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xDuoo X2 - small lossless player with microSD and OLED!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redfx, Jan 3, 2015.
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  1. rikk009
    Buy it no issues.
  2. simko
    Been lurking for a while, finally registered.,... are there any issues with the x2? should i look at rockboxing it?> or using stock software?

    Asking because i may purchase a new DAP tomorrow (11.11 sale)
  3. Chs177
    Issue with buttons was fixed in the new versions. Interface is not so user friendly. Only stock software.
  4. NeonHD
    Just bought it from Gearbest for US $33.99, which is the cheapest price I've ever encountered for the X2. Can't wait to get it :)
  5. rikk009
    SInce recently my Xduoo X3 died right now I have to fall back on X2 and besides the UI I have no fuss at all about this little guy.

    Also, check what firmware version it comes with. I am running v7.0 2015_08_08 which sounds about right. Earlier versions had issues. I don't know is it's the latest, didn't bother to check.
  6. EISENbricher
    Yes, v7.0 is the latest one. I'm running my x2 with v6.0 firmware. There were some rumours that v7.0 changes the output SQ. Better or worse I don't still know but I opted not to fiddle with it, I love it as it is.
  7. rikk009
    That was the old version. The current one is good.
    EISENbricher likes this.
  8. gazzington
    I just won a new one of these for £20 on eBay. Was looking for a x3 but saw this at a low price and pulled the trigger
  9. simko
    So my xduo2 arrived, havent opened the box... just want to make sure, whats the best operating system to run? rockbox? stock ? update to most recent? leave it as is?
  10. rikk009
    You are mistaken X2 has no custom ROM.
  11. Sulbh
    How do you find x2 compared to x3?Is x3 worth the extra price?
  12. DjBobby
    More than worth. Sound quality difference is huge, plus much more supported formats and resolutions.
  13. gazzington
    My x2 has arrived and its charging as I type. Seems to have good build quality. How does it compare to colorfly c3 sound wise?
  14. rikk009
    Yes definately an upgrade in all departments.
  15. NeonHD
    ATTENTION: To all who are frustrated with the random folder arrangement, there is a really easy solution to re-arrange all your folders alphabetically!

    1. Download DriveSort
    2. Open your SD Card directory in DriveSort
    3. Press CTRL+F and it'll sort all your folders alphabetically when viewed inside the X2
    4. Press CTRL+S to save [dunno if that's necessary]
    5. You're done! Now all your folders (which I assume are your artists) will be arranged alphabetically!
    So if you want to sort your folders alphabetically, get DriveSort.

    P.S. Seeing that this software was mentioned only like 3-4 times in this thread, and seeing how often people complain about this (myself included), I believe that this is definitely something that should be mentioned again, if not many times again. I hope that this post was helpful to any future X2 owners out there, and hope that this will eventually pop up on Google when someone types in "how to sort songs alphabetically on XDuoo X2" or something like that.

    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
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