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xDuoo X2 - small lossless player with microSD and OLED!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redfx, Jan 3, 2015.
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  1. simko
    So ive been listening to the xduoox2 for music and its pretty good, shorter battery life than id like, but whatever..... one thing i notice is that when i listen to podcasts with it, the podcastwill stop playing almost as if it has been paused, when i press the centre button to resume the podcast,it starts playing from the beginning!!!! does this happen to anyone else?

    also, i notice it doesnt "remember" where you are in podcast files if i change from one file to another, anyway to enable that?
  2. LukaszK
    I have just bought Xduoo X2 and I want to buy some IEMs to it. Which budget ($10-$15) models will be best to buy? I am listening mostly rock/hard rock. I'm thinking about KZ zs3 or zst.
  3. NeonHD
    NOTE: If anyone here is frustrated with the 100 subfolder limit, I think I may know a way to remedy that!

    It's actually really simple:
    • First of all make sure the folders are organized alphabetically, now take chunks of those folders (the amount of folders is up to you) and put them into another folder.
    • These new folders are then appropriately named by the alphabetical range of the chucks/groups of folders.
    • For example if one chunk of folders started with the folder "Adele" and ended with the folder "Deadmau5", the resulting new folder containing those folders could then be named "A-D".
    • Of course all is easier said than done, so here's a screenshot of what I mean by that:
    Before grouping:


    After grouping:


    Get it now? It's quite an effective way to alleviate this folder limit in my opinion.

    NOTE: Xduoo X2 does not support any kind of sorting method, so in order for your folders to be sorted alphabetically you'll need to download DriveSort and follow the instructions on this post.
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  4. williamclarkonet
    Is the player still good in 2018?
  5. fredhubbard2
    yes if you dont mind anything without bells and whistles. it sounds great
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  6. williamclarkonet
    I dont care for bells an whistles i only like what it sounds like also is this player use full size sd cards or micro sd
  7. WandererDr
    After one month of use, it just died, during playback. Computer does not recognise it. Reseting doesn't help.
    If someone have any advice...

    Edit: After few hour of "struggle" I mannaged to revive it somehow. Flashed fw version, but nothing. Charged it on a mobile phone charger, again to computer, changed the usb ports on computer but nothing. Than at one point it recognised memory card. After that, I reset it for (I believe) 10th time and it wake. At the end, I don't know what is the right way or what to do if it happen again.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
  8. jimmy_twotimes
    Hey Guys

    Been lurking for a few weeks as I've been looking to get a new lossless player and plunged on the Xduoo X2. However, when it arrived it wouldn't power up, so i idiotically tried to pull the battery connector out and back in again to see if that would help as I'd read sometimes this works. Upshot is that I pulled the wires from the JST connector and cant get the wires back in :frowning2:

    So I guess I need to buy a new battery pack with attached white JST connector to see if i can fire this thing up.

    But i don't know what size connector I need as I'm not sure where to measure from.

    In short, if anyone can point me to a LiPo battery for the X2 with connector already attached it would be appreciated...

  9. fluteloop
    $10 to 15.. zst is bright but more flexible accross genres. Will do metal faster cleaner. Long term zst might be the ticket, read some reviews maybe get a better idea.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 3, 2018
  10. fluteloop
    it hisses no where near as much as my x3.
  11. NeonHD
    I have my X2 now and can confirm that there is literally almost no hiss. Well there is hiss, but it's barely even noticeable until you turn the DAP off. And it's not the kind of bad hiss, it's like a very subtle and gentle white noise that's in the background, in fact it's kind of very relaxing. Also the amount of hiss depends on what IEM/headphone you're using.
  12. NeonHD
    Just replying to disconfirm this. The amount of hiss actually stays the same regardless if you turn up or down the volume.
  13. fluteloop
    Mine has a little hiss, it is not bad though, deffintely not distracting, some iems are too sensitive on the player though so you hear it more. If you want to listen to quiet sounds you will hear it more with sensitive phones
  14. fluteloop

    And mine stays the same also, you may perceive it as increasing in volume. Or your iems are sensitive
  15. Kegham
    Guys, I'm thinking on buying the x2 or the x3, I've been reading this thread for some time and almost decided that worth the extra 50 bucks.
    For what I hear the x2 has some issues, if any of you guys can confirm this for me.

    - The problem with the FLAC tags still persists? Some posts from 2015 says that it had a firmware update that solved this, but user's were not allowed to update, true?
    - How good is the UI on the x3 comparing to the x2? I mean, the problems with the 100 limit sub-folders exist too?! There's gapless playback? When I pause a track, when I play again it starts from the begining?
    - SQ is way better in the x3? I'll use it on a IEM Tennmak pro 10 and on a ATH-M50X. I think the tennmak is very balanced for a 25$ IEM.
    - Firmware updates are frequent on the x3? It's better to used stock or rockboxed?

    I'll read more about it to see if some of those questions already had been answered, and read on other posts about the x3 exclusively.
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