ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. givemetacos
    Definitely understandable. I think everyone in this hobby that doesn't have any sound isolation/leakage requirements would pick open over closed in most cases. And if you already have a lot of closed headphones it probably does make sense to focus on a good open. Though I would be surprised if you didn't find the Atticus can outright replace all your closed headphones, and maybe even X2 since that is also in the bassy fun category. And then add a good complementary open-back and you are set.
  2. jinxy245

    It sounds like you need more duct tape.
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  3. felix3650
    You need to use nails rather than tape my friend :)
    Then put a mirror infront of you and repeat "after I've heard it" 100 times.
  4. Gym_Turtle
    Zach has a lot of work ahead of him because of all the new orders. The Barnyard Cherry and Cocobolo Atticus/Eikon and the Auteur release.
  5. Pharmaboy
    While every headphone/desktop audio enthusiast is (to some degree, at least) a masochist--nails are kind of pushing it for me.

    Ulysses had crewmates tie him to the mast so he couldn't steer the boat onto the rocks in response to the irresistable Sirens' call. Maybe I just need a mast in the home office...

    This cocobolo A/E is a knock-out. Oxidized cherry is pretty amazing, too. Zach really knows what he's doing w/wood...
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  6. Gym_Turtle
    I agree, I’d love to see what Zach can do with Ziricote and Lignum Vitae.
  7. luvmusik
    Have been saving up measly dollars for Eikon & probably will aspire to Auteur instead.

    Juggling between Auteur, HE-6 and SR-L700. Three entirely different presentations. Can't get all 3 now, but possibly so someday; so only 1 at a time, over some time.

    For biocellulose driver headphones, my fave wood types for sonic characteristics suggested long ago to E-MU and a bit here have been Cocobolo, Bocote, Bloodwood, Zelkova, Padauk, Sapele and Teak specifically for biocell drivers. These woods each should have sonic synergy with biocellulose drivers (long time fan here). Most of these are also pleasing visually.

    Zach's expert craftsmanship is superb along with highly desired resulting audio traits. Looks like Auteur is on the top of the list for wood headphones !
  8. givemetacos
    I gave a little comparison of Auteur vs L300/500/700 in my review, but they are incredibly different headphones. The Auteur is much more focused on musicality, dynamics, timbre, etc. The Stax are focused on technicalities, speed, imaging, transient response, etc. In many ways I consider them complements rather than competitors because they do such different things. My main complaint with Stax is that they don't have the versatility of dynamics and planars in that you have to use specific energizers with them so you kind of lose out on the fun (or misery) of matching amps and tubes with something like Auteur. My other gripe is build quality. While I do think Stax uses solid plastic well, when you pick up an L700 it doesn't feel premium or inspire much confidence. I think a non-headphone person would laugh if you told them that piece of equipment was worth over $1k. The Auteur on the other hand is in a different league in this regard. And I'm not hating on Stax, I really do want to own a set myself in the future, but I just feel because of what they are targeted at and what their pros/cons are, they tend to be a more specific usage type of headphone (earspeaker) for when you just want to dive in with a microscope and examine your music. The Auteur is just more of a listening headphone for when you want to feel your music.

    Also, @Netherwind should be able to give a good comparison of HE-6 vs Auteur.
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  9. leftside
    I just ordered the Auteur Blackwood. Will report my findings when they arrive next year. I already have the HE-6 (and LCD-3F)
  10. involuntarysoul
    What was ZMF's reason for no warranty transfer? This pretty much kills the second hand value on these handphones
  11. PacoTaco
    To put it simply, ZMF is still a small business, and he can't afford go service every used headphone because it's a liability (as he doesn't know the condition the headphone was sold to someone as.)
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  12. mysticstryk
    Even big manufacturers sometimes don't transfer warranty. Hifiman sure doesn't. I don't think Sennheiser does either unless you have the original invoice. Audeze is the only big brand around here that I know has warranty transfers because their drivers kept dying all the time.

    From what I've seen, Zach does a good job taking care of people who buy his headphones used. There may be a cost, but it's generally pretty reasonable.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  13. DivaFonda
    If that's the case then for a fee, he'll fix used sets?
  14. givemetacos
    As others are saying, no warranty transfer is by far the norm in the U.S. I believe all the headphones and equipment in your signature don't transfer warranties either. Even the $4k Focal Utopias don't transfer warranty. Really, Audeze is one of the few companies I have heard that does transfer. And while that is nice on paper, LCDs have high driver failure rates and if you are outside the warranty it is a $400 repair on the LCD-2, which costs $650 brand new right now.

    Zach is building these headphones by hand in the basement of his house and is essentially making a more "artisan" type of product rather than focusing on mass producing cheap products. I think not allowing warranty transfer is fair and helps sell new headphones which he relies on to do what he is doing. That said, Zach still repairs his ZMF products, original owner or not, but you might just have to pay service parts/fees. And there's lots of reports around here and other forums of people having excellent service regardless or original ownership.
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  15. mwhals
    Yes. He will fix used sets for a fee and probably parts. That is no different than most other manufacturers of any products to not transfer warranties.

    Even original owners pay for repairs after the warranty period.
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