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xDuoo X2 - small lossless player with microSD and OLED!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redfx, Jan 3, 2015.
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  1. redfx
    xDuoo X2 - newest rival for Sandisk Sansa Clip+?
    "Sandisk Sansa Clip+" add "aluminum alloy shell" add "power amp" remove "FM radio" remove "the clip" remove "inner memory"= xDuoo X2(?)
    Official page: http://www.xduoo.com


    The First Revision: 2014-March 2015, no serial number, bad buttons;
    The Second Revision: April 2015 - June 2015, serial number, bad buttons;
    The Third Revision; Jule 2015 - Now, serial number, FCC, new good buttons.  
    DAC: SoC AK2117(System on a chip - wiki)
    AMP: LMH6643(may be - marking removed)
    Flash: Winbond W25Q64FV
    Inner card reader: slow, recommend external card reader.
    Price: Taobao.com $48.85; Aliexpress.com $50.00+, Tennmak $50(combo, battery, with battery).
    Sort player - just in time to add files to the card. Apply the FAT Sorter and get sorted alphabetically.
    Warning: xDuoo X2(firmware 3.0-E) support *.flac only 16bit/44.1kHz  and may not support special symbols in tags. And may not support tag "Comment". Use special tools to fix this. Or setup the firmware 4.0/5.0. May be trouble with FLAC-codec - recommend to recode another program. Or .wav format - no problems.
    Micro SD 64GB&128GB may be support, use GUI Format - FAT32, cluster size 32K+(Bug: use the space on the memory card 64GB - 99%, xDuoo X2 show - 29%)
    AMP xDuoo XQ-10
    FitEar 441
    Alternative Batteries(up to34 hours!)
    Unboxing video post #304
    New firmware:
    -official page
    -mirror page
    -firmware 6.1!
    Changes in 6.1E: 
    1.Changes on the basis of V6.0E increase Lock Key setting function, setting whether need to lock all keys when the screen is off. 
    2.Changes of the menu option order: 1. Music files 2 Play mode 3. EQ 4. Backlight off 5. Sleep timer 6. Lock keys 7.Exit.
    Member Reviews
    headphoniaks.com(May-28-2015, Spanish(Google translate), measuring the quality of audio and PCB photo)
    - Measuring xDuoo X2 from romanrex: DAC(Google Translate) and AMP(Google Translate)
    - xDuoo X2  in the shop Tennmak were selected category Aliexpress Innovation & Tech Discovery(2015, week 8)
    Mini catalog from  getclikinagas: (post #249)
     - PCB Picture
     - Comparison Pictures with other DAPs
     - H20Fidelity mega compilation - Unboxing, Comparisons, Impressions, Tips
     - ndburley impressions, comparison with xDuoo X1
     - kova4a impressions and comparisons
     - twister6 impressions
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  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I'll grab one of these soon as Penon Audio stock them. Just waiting to see when they'll have them in stock.
  3. batteraziiz
    x2. By which I mean I'll probably buy two.
  4. batteraziiz
  5. redfx
  6. ndburley
    I want one.....any idea on the insides? 
  7. pekingduck
    Too bad it doesn't support M4A otherwise I would get one in a heartbeat.
  8. iJay
    What a great looking little DAP! Bare bones and buttons!
  9. kova4a
    Now, that's a nice little DAP with quite the output power.
    And gets extra points for cuteness and no-nonsense features. Me want a couple.
  10. jj69
    Just stumbled upon this one while browsing AliExpress.  Very interesting.  Wonder if it can plays FLACs gapless? 
  11. redfx
    store's photo http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2015-New-XDUOO-X2-Professional-MP3-HIFI-Music-Player-with-OLED-Screen-Support-MP3-WMA-APE/1183804_32260987945.html
    I asked for PCB. The seller refused to give the photo.
  12. Silverprout
    Could we see the PCB please ?
  13. ndburley
    I asked xduoo via email about ththe chip inside and they replied with Hi Burley,you can find the specifications on the website.
    I have looked and it just saves hi quality player. I have the xduoo x1 and it is good but no idea what is inside.
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I wouldn't be too concerned about what's inside atm, although many people like these specs. Its about the sound and implementation that matters most. Take a look at the Shozy Alien thread, no specs have been released, all we know is many of the chips inside have been sanded to hide their identification, yet people love the sound, people sell their FiiO X5 and Sony ZX1 for Alien. Many company don't want to give these specs out as it's their secret recipe.

    Main thing is that XDuoo made this player measure decently, particularly low output impedance and hopefully a flat frequency response when loaded so we don't suffer low end roll-off or any bizarre frequency alteration when using low impedance balanced armatures. I know one thing, it looks like a very cool unit indeed.
  15. Silverprout

    I just want to know if it is not a "aluminium enclosure" sansa clip !
    Maybe it's more than this ?
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