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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. -19db
    I ordered the Tenores from Amazon and received them last week.  If I use the medium tips that came with them and place them far enough in my ears to get a complete seal, their sound is extremely bass heavy.  With a less than perfect seal, the balance is much better, with the smooth mids and highs nicely integrated with the bass. 
    My ER4's require a complete seal to get decent bass response.  
    DId I get one of the bass heavy ones?  Or are these made for shallow insertion?  With shallow insertion, they are still have more bass than the Ety's.
  2. flognarde
    There is probably more bass than the ER4's but I wouldn't call them bass heavy (I hate having too much bass) The bass is present and tight, and well integrated. I use Comply t200's, you could give them a shot.
    Your impression is what I call and could be the burn in effect. These are very different from the ETY's and you are not used to the sound of the Tenore's
  3. -19db
    I'll let them burn in for a while.  It's actually nice to get good bass without needing to insert 5mm from my brain like with the ER4's.
  4. flognarde
    They don't need burn in, but you do ! At least that's what I tried to write down on my previous post.
  5. originalsnuffy
    The beauty of the carbo tenores is that you don't have to stuff them too far into your ears in order to get a proper tonal balance.   Full bass is achieved without discomfort.  They are my "goto" pair when I want to fall asleep to music.
  6. james444 Contributor
    You might consider the front-mod I described here (for the FX850, but works just as well for the Tenores). I like it a lot with bass heavier Tenores.
  7. -19db
    Seems all I need to get the bass/treble balance I prefer is a slightly less than perfect seal.  Your front mod addresses this nicely.  
  8. anndrenaline
    I have owned the Xiaomi piston v2 ,v3 and the hybrids. Which one of these sound more similar to the Tenore? I prefer the v2 and hybrid most as it is more forward sounding than v3.
  9. -19db
    How do you pronounce "Tenore"?
  10. Lurk650
    Ten or? That's how I do lol
  11. originalsnuffy
    I figure it is pronounced like the song "that amore"
  12. rayjuodas
    Their poor cable quality/strength has been stressed before, and I bought both Tenore and Basso to check how good they sound for the money. And the sound is good definitely for around 30 quid. BUT my Bassos have broken within one month, even with me being careful! So I would say stay away from these, unless you like throwing money away. Manufacturer SHOULD pay attention to customers' complaints and update the design on these otherwise very good and competitive earphones models.  
  13. higbvuyb

    I've used my set of Tenores most days for the past two years, and they're practically as good as new.
  14. rayjuodas
    Oh, mine look as good as new too, except that the left earphone is not working anymore on Basso. The cable has never been tugged on or anything. It just stopped working, this morning.
  15. Lurk650
    They have hopefully update the quality. The white Tenore is just now being released among the other 4 new IEMs from Zero Audio
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