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xDuoo X2 - small lossless player with microSD and OLED!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redfx, Jan 3, 2015.
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  1. mikaveli06
    Portability is huge for me also. I think the xduoo x3 will be my (near) perfect dap. . Im enjoying x2, but x3 is not much larger and "should" sound even better, and double the storage. I loved dx90 and fiio x3 ii, but if this comes close to those in sq, and very portable (weighs in at 100g) im sold
  2. philippmrm

    You are right, it was the buttons. But I'm sad to say that my x2 died last saturday. Walking back home it stoped playing and freezed, after a while it died. Like I said, I can spot anything wrong with it. Don't know now if I wait for the x3 or get another x2 to not die of boredom in the mean time.
  3. DJScope
    Just get the X2 replaced. It's worth it. The one I got died after 15mins; returned it and got another unit. Been using it to this day, and is my favourite DAP.
  4. EMC2
    So many reports of X2s dying.  Are all the faulty units the first releases (the ones without the S/N in the back)?
  5. DJScope
    Not all but some of the initial release seem to be DOA or close to that description.
  6. redfx
    In March, after the Chinese New Year, it was a bit faulty players. Now everything is fine.
  7. moracajay
    I recieved my replacement x2 sometimes last May but after 3 months it died. Hope this x3 wont have sudden death issue. Will wait for couple of months before buying one. My re-600 misses x2.…
  8. DJScope
    Wow, that sucks man. [​IMG]
  9. redfx
    Tony said me - Tennmak sold over the summer 389 xDuoo X2 and only 8 pieces were sent back as defective.
  10. spurxiii
    Mine died. It won't start up anymore. I got it via Aliexpress so I'm not going to pursue warranty etc. Its sad because I was using it heaps and really enjoying it. Going through withdrawal now [​IMG] 
    DJScope likes this.
  11. DJScope
    It's a great little device. Just by another! :wink:
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  12. ndburley
    Mine are both going strong and will be looking at getting the X3, it looks like it could be a great improvement in design although I love the feel of the X1 over the X2 but they both have their  up sides and for the price. The X1 has higher end punch but the X2 has a slightly more mellow approach and you can EQ if needed. I use both still to this day with no issues as of yet.
  13. EyesOnYou
    For all those who has issues with turning on the device Unscrew back cover of your device and unplug the battery. Click and hold for three second. Plug it back in and try to boot. This have solved my problem for temporary. I still can not boot my device after two or three times running it. I also hear a weird click sound coming from device while it booting, turning of or playing a song for the first time after boot. Please check if you hear the same thing.
  14. kova4a
    the click is from the protection relay - not a bug.
  15. christoophat
    I have an X2, but could never warm up to it due to it's clunky GUI (sorry Rockboxed Clip+ has spoiled me) It sounds good, just cannot get past the control of it.(or lack thereof)
    X3 looks impressive but @ 2x the cost, and apparently the same GUI, will most likely pass. Too bad they couldn't maybe work w/ RB devs to cook up something impressive.
    If they would have at least gotten full shuffle across folders ability working, I could live with it.
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