delightful rounded quality (which BTW is something I hear from bass instruments IRL).

    I've had these headphones for months, and I'm not even scratching the surface of what they can do...
  10. Arcamera
    Just recently joined the Ori club (in maple). Wonderful headphones. As has been said, they really do have a balanced, elegant quality. Easy going and unobtrusive, but still engaging. Very much enjoying their sonic presentation (and good looks).
  11. ModestMeowth
    I am really disappointed in ZMF and my newest Ori purchase. After getting my girlfriend a pair in walnut, I had to get myself my own pair. Found a great deal on a bocote set and was stoked to receive them. Right as I was putting them on I noticed something was off about them and they didn't feel as nice as the walnut. Upon further investigation it turned out the the wooded cups on the bocote are egg shaped and not the perfect lathed round. Also one of the drivers had a buzz in it.

    When I contacted Zach he wasn't the friendly guy every one talks about on the forums. Instead, each interaction was short and to the point. Before even sending in the headphones to fix the issue he told me the cups must have shrank (which he says is common for exotic wood?) and that if I wanted new cups it would be a few hundred dollars.

    Anyways, I sent them in and was told he would email me once they were looked at. A week later I am emailed saying that they are ready to go and to send him payment for shipping. I asked him what was done with the headphone and if anything could be done with the cups and he said the driver had to be remounted and the cups were fine, just shrunk but he assured me they were strong.

    I responded and pointed out that my issues with the wooded cups were not their strength but how they looked. That no other picture online has a ZMF Ori with egg shaped cups. I also pointed out how the plastic bezels protrude past the wood on the front and back of both cups. So when putting on the cups you grip the plastic bezels instead of the wood. I can see this being an issue down the line as I'd imagine that with enough repetition the ear pads are going to wear through at those pressure points.

    His response back was that he has been making wood cups for years and there is no issue with the cups, (still ignoring my point of how they look) and that I am lucky he even worked on the headphones since they were out of warranty... The headphone's were purchased in January 2017 and shipped mid March 2017, for $1200...

    I am at a loss here. Has the new flood of Eikon and Atticus orders caused the dip in customer service? It just seems odd to tell me that the imperfection on a $1200 headphone are one to not worry since he feels it is fine. My hunch is that it isn't a perfectly symmetrical shrinkage but more of a hand sanding after lathe work to make them even and passing them off as A stock.

    The images side by side can be viewed here.

    The gif shows the walnut perfectly round and the bocote having the black baffle protruding from around the edges.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  12. mysticstryk
    Cups look fine to me, very nice. Tiny variances will always occur in hand-made items. The baffles protrude the tiniest amount on my pair as well, I'm pretty sure that's normal. The headphones are also $900 brand new from ZMF, not $1200 unless your getting some exotic cables and other accessories. I've personally had contact with Zach on half a dozen occasions for this or that and every one was exceptional service.

    What's wrong with short and too the point? Schiit has made an entire business model of that mindset. I'm sure with massive amounts of orders for his new headphones along with all the show appearances gives him less time to chit chat via email, I hardly see that as a knock against his service. He did fix the issue with your pair I'm assuming as it's no longer buzzing.

    Btw, are the original owner? Warranty doesn't transfer.
  13. DaemonSire
    While they are $900 for regular wood, getting a new Bocote with Seahorse case is $1040. Add on shipping (To Canada at least) gets you around $1070. And that is without specialty cables or anything. $1200 (especially used) does seem off though.

    As mystic said, warranty only covers the original buyer. So if you bought them used, that's likely what Zach is referring to.

    And I don't see much off with the baffle either. The black baffle does extend slightly past the cups. But that is where the earpads hook onto and is normal. Look closely at any of the photos on Zach's site and you will see it. Here is a picture of the Purple Heart from Zach's site that shows it as well.

  14. mwhals
    I have only had exemplary communications with Zach. He is a very customer friendly person.

    If the headphones are $1200 used, that was too much to pay. Also, the Seahorse case is a separate item, so it does not make the headphone more expensive.
  15. ModestMeowth
    I am glad everyone has had great service with him but mine has been bad. He has ignored my issue every email and wants to keep reinforcing that the wood is strong which isn't my concern.

    To tell me that the warranty isn't transferable leaves a bad taste in my mouth when there is various for sale ads out there where it seems Zach will honor a warranty transfer.

    I was wrong with the price, the total was $1,039.99 http://imgur.com/a/cCYhh but my point is still that for a headphone that costs this much, there should still be a warranty and they should arrive in excellent shape/condition. These headphones also came with only one set of pads and if I remember correctly, the Ori used to come with a couple.

    These are Zach's Modified Fostex, a $179 headphone that he adds beautiful wood cups to and acoustic material for his house sound. If there is an issue with the part that makes up the other $900 of the purchase I'd hope that he would help remedy it.
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