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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. Austrian
    Very interesting & might then very well be a quality control issue and explain the different opinions.
    Yes, P3 is a solid and cheap option - I still like them & if you go for the Youth or Dazzle versions they are very cheap for the sound.
    Coincidentally I also ordered KZ headphones, specifically the ZN1 Mini (without the amp) but it will be some time until I get them it seems... Might be too bass-heavy for me according to some info that was posted after I ordered it,  but I'll give it a listen anyway. :wink:
  2. city2026
    It seems, its freq.response is 60-15 KHZ. Is it going to be an issue, how do you think?) Maybe, KZ ATE are better? 
    I could found some info on ali only:
    18Ω 60-15k 098dB — KZ ZN1 (&mini)
    16Ω 15-29k 118dB — KZ ATE
    btw, can't agree with some fellows about good looking of KZ – they look cheap. c:
    And, also such low impedance – now I really count it as a big minus. I got noises on my smartphone and big noises on pc. With 32Ω of Mi Hybrid I can barely hear them. They aren't epic at least. :)
  3. Austrian

    Yeah, the frequency response also made me think, but idk in how far you can trust the numbers these companies publish anyway and the ZN1 didn't get too bad comments on the KZ thread... Well, I already bought the ZN1 Mini and will see what I get. It's not like I spent a fortune at least. :wink:
  4. ratboi
    Not an expert here, I don't know that the bands are the same, but it looks close. The lowest band you might want to raise it a little. Note also that I'm now experimenting with jetAudio, which has a 20 band EQ, and I think it is a better tweak tool. Plus, like your Viper4Android, it actually shows the settings numerically. Anyway, the two samples of the Xiaomi Pro that I've gotten seem to work with the settings you see. But, there may well be variability in production, so I recommend your ears tell you if the settings you use improve your experience.
    As always, have fun!
  5. Menuballk
    Thanks. To be honest, after listening to them like this for a while, I switched back to a flat EQ. Whilst the voice sounded really nice, all the instruments get really.. I dunno, get separated? Like they weren't properly mixed. I think that's what most people would call an analytical sound. To check what I mean, if you listen to 'Natural Born Chaos' by Soilwork, @ 0:40, first listen with a flat EQ and then with your EQ. It makes such a huge difference on the separation of the drums. Same stuff happens with Hip-hop (mostly listen to the old-school stuff), in case that helps.
    Now I'm double screwed though, because a flat EQ sounds way too muddy. Any tips to find a happy medium? I'm just starting to get used to EQing..
  6. ratboi
    Try flat, but with a bump at 8kHz but only use 3 or 4 dB. I'm not a Metal Head, despite the collection of Motorhead I may or may not have on hard drive - I swear. Point is, I LIKE analytical; try it with 'natural' music, and see if your Swedish engineers might just be on too much crack... 8-Þ
  7. Menuballk
    Cheers. I actually fiddled around a bit myself and lowering the 8Khz bump to +6 made everything seem much better. Because voices don't jump out so much it 'glues' everything together. One last question (yeah sorry for asking so much), how do I get the cymbals/hi-hats under control? With your EQ they are a tad too pronounced, and lowering that would make your EQ perfect for me!
    And as far as natural music goes:

    **** is smooth as fuark [​IMG]
  8. vetsin

    Just got my Hybrids! Initial impression: There's nothing special about this! I guess I expected too much.
    It's now undergoing the burn-in process using 1more's app. Hoping for a miracle.

    As I said in my previous post, I bought two pairs of these hybrids. Yesterday I opened one and tested it out of the box then had it burn-in overnight using the app then left my walkman playing music throughout the day. I listen to it from time to time, still not enjoying what I've been hearing. Now I understand what muddy and recessed mids and highs mean. The bass is powerful though. This pair is my brother's. I decided to burn them in before giving it to him.
    Now just this afternoon I opened the other pair. I played the usual songs I play when I test earphones (Englishman in New York - Sting, I Love My S*x - Benny Benassi). This time I liked what I heard out of the box. This is not muddy at all. The bass seems less powerful than the other pair but this is the sound that I actually prefer. I'm currently listening to Bon Iver's live studio performance at AIR studio and I love it! I guess it really is a manufacturing discrepancy. I just hope that the other pair opens up with more use.

    Just to make sure I'm not imagining the differences, I did a blind test and I can very easily distinguish one from the other.
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  9. Austrian
    Thank you for the comparison, it's important to have such data imo. Very interesting and adds to the theory about differences in manufacturing. Glad I got a good pair, but overall it's a bad thing for Xiaomi that they skimped on quality control this time it seems... Maybe the people with muddy versions can get them replaced.
  10. Mellowship
    Just got my hybrids today. Took only 2 weeks to get here in Europe. :) 
    First impression is that they sound awesome. Little V-shaped sound signature, alright, but still not as bad as some other products from many other brands. The soundstage, though, is very detailed. I was not looking to find this at this price point. And the comfort and build quality are very good too.
    Testing them on a Nokia Lumia 925. All the buttons work with Windows Phone, by the way. 
  11. vsls
    My brand new pair had an issue and now I can't use Hybrid's anymore. So I was wondering if it's worth to buy them again or not at the same more or less price ($15). I really enjoyed the soundstage, it is one of the best I've encountered in cheap IEMs and the slightly V-shaped sound could easily be tweaked through EQ. I'm open to any better suggestions for under $20, focusing on mids and big soundstage. For the record I didn't find Hybrids dark OOTB, so maybe I like V SQ (?)
  12. BakaPhoenix
    How those compare to the brainwavz b2/fisheraudio dba 02 ?
  13. Austrian

    If you haven't tried the Piston 3 yet, I'd recommend them. Dazzle Edition should be about $5-7 I think and I like them a lot. You might also want to try some KZ IEMs, seems they are quite good for the price as well, but there's a plethora of them, so it would be best to check the thread for them. 
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  14. vsls
    Do you think that Piston 3 are better than Hybrid?
  15. Austrian

    That's a hard question - I like both to be honest. Since I am one of the people that apparently got a Hybrid with working BA I find the Hybrid maybe a bit less warm than the Piston 3.
    I took them both out just now to compare them. For modern music I like both - the Piston 3 might be less analytical but the music is easier to listen to - so a plus there. As for classical music I just listened to the beginning of the Passacaglia & Fugue by Bach (Respighi orchestral version) that has some very low brass instruments at the start and that is something where the Piston 3 struggles slightly in comparison to the Hybrid it seems - it lacks some of the "brassiness/overtones". (If you want to listen to the piece, here's a YouTube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChqQFyGmit4 - the beginning is a basshead's orchestral dream I guess :wink: ). 
    Last but not least there's the fit: I feel the Piston 3 Dazzle much less than the Hybrids when I wear them for some time. Might be the lower weight, since the Dazzle version has a plastic housing, might be some other factor, I don't know.
    So in conclusion I'd say the Piston 3s are less analytical but easier to listen to and for a third of the money definitely a very viable option. It won't be miles better than the Hybrid - both are very good headphones at their price point. But that's of course just my opinion and might not be what others experience.
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