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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. nonamodnar
    When I silently cried inside when a student "DJ" used crappy 1+ MB mp3 to play on house speakers. I just wanted to go home right after I saw the file size and type.
  2. Coop
    Let's just hope it is the beginning of a learningcurve...
    I remember ripping all my CDs to 128kbps mp3 somewhere back in the 90s... On the other hand, my mp3-player at the time only had 256MB storage... (which was actually more than the internal memory of my Pentium 75 with 2X CD-ROM drive. Any idea how long it took to rip a CD?).
    But soon after I realized that this way of listening to music on the go was not very satisfying. Shortly after I tossed the mp3 stuff aside and went back to my good old Minidisc player (it was 5 times the size, 13 times the weight and a disc could only fit one album, but boy did it sound good after the mp3-fiasco..).
    A few years later I tried the whole experiment again. Got a little better player, encoded my music in a better quality (this is still in the '1GB in a player is a lot'-era) but VBR with a minimum of 192kbps was quite an improvement.
    Over the years, as my gear got better, I started to notice the flaws of the compression and switched to (mostly) FLAC. So far I haven't had any issues with that, but who knows what the future will bring us...
  3. fjeena
    When you start noticing the small problems with the sound system on a night out. A little too much bass/too little bass. I really used to enjoy these parties more before I started using decent headphones.

    From now I'm gonna try to only go to clubs where the sound system is excellent i.e Ministry of Sound in London.
  4. Jamesy1969
    Possibly true to a certain extent but why would that be?
    Punk and hip-hop were both "born" around 1976 (the roots of gridcore in the early 80s, true grindocre in the late 80s). I am 43 years old (and should be able to afford "audiophile gear" but for an extraordinarily expensive divorce) and was around to witness and love all of those events!
  5. BBBS
    Just starve him for a couple of days. It's not abuse if you call it a fasting for religious reasons, and I guarantee that once you feed him, he'll do your bidding.

    And regarding the reply to machoboy above: hip-hop is a culture that encompasses many different styles of music. There is definitely some great hip-hop. DJ Shadow and the Roots for two are great examples that spring to mind, and likewise real punk is great, although the contemporary crap they try and pass as hardcore is pretty juvenile in the main.

    Writing off entire genres is not cool. You can't just get a massive marker out and declare no metal can be good, ever, and then draw a big X over it. Being into music is more than just spending 100s or 1000s on gear.
  6. Jamesy1969
    I completely agree. There are 2 types of music - good and bad. End of.
    Oh, and by definition hip-hop has to encompass many different styles of music - Kool Herc didn't create hip hop by playing hip hop.
  7. TheJesusGuy
    It's like second nature
  8. GL1TCH3D

    All the time.
    Watching a movie in the new UltraAVX theatre at the cinema near my house, it was v-shaped and the bass was a little loose. Highs were quite sharp. Mids were distant.

    And the list goes on.
  9. Azraman
    You know you're an audiophile when:
    You cringe at seeing any bit rate less than 320kbps non-variable on someones iTunes.
  10. DefQon
    Anything between 256-320kbps is fine.
  11. takato14

  12. fjeena

    its sad though don't you think?
  13. VisceriousZERO
    When your idea of making the world a better place is hi-fi audio for all.
  14. GL1TCH3D

    Not necessarily. I mean the differences between 128 and 256 is much more noticeable than 256 vs 320 but even then I feel it's noticeable.
  15. takato14
    Says the guy with an HD800 >___>
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