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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. FHSWarrior
    Nevermind, i found the tips on the ground. Must have fell when i was opening the package like a mad man lol

    Btw, anyone have a EQ graph they like to use? Im not much of an audiophile and have no idea what im doing when i try setting one up
    I use poweramp on android if that means anything
  2. Lurk650
    I never use EQ so I can't help you there unfortunately. They are good enough to not need one IMO.
    These are sleepers, every time I listen to them I'm lulled to sleep lolol. Missed the 3rd qtr of the Warriors game bc of them last night!
  3. FHSWarrior
    Lol they are very comfortable and feel a lot smaller than they look. These would be almost perfect for me to fall asleep with but im sure they crap out quickly due to the cheap build quality
  4. Lurk650
    The cable itself is strong, its the relief strains that need some super gluing 
  5. FHSWarrior
    Do you know if these benefit with an amp?
  6. Lurk650

    Don't notice too much benefit. I think a good source is really all you nees
  7. krsk77
    I'm torn between the two, I listen to lots of different genres but drum and bass being the main one. Should I just go with basso for all the sub-bass? How do basso's do as an overall IEM for every genres, neutral enough or bit colored?
  8. rambomhtri
    Well, I've read many basso owners that listen to "low-frequenced" music prefer the Tenores. With Tenores you can't go wrong. But I don't know if Basso's are the ones for you, but read what I've just typed.
  9. krsk77
    thanks for that, sounds fair. I might have to go with tenore's they seem to be more versatile. Any known "hacks" to improve their durability?
  10. Whaleshark12
    Anyone know any IEM are upgrade of the Tenore? So far I only seen Oneplus icon is an upgrade. Hoping to look for maybe lower than 50 USD price tag. Can anyone recommend me any iem? [​IMG]
  11. Akmola Lola
    a lot actually, for sub50$ you can gamble on the hlsx 808 on AE.. its being very well praised over at China IEM thread.. i dont have it though.. the iem that i owns that is clear upgrade are MusicMaker TK12 and Final Audio Heaven II but those 2 are over 50$ and have a significant sound signature difference with tenore.. tenore are just so laid back and smooth....
    maybe you can try KZ ED9.. they are similar to Tenore.. too similar that i ended up selling them off.. they are only 10$+ while Tenore are 40$.. for me they are similar but you might find it different.
    Shozy Zero are also well raved about and are 59$.
  12. Whaleshark12
    Hey mate, Thanks for replying. [​IMG]
     TK12 and Shozy Zero I'm still considering. But the KZ ED9, isn't as on par as Tenore Imo. 
    Bass sound a little plasticky to me. 
  13. Akmola Lola
    i didnt noticed that, but i do prefer tenores over ed9.. if u got the extra budget, i suggest tk12 or 13.. latest one is 13 but im still in love with my 12 right now. i listened to Lenka - heart skips a beat just now and the intro of the songs is the sound of a heartbeat and it felt so real and deep to my ears, its a massive heartbeat...
    musicmakers iem are definitely worth checking out.
  14. Whaleshark12
    Haha, Alright I guess i will try check out the Music maker then. :D
  15. rambomhtri
    Actually yeah. They are very durable, but the cable protector is not.
    That image is not what actually happens to the Tenore's. What gets broken in the Tenore's is the protector, not the cable, the right thing up there, which starts to have a crack/fissure after 2 months or so. The fix is really easy and works like a charm. You just have to super glue it, and that's it. Do it when you see a fissure. Bought mines  October 2015, fissure appeared in December, I super glued them and 'till now they are great, not a single problem. And if you look at the repaired zone, it does not look as if it has been repaired.
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