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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. ratboi
    Ordered a set from GearBest on 31 December, left warehouse in Guangdong 03 January, arrived Kentucky 06 January, arrived here 09 January. AFAICT, Identical packaging, product received as from 'OnlineStoreNmore' via Amazon. Ten days vs. 2 days delivery. $16 less. A spare pair is OK. Sounds the same, too; heh...
  2. vetsin
    What?! Ten days from China to the US? Is that the free shipping option? I ordered mine last month, December 5, and I haven't received it yet. I'm from the Philippines. I will follow up with their CS.
  3. ratboi
    Priority Direct Mail (w/ tracking...) for an extra $1.98 is what I paid. 3-7 business days it shows, and that is what I got. I was not interested in Flat Rate (free) at 10-25 business days, tracked or not. That would mean 5 weeks before I could complain. Kind of like your situation. Oh - Not insured. No extra packaging, arrived in one of those Tyvek wrappers. These are USA options, 
    "*Note: To get a safe delivery ,we recommend customer pay tracking fee and insurance for the order. Buying insurance guarantees your shipment. In the event of verified shipping damage/loss, GearBest will resend an identical parcel free of charge."
    That quote is from the 'Shipping Method Options section of the GearBest purchase page.
    International shipping, without tracking, can be kind of like becoming a 'Secret Santa', only it is the purchaser that doesn't know where the 'gift' went. Hopefully it isn't lost that way for you.
    I followed my delivery through someone called International Bridge, http://www.myib.com/tracking/. 
    Good luck.
  4. vetsin
    Hmmm... I don't remember seeing those options when I made the purchase. Have I been blinded by excitement or they changed the options? I do have a tracking number and it is free shipping.
    I hope the package didn't get lost. BTW it looks like the cost of shipping dropped. I remember opting for the free one because the total cost of my items is lower than the shipping cost.
  5. ratboi
    Shipping options depend on buyer location, at the least. What do they show now for you? I opened a shopping cart just to check, and the options I see now are the ones I saw the end of December. Couldn't speak to the beginning of December - I didn't even know these existed then. Did you order more than the Xiaomi Pros? Anyway, glad you have tracking, that's for sure...   8-Þ
  6. ratboi
    No root here, but thanks for the link. Access to company resources by phone blocked if I did. They even block OnePlus and Xiaomi, for deviating too far from stock android...
  7. DaveLT

    How is CyanogenMod deviating far from stock android I have no idea....
  8. ratboi
    I restored access for a fellow, he contacted me a week later, the same admin blocked his One again, and didn't document why. When pinged, he ALL CAPPED his response, 'didn't you read the FAQ, blah blah'. That was the extent of his explanation, the FAQ listed what and not really why. I guess he/they don't believe in open source. 
    riffrafff likes this.
  9. ratboi
    OK, Part II of my response! Dug a tiny bit, and paid for a different player: jetAudio Plus. The appeal is the 20 band Equalizer; it has a band right at 9kHz!! I'm sure it is my imagination, but this sounds a little better to me. Here is the top half:
    Scrolling it is un-nerving - touching it tends to move a slider, and the preset changes. What? The program itself is organized differently from Poweramp, so I'm working the learning curve now. Worth it, though. I'm 'forced' to listen closely to music - gads! A last listen (or two?) to the Dorati Nutcracker before the season expires, and we put it away until November...  8-Þ
    As always, have fun!
  10. vetsin

    Well, looks like I get what I pay for (or not pay for in this case). I'll just wait and lodge a complaint if I don't receive it within the month.
  11. lacko
    what device do you use the earphones with?
  12. lacko
    hi what device do you use the earphones with please?
  13. SWLIU

    My portable source is 320kbps mp3's on Moto X with Rocket Player (which has a 10 band EQ).
  14. Menuballk
    If I would translate those settings to Viper4Android (which has a 10band equalizer that goes from -9 to +9), would this be about right?
  15. city2026
    Pretty interesting. I like the idea that it's something with factory based failures. Well, after-all, I didn't heard or seen Piston I, just PII & PIII. :) Maybe, first one is the one which always goes bad.
    I've bought mines on the GearBest.
    I received them on 11 jan '16 and it has really muddy sounding with very dimmed highs. Definitely not how BA supposed to sound. (I had PL50 and T-Peos H-100)
    I'm happily using Piston 2 (2.1?) and love their balance and clarity. Of course, it's a budget, and I don't get nearly enough with them, but it's something I can calm my audiophile down.
    So. I put on those Hybrid right in the post office and... becoming disappointed. My mood was faded. No highs. No clarity.
    After listening to them for some time, after 4..12 hrs of burn-in with isotek, I say they have interesting bass that can drive you, something I couldn't have anyhow with P2. Highs are tending to show up a bit, but mud is all over the sound.
    I will burn-in them more.. But as some noticed, it might be same 'darkness' afterwards. I hear some more highs now.. or I just get used to the eq curve of these. Sound-stage is garbage.
    If some news will show up, maybe I go with a partial refund.
    What good with them – amazing cable. From excellent jack that perfectly inserts into my pc (P2's is too tight), to the headset placement and its buttons, and overall impression is quite good. Not particular my ear-pod design, but top quality materials, thanks to xiaomi. Will not add anything about comfort. It's enough of it here.
    It seems, personally I'm tending to neutral sounding but with quality everything.
    So, really thinking to buy P3 now. At least as a stable upgrade and for collection of remarkable and suitable audio.
    I'm also looking into KZ ZN1 Smart with bult-in amps. As something more hi-endish to play with.
    Sincerely yours,
    Tony S.
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