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ZMF Ori (Omni) - Upcoming Semi Open Flagship

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levaix, May 28, 2015.
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  1. whirlwind
    Yeah...I would be all for an Atticus in the coffee zebra wood!
  2. Nick-s-f
    Pardon the newb question, but how did one get a hold of the limited edition wood choices? Was it due to Zach being able to procure a small batch of rare/expensive wood? The coffee zebra look amazing.
  3. Stillhart
    Yeah he tends to do them in small batches every few months.  I suspect the Ori hasn't gotten one in a bit because he's been slammed with the launch of the Atticus and Eikon.  
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  4. George Taylor

    They're here. They came Friday, but was away for the weekend so today is the first I've to listen to them. So far so good, but I know they need burn in yet. I'll try to get a couple of better photos later, right now I'm still kind of burnt out from running all over Pittsburgh the last few days.
  5. ProfFalkin

    Not many know this, but in his youth Zach spent some time apprenticing under a dread pirate/woodworker off the coast of Tristan da Cunha. His share of the booty was a stash of rare woods, which he now uses today to magically turn splinters into cash.

    True story.

    Proof: Buccaneer Zach at work, drunk off rum and shellac wood finish.
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  6. Pharmaboy
    sorry...but in my world, "booty" means something entirely different.
    J. Lafitte
  7. Pharmaboy
    What monitor is that in the background? Kinda looks KRK-ish.
  8. mwhals

    The Coffee Stained Zebrawood with midnight blue sliders was a special edition last Autumn and had been one at an earlier date too. I love mine as I have that wood version.
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  9. George Taylor

    If you mean what they're resting on, that is the Aune S6/S7 combo. If you mean the speaker behind them, those are just my cheap Creative PC speakers [​IMG]
  10. Pharmaboy
    hmmm...got fooled by the speakers/thought they were something else. i've been on a research/rampage for studio monitors that actually sound good (quixotic quest).
    aune stack looks nice! the ori has some pals to play with.
  11. George Taylor

    While they're nothing great, they aren't bad for the price. And I have enjoyed the Aune stack so far. I still have my Valhalla 2 as well to mess around with when i want a slightly darker/less sharp sound. Those ear pads the Ori's come with are no joke. I'd say they're right up there with my LCD2's for comfort. If not better. But like I said, going to let em get broke in for a few days before coming up with opinions on their sound.
  12. Pharmaboy
    I love the Ori lambskin pads. Haven't really taken "the full measure" of the headphones yet w/those pads...have yet to even try the cowhide pads i got w/it, but will someday.
    Also have a pair of MrSpeakers Alpha Pads, which are very similar to the Ori lambskins, but even deeper (~1.5" inches depth in the deeper/angled side). Will eventually get around to trying those, too.
    But the Ori sounds so good that it's hard to get psyched for pad-rolling.
  13. Astral Abyss
    I'm partial to my Bocote Ori for obvious reasons...
  14. Pharmaboy
    Ori update: just received the long-awaited new cable for the Ori. It's Forza AudioWorks' Noir HCP(2M balanced) -- plus a "pigtail" (female XLR to 6.35mm), allowing the entire/connected cable to plug into SE output; or the balanced section alone to plug in an XLR output.
    IMO it looks very handsome & substantial:
    F.A.W. recommends 100 hrs burn-in, which I started this afternoon. Right now I have it connected SE, but not really sure all 3 wires will get burned in via SE. May spell it w/true balanced connection (to V281) at least part of burn-in time.
    Later in the week I'll listen to this cable + the Ori. A Head-Fi pal w/an Eikon will stop by, so I'll get to hear that rather amazing HP, too--a festival of the "ZMF House Sound."
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  15. Pharmaboy
    That's very pretty. I'd be partial to it, too.
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