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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. SoundTown
    Yup I saw you mentioned the Aria in your previous post. Checked it out and it looks interesting, will look into it more when I have the time.
    Well if you're looking for what personally suits you, there's no "proper way" to compare gear. There'll always be things you like and don't, so if comparing the T20i to the EX650 makes it clear what you don't like about the EX650, I don't see what the problem is. As long as your wallet can keep up.
    And that's the problem all audio enthusiasts have... The cursed constant need to upgrade is real haha
  2. esm87
    the struggle is genuine lol
  3. cskippy
    Searched the thread but haven't found a solution.  Are there any ear guides that would help the Carbo Tenore stay in place better especially while working out?  I currently use SE215 at the gym because they stay in no matter what.  
  4. Lurk650
    I personally wouldn't use them at the gym anyways, their durability is questionable and using in that kind of environment would probably speed it up
    Otherwise, foam tip? My Spin Fits seem to be good and secure seal. 
  5. Raketen
    Tenore cable isn't especially thick so I think most of those silicone ear guides would fit.

    Are you using a shirt clip? Tried some different tip sizes or types? Like foams or TDK Fit Ear- don't do much for me but might depending on ear shape (Obvious, I know, sorry... just had it happen to myself sometimes where I didn't even realize I wasn't using the best size just because I still got a seal & sound was fine).

    If you like DIY could try to glom on some sugru into a stabilizing wing.
  6. cskippy
    Thanks for all the help guys.  Lurk650 is right in that they would probably just wear out and break under gym conditions.  It's not like I'm focusing on the music anyways.  
  7. Raketen
    On the other hand could buy 3 Tenore for the price of a 215 [​IMG]
    If you don't mind the SQ compromise, looked at sports headphones at all? Lots of those have stability fins or earhooks.
  8. AzimAkbar
    Another solution since you prefer SE215 in gym, you can try Moxpad X90 Bluetooth. It has similar form factor with SE215 and has good enough sound quality for exercise use and when on the move. 
    My own review if you are interested;
  9. CEE TEE Contributor
    Oh no.  Lent mine to a family member for a week and...dead.  [​IMG]  Is anyone doing Tenore Repair?  I could try but as a first time would probably do a messy job.
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  10. Lurk650
    $35 shipped same day Amazon Prime, cheap enough
  11. Akmola Lola
    Im back with Tenore nowadays.. hahaha missed the smooth sound it produce
  12. Lurk650
    Not sure where these tips came from but they sound awesome on the Tenores. Been using Medium Auvios which sound pretty similar.

  13. Lurk650
  14. originalsnuffy
    I very slightly favor the LZ-A2 units that I have, but would never get rid of the Carbo Tenores.  The Carbos remain the audiophile bargain champs in my view.
  15. FHSWarrior
    I just ordered the Tenore yesterday. Hopefully the vocals will be better than the KC06!
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