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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. Akmola Lola
    havent tried the KC06 but the vocals of the Tenores are great for a DD.. crystal clear and it doesnt sting like most BA IEM..  
  2. Accoun
    Been thinking about finally trying out those those. When they got big for the first time I think I remember hearing that there were some QC(/build?) issues on some pairs, like audio balance being off. If true, did anything change? Or if I decide for them, I can only pray for getting a good pair?
  3. Lurk650

    I'd go for it
  4. supplehope

    I am not sure about the past, but I did had a pair that died on the left channel (iirc) in just seven months, Fortunately, because of where I got them, I received the replacement almost immediately and although they don't get much use anymore, they are still working well.

    For the sound, the Tenore are defintely worth the money, but I am still skeptical about those strain reliefs though, so it's quite a leap of faith considering the end results you may get.
  5. Akmola Lola
    mine still working well after 6-7 months plus.. but it needed to be pumped you may amp it or increase dap volume abit until it gave you the quality sound it was capable of producing.. plus the carbon fibre shell design, the super small size of it and you wont feel it in your ear, its so light... if you can get it at 40 dollars esp if its at retail outlet with 1 to 1 warranty just go for it. QC is an issue for most company but rest assured this is not KZ... 
  6. peter123

    What BA's are you referring to?

    I've tried quite a few (and even more hybrids) and I don't find BA's in general more prone to piercing highs than dynamics, so just curious.
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  7. Akmola Lola
    i used final audio design heaven 2, and generally ba are more high-centric as far as my readings goes and heaven 2 can be really piercing.. but having said that there might be ba that are differently tuned i dunno..
  8. peter123

    Unfortunately I've never heard the Heaven II. I disagree with your assessment that BA's in general have more piercing highs than dynamics and if you came to this conclusion from trying one BA I don't really know what to say. In my experience BA's sound as different from each other as dynamics.

    I've only heard one of the FA offerings (the Heaven VII) and it's warm and smooth.....
  9. Akmola Lola
    no problem mate im always open for corrections, yupp i tried one but read quite a few that implies that ba are more highs focussed while dd are mostly warm n got more bass, maybe the way i explained it was misleading because what i meant was the tenores vocals n trebles are actually really good..
  10. Raketen
    There's maybe some truth because there are a limited number of manufacturers so the same driver might end up in a lot of different earphones. I think this reputation is also partly from their difficulty in producing deep sub & lower bass impact like dynamics even though they can hit those frequencies, due to the limited air movement. The main rap on BA is that, especially in the past, a single driver usually only operate well within a narrow band of frequencies, thus so many earphones with 2+ drivers. Though idk if this is entirely the case & driver tech is always changing.

    & yeah can definitely be tuned differently, though dif ppl have completely different litmus for what they'd consider bright or not...  some BA headphones can also be really variable depending on source. which further confuses things. ZA's own Singolo has a reputation for being warmer (I had the bx500 which wasn't warm but midsy and definitely had treble roll off). I think Westone and Shure are also known for making darker sounding iems? The Aurisonics hybrid I heard was definitely more mid focused. Earsonics are somewhat infamous and/or beloved for making a deep cutout in the sm64 to tame a frequency prone to producing sibilance.

    This is a really good read if you are curious about some general info: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/how-balanced-armature-receiversdrivers-work
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  11. Akmola Lola
    +1 for knowledge leads.. will definitely check them out.. but i totally agree with peter that one iem sounds different from another although they are using similar driver type..
  12. Raketen

    oh no I don't disagree... I just mean a lot of BA driver earphones literally use the exact same specific driver model- for instance the Knowles TWFK dual element driver is common.
  13. Akmola Lola
    got it.. i got musicmaker ting that carries a single dd and in some reviews i saw on ae people were saying that it got piercing highs.. having said that, carbo tenore is an awesome iem for the price..
  14. FHSWarrior
    I just recieved my tenore's and wow am i blown away! The vocals sound natural to me. I think i may like these better in 1 minute of listening than my kc06 i had!. Wish they ostry's didnt crap out on me so i could give my ears a proper comparison. Also, are these not supposed to come with extra tips??

    Not bad for $31 plus $12 for expited shipping :)
  15. Lurk650

    I believe it comes with just 3 pairs. Small, Medium and Large. FWIW Spin Fit tips work great on them. Also Auvio tips but they are only available in the USA
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