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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. ahmadfaizadnan
    Amazing craft! Love the sonic experience too!
  2. Daemon Ursus
    Really great quality video, thank you for making it!
  3. Gym_Turtle
    Great video. Can’t wait for pre-orders to go up!
  4. zach915m
    Ha I'm glad you guys like the video!!!!! It's never fun seeing or hearing yourself on camera but I think it came out kinda well.

    Along with auteur pre-orders now being up we have a couple limited edition sets available on the site as well. Both limited to 40 units with the first 20 shipping before xmas. You can check them out on our site!

    Cocobolo Eikon and Atticus LTD
    Barnyard Cherry LTD

    ZMFheadphones ZMF headphones hand-crafts wood headphones in Chicago, USA with special attention to exceptional sound and craftsmanship. Stay updated on ZMFheadphones at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/ZMFheadphones https://twitter.com/ZMFheadphones https://www.instagram.com/zmfheadphones/?hl=en http://www.zmfheadphones.com/zmf-originals/ contactzmf@gmail.com
  5. Gym_Turtle
    The Cocobolo looks gorgeous on the Eikon and Atticus! Also, does the Barnyard Cherry have a different finish or is it just the lighting?

    Edit: I can agree with the filming thing. I always tried to push the actor role away from myself whenever I made short films for school.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  6. mwhals
    Preordered a Teak Auteur with OCC cable.
  7. Pharmaboy
    This cocobolo Atticus is disturbingly beautiful. I had zero intention to order anything today; now I've duct-taped my arms to this chair to try to prevent it.
    Gym_Turtle and captkirk like this.
  8. captkirk

    Can I borrow some duct tape please?
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  9. Gym_Turtle
    Yea, those Cocobolo headphones are so tempting. Especially considering the Auteur also releases today.
  10. Pharmaboy
    What I want most of all is an open-back Atticus (ie, Atticus given its own "Auteur" variant). I posted something about this 1-2 weeks ago. Then in yesterdays' AMA online, saw that someone asked Zach about this.

    I'm insanely tempted by the cocobolo Atticus, for a lot of reasons. But I'd actually sell the proverbial kidney to get a an open-back Atticus. I'd happily be a beta-tester/lab rat for the new design. Paging Zach!!

    (there are no treatment programs for this particular addiction...)
    Gym_Turtle likes this.
  11. Gym_Turtle
    You could try modding the Atticus. Maybe trying perforated pads on them. Or doing some crazy stuff with them like some people do with the HD800. I’d really like to see an open-back Atticus as well, judging by its sound signature.
  12. Gym_Turtle
    Do all of the new headphones comes with the new adjustment rods? I’ve noticed that the Cocobolo Atticus/Eikon have the Auteur adjustment rods, while the Barnyard Cherry have the original adjustment rods.
  13. SHAMuuu
    I remember when i saw someone drill into a Denon D7000, it was shocking to say the least. But such pioneering efforts taught many lessons to many. And now the Auteur and HP-3 all these years later.


    @Pharmaboy could make one before Zach himself :D

    I saw the promo video it was top notch stuff. I was hoping it would continue to be like 30mins. After seeing the Q&A on Reddit, it would've been cool to see those answers on video with such high quality. And the words were very much like what you see in old Cassavetes films. Short, sweet, impactful. That editor did an excellent job.

    The Barnyard Cherry Wood looks wonderful. :smile_phones:
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  14. givemetacos
    While I would also like to have an open back Atticus if you haven't heard one yet I recommend not discounting it because it is closed back. The Atticus has the widest soundstage I have heard in a closed headphone, much bigger than say HD6x0 or the semi-open TH-X00. Even DT770 had a decent soundstage for closed, but Atticus seems bigger. It doesn't feel as "free" sounding as Auteur but it isn't congested in any sense. It is a vey unique headphone. I just bought a Cocobolo one today and letting go of my Cherry one, that is how much I enjoy it.
  15. Pharmaboy
    This feedback is very valuable. It makes me continue to be crazy for a cocobolo Atticus, but I swore I wouldn't buy this headphone (any headphone of this cost) w/o auditioning it first.

    My "thing" about open headphones is not, strictly speaking, related to the Atticus at all. It comes from 2 factors:
    • 4 of my 5 current headphones are closed designs (1 is F.S., E-Mu Teak). The very best of these is the Ori (it's not even close)...it has the most "open" sound I ever heard from a "mostly closed" design
    • And yet, in some ways my most consistently enjoyable headphone is the only open-back I have: the Fidelio X2s. These headphones are not in the same class as the Ori, much less the Atticus or the Auteur. And yet...there is something inherently relaxing about an open-back. It's hard to explain, but it's there, and it never fails me.
      • Thus, my fantasy about the headphone always described as my dream in terms of tonality/"voicing" (Atticus); + an open-back design.

    For this big fan of the ZMF "house sound," this fantasy is like chocolate icing on a chocolate layer cake: extravagant, probably unnecessary, and absurdly pleasing to contemplate...
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