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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. krsk77

    Great thanks for that. I'll definitely do it. You got a pic of it just to make sure I know what you mean? I think I might also put some heatshrinks on the cable in places that could use some support.

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  2. Darius94523
    I was in Japan last week and after having a chance to audition many, many, high end JVC and Audio Technica IEMs, I picked these.  The wooden housing JVCs and ATH's sounded so muddy with no focus except on bass compared to these.
    The only IEMs I liked more than these were the Sony XBA Z5s, but they come in at almost 20 times the price.
  3. waynes world
    From what I've read, the Z5's are definitely the bomb. But like you said.... $$$$$$
    I'd agree. The Tenores still have nice bass and sound more balanced and "audiophile". Switching back to the basso's, the bass sounds somewhat boomy/bloated. I do have issue with both the basso's and tenores QC (bassos' have driver flex, tenores drivers died on me three times), but if you don't have those issues, then the tenores are a good option.
    Having said that, my favorite iems (because I don't have the Z5's lol) are the KC06A's and the Titan1's. Then again, I mostly listen to headphones and VE earbuds these days (I just don't much like things jammed in my ears), so I'm out of the loop on recent iem offerings.
  4. stephengee77
    Can anyone compare these to similarly priced iems? Like not Z5s....
  5. yellojello

    Just got the Shozy Zero's. Fit wise, Zero's are almost as comfortable as the Tenore's being a tad bigger. Sound wise, they will give you a little bit more bass quantity and warmer sound, but the sound quality is very good. I love both the Tenore's and Zero's.
  6. Raketen

    If you want more 'bleeding edge' budget recommendations (after all the Tenore is like 2+ years old now, thus ancient & totaly decrepit by some people's standards [​IMG])  I'd suggest going over recent posts on the Chinese IEM thread or the Discoveries thread, just beware the hype turnover is blindingly fast there (though justifiably so given pace of IEM production and ever-expanding and shrinking prices).

  7. mejoshua
    I'm in Japan and I missed the tenore I sold when I heard it again that I bought one for myself. For all the budget iems I've heard the tenore is still king in my book
  8. rambomhtri
    Here's a common issue with the Tenore's:
    I had to superglue that part because it was ripping off. It has happened in the 2 Tenore's I've ordered, so it's not a defective unit. The should improve and use a better rubber material and joint right there.
  9. stephengee77
    So I caved and bought them. What exactly is the effect of the MEElectronics M6 double-flanges on the tenores?
  10. Lifted Andreas

    2 years but still going strong in our ears, apart from mine of course. My washing machine murdered them, don't worry though it's been questioned and awaiting sentence. Released on bail for now.

    That's weird, I owned mine for over 2.5 years and didin't get this issue.

    Extends the bass/midbass, makes the sound presentation fuller and more chunky.
  11. Lurk650
    What's up Andreas? Still with the Icons? As you can see in my sig I've done a lot of purchasing
  12. Lifted Andreas
    Yeah man I've started enjoying my IEMs for longer periods, now that I've got the large Auvio tips for the Icons too I dont really see what could beat them for me.
    You've been going a bit purchase crazy I see? How are those MusikMaker ones working out for you??
  13. Lurk650

    Love them. Newest ones the T71 are pretty damn good
  14. Lifted Andreas
    Yeah I've been looking at some MusicMaker KK-Ting, not sure if I'll get them tho
  15. Lurk650

    They have been getting good reviews. I haven't heard them I can vouch for the T71 though :D
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