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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. lacko
    hi may i asj for a advice? i really like these eaphones when i use them with my Xiaomi phone with Dirac sound ON....but when i connect them to my laptop the sound is terrible, flat, no bass at all....does anyone have the same problem? or i got faulty product? Thanks
  2. vetsin
    I would recommend these to a friend if getting a good one is not a lottery. Xiaomi should improve their quality control. I wasn't expecting to have two different sounding units since I bought them at the same time from the same seller so the chances of them being from the same production batch is very high.
    If you are feeling lucky, go ahead and buy some. But until Xiaomi implements better QC, I couldn't recommend it if bought online. If it's from a store, then test before buying.
  3. Venture Guy
    I got a pair from geekbuying.com a few days ago and after a 72 hours of burn-in I like the sound. No, they don't sound anywhere near as good as my K10s, but impressive for 30 bucks.
  4. vsls
    Great and extremely detailed answer. Thank you very much I will take it into consideration before ordering again. To be honest I feel that I must be lucky with Hybrids and I am afraid of a lemon. I'm also considering 1More Voice of China at the same price that seem to be better than Piston 3 and maybe Hybrid.
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  5. ext23
    i wasn't aware of manufacturing problems when i ordered mine from gearbest. they still haven't arrived, so how will i know if i've got a dodgy pair? has anybody had any experiences with getting refunds or replacements from gearbest?
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  6. Mortalministrie
    Anyone else getting quite a bit of microphonics with these earbuds? These are my first pair of better earphones after using stock apple ones for a while. Everytime I move my head there is a  noticeable rustling sound. Btw I ordered them from gearbest.
  7. ohotonge
  8. j0p3Y
    Received my hybrids... have a mixed feeling about them. low/bass sounds great, mids also enjoyable, but treble/highs seems to be quite missing. Compared them with the Pistons 3 and 2, and the sound is more 'darker' as some others seem to call it.
    Don't know wether it's a defect or just the sound it should produce...
  9. LiquidDan
    I enjoyed the piston 3s more than the hybrids, the sound was "airier" and more clear in my opinion.
  10. ext23
    just got my hybrids and they sound good. fwiw i'm 'upgrading' from philips SHE3580s (hardly breaking the bank i know, but i'm an earbud guy more than an IEM guy) and the xiaomi's sound a lot 'crisper' in the mids and highs. the bass right now is a little boomy to be honest, not a whole lot of definition, but hopefully it will settle in after more listening.
    my question is about android; the in-line controls work fine on my girlfriend's phone but not on my phone. on my phone i can start and stop playback and skip songs using the middle button, but volume controls don't work. on my girlfriend's phone, everything works. it's probably a software problem with my phone, but does anybody know a way to fix this?
  11. vetsin
    Hi ext23,
    I can't really call it "manufacturing problem" if Xiaomi expects differences in the out-of-the-box sound of their IEM's and make their customers hope and pray for changes after extended use. I bought two at the same time and they sound different: one is muddy and I really dislike, the other I love.
    I remembered going back to this forum after listening to Scott Callum's audition and add some more words of appreciation for this great pair of IEM. If my brother's pair improves I'll report back here.
    Just to add, this pair that I'm using is not dark at all. I think bright and crispy are better description? Is crispy even an adjective used for IEMs? Maybe it's what you call fast (fast-decay of frequency?)? I especially appreciate them when listening to mostly vocal performances: 


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  12. Pharos
    The volume buttons don't work on all phones (far from it). As far as I know, they don't work on any Apple phones. On Android they work on some. On my phone (Nexus 4) is the same; only the middle button is recognized.
  13. ext23
    thanks. that's annoying but less annoying knowing that i can't do anything about it. i've learned to sort of deal with just having the middle button and using multiple presses to control playback.
  14. thatBeatsguy
     ^ FTFY. It seems very few understand that Xiaomi also manufacture their own mobile devices and as such, design their earphones to be used with their phones.
  15. Feahnor
    That's not true. They work fine in most samsung phones, even in huawei phones.
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